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Pearltrees: Visual Collaborative Content Curation for Android

Pearltrees: Visual Collaborative Content Curation for Android
Pearltrees is a powerful application that allows people to browse and organize web content visually. This “crowed sourced library”, started on the desktop web in 2009, became mobile in 2011 with the launch of the iPad application soon followed by the iPhone version in 2012. Pearltrees counts now over 2 million monthly active users who have collected 50 million pearls, the iPad and iPhone apps are consistently rated 5 stars and have been downloaded more than a million times. Today, Android users will be able to access Pearltrees from the Google Play store, the application is free and there are currently three discounted Premium versions that offer privacy settings with 1 GB storage for $1.99 per month, with high priority support and 3 GB storage for $3.99 per month.The high-end version, currently priced at $9.99, in addition to the privacy control and high priority support, offers 10 GB storage, customization features, backup and encryption.

Pearltrees arrive sur Android Pearltrees arrive enfin sur Android, l’occasion pour les utilisateurs d’accéder à leur site préféré depuis n’importe où. L’occasion pour les autres de (re)découvrir le service de ‘social curation’. Je sais qu’un certain nombre de personnes l’attendait, bonne nouvelle pour les fans : Peartrees est enfin disponible sur Android ! Depuis 16h vous pouvez télécharger l’application dédiée au système d’exploitation de Google. Un an après la version iOS, c’est désormais sur vos mobiles Android que vous allez pouvoir partager vos goûts et vos coups de cœur avec les nombreux autres membres de Pearltrees. Petit rappel pour ceux qui ne connaitraient pas encore Pearltrees. L’application, pensée pour les mobiles, devrait fournir à ses utilisateurs une expérience agréable qui présente une ergonomie pensée pour être simple d’utilisation. « Cette appli Android est remarquable parce qu’il s’agit d’un véritable gestionnaire de fichiers développé pour le monde post-PC.

International launch French Launch US launch El servicio de curación de contenidos Pearltrees llega a Android Quizás recuerdes que Pearltrees es un servicio que nos permite crear árboles de contenidos, a modo de mapa visual, un sistema de curación de contenidos que dispone de opción gratuita y opción premium, la cual está enfocada a crear árboles privados y con funciones colaborativas para equipos de trabajo. Si eres usuario de este servicio, sabrás que hasta ahora funciona a través de la web y a través de las aplicaciones móviles para iPhone e iPad. Pues bien, a partir de hoy, Pearltrees llega a la plataforma de Android, lo que nos va a venir muy bien a los usuarios de esta plataforma. Y es que, desde ahora, en nuestros terminales Android podemos navegar por diferentes sitios web, y si encontramos un contenido interesante, podemos añadirlo a nuestros propios árboles de contenidos, gracias a la forma en la que Android permite compartir contenido entre las diferentes aplicaciones. Pearltrees está disponible gratuitamente para terminales Android desde la versión 2.2

[Interview] Patrice Lamothe, PDG de Pearltrees, annonce le lancement de l'application Android Patrice Lamothe, PDG de Pearltrees, répond aux questions de la rédaction sur l’histoire de Pearltrees et sur le lancement de son service sur un nouveau canal : Android. Une occasion pour Maddyness pour revenir sur la genèse d’un des fleurons français du numérique et d’obtenir ses conseils aux entrepreneurs. Quel est votre parcours ? C’est une longue histoire, je viens d’une formation d’ingénieur et de sciences sociales. D’ou vient l’idée de Pearltrees ? L’histoire de Pearltrees remonte aux alentours de 2008. Pour moi, l’histoire est assez simple et repose sur trois grandes étapes. Internet a révolutionné pas mal de choses et notre startup veut l’aider à rester totalement démocratique. Pearltrees se déploie maintenant sur tous les canaux, web, iPad, iPhone et aujourd’hui Android. Un conseil aux entrepreneurs ? N’écoutez pas les conseils ! Un entrepreneur c’est quelqu’un qui crée, qui construit une voie pas qui en suit déjà faite. Qu’est-ce que ça change l’application Android ?

