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Startup Academy - Programme d'accompagnement de Startups

Startup Academy - Programme d'accompagnement de Startups

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10 examples of SlideShare for investor relations 17inShare SLIDESHARE, the popular presentation sharing service, is becoming an increasingly important way for investor relations departments to publish their presentations. Converting presentations into SlideShare’s embeddable Flash-based player is quick, costs little or nothing, and allows presentations to easily be shared or embedded almost anywhere online. Guest Post: How to win Seedcamp Week, by a startup that did Emi Gal is an entrepreneur, blogger and internet consultant. He started his first “business” at the age of 10, creating business cards for the teachers in his school. Currently he’s the CEO of Brainient, a video technology company focused on helping video publishers make more money with their video content. This is a guest post. Next week, 23 lucky startups will attend Seedcamp Week, probably the best event of its kind in Europe. Three hundred mentors – entrepreneurs, angels investors, marketers, technology people – will be all eyes and ears, trying to help these startups become successful companies.

Kickstarter failures revealed! What can you learn from Kickstarter failures? [INFOGRAPHIC] See the full infographic below. For the first time ever, the Kickstarter failure numbers are revealed.* What We Wish We Knew at 18 - The Startup Guide - Building a Better World Through Entrepreneurship In 2013 I asked some of my closest friends at Harvard Business School to share what they wish they knew when they were 18. Here’s how they replied. I will post more as I receive them. Tyler Ellis, Harvard Business School Class of 2014

Web resources - Anne-Wil Harzing This section contains a collection of resources that might be of interest to people studying and researching in International and Cross-cultural Management. It also presents resources to assist with academic publishing and the assessment of research and journal quality, as well as software to conduct citation analysis. Resources on this web site Digital Agenda: European Commission announces €780 million boost for strategic ICT research Brussels, 28th September 2010 Digital Agenda: European Commission announces €780 million boost for strategic ICT research The European Commission has today announced one of the biggest calls ever for information and communications technology (ICT) research proposals under the EU's research framework programmes.

Business Deck Whyd Focus Building THE market place for music Helping artists, labels and brands engage with fans Advertising Launch Startup Grind In Your City We are taking applications for local chapter directors in cities around the world. By directing and hosting a monthly event and providing inspirational speakers, great networking opportunities and a welcoming , you can become a local leader for your startup community. creates opportunity