Pearltrees overhauls its Android app as mobile adoption grows UPDATE: In a previous version of this article, we suggested that the Android news was an update. While Pearltrees was previously accessibly by web browser, this is the version Android mobile app version of Pearltrees. Pearltrees announced today the launch of the Android version of their content library tool, bringing all of the company’s most recent features and design updates to Android users. “We are proud to bring the power of Pearltrees to the hands of Android users everywhere. Their premium version, launched last October, will allow users to create “private pearls” (the company currently counts more than 50 million public pearls, which are essentially URLs shared and organized), and the updated Android version will likely allow them to expand their premium offer, given that more than 50% of smartphones are Android. Pearltrees is predominantly used in the US, though the French & European markets follow closely behind.

El servicio para curar contenidos Pearltrees lanza su aplicación para Android La curación de contenidos hoy en día es algo esencial ya que la cantidad de información que diariamente se publica a través de la red es imposible de consumir, por lo que es necesario curar esas noticias para ver las que más nos interesan. Varios son los que ofrecen este servicio para curar contenidos y entre ellos se encuentra PearlTrees, que además de una aplicación web, desde hace tiempo ofrece una aplicación móvil para iOS y hoy acaban de lanzar la versión para Android. PearlTrees permite marcar, organizar y compartir contenido de interés desde un solo lugar y a través de la comunidad de usuarios del servicio uno puede descubrir aún más contenido. La aplicación para Android nos permite tener todo el contenido que nos interesa en cualquier momento y lugar en que estemos, además uno puede guardar cualquier clase de contenido ya sean fotos, notas y hasta páginas web. Definitivamente una opción válida en estos tiempos en que si o si debemos de curar contenidos. [Vía TNW]

Pearltrees Hits Android, as it Prepares to Become a File Manager Pearltrees is a content curation startup that we’ve been tracking for some time now, and today it’s launching an app on Android. However, there’s a twist, as the launch points towards an expansion of exactly what this service is all about. As with the Web and iOS versions of Pearltrees, the Android app allows you to create, share and explore mindmap-style ‘trees’ of content. So, I could create a tree of articles, images and notes related to a particular theme and then if you searched Pearltrees for that theme, you’d find my tree and related ones by other people. It’s a highly visual, logical way of organizing and sharing ideas and information, and the Android app benefits from the OS’ built-in sharing capabilities. Any Web page can be added to a tree straight from the share menu in your browser. A ‘post-PC’ file manager? It’s fair to say that Pearltrees hasn’t found mainstream fame quite yet as an alternative to more traditional social bookmarking services. ➤ Pearltrees / Google Play

Pearltrees Arrives On Android, Wants To Become The File Manager For The Post-PC Era Pearltrees, the visual and collaborative library that lets you easily organize and bookmark information in tree-like structures, finally launched its Android app for phones and tablets today. The service started out on the web in 2009 and then came to the iPad in 2011 and the iPhone last year. Android, however, as the company’s CEO Patrice Lamothe told me last week, was always one of the most requested platforms, and the team also expects this launch to help it quickly grow its user base. Thanks to the flexibility Android affords developers when it comes to sharing and bookmarking, Lamothe told me, this platform is really the first one that allows the company to fully realize its vision of becoming a “file manager for the post-PC era.” For Pearltrees, this means that you can use the Android app to bookmark and organize content from both apps like Flipboard and the web — something that would be very hard to do on most other platforms. Pearltrees, so far, has raised about $11.5 million.

» Pearltrees, un famoso “raccoglitore di interessi”, arriva finalmente su Android » Software Pearltrees affonda le sue radici nel lontano 2009, ma è solo nel 2011 che arriva su iPad e poi su iPhone; Android è purtroppo, al momento, l’ultimo della fila, ma anche un passo molto importante. L’azienda ha deciso di puntare sulla compatibilità, rendendo l’app disponibile da Froyo in poi, e rinunciando magari a qualcosa in materia di grafica di ultimo grido, pur fornendo comunque un’esperienza appagante. Non è facile descrivere Pearless, che al momento è appena sbarcata sul Play Store ed è destinata senz’altro a crescere via via che più utenti la adotteranno: è presente infatti una componente social, che ci permette di interagire con gli amici e le loro preferenze, ma non è comunque un elemento essenziale dell’app. L’idea è quella di creare un albero di interessi, a partire da noi, dai nostri gusti, dalle nostre app: ciò è possibile condividendo elementi da pressoché ogni app, aggiungendo immagini, note, link a pagine web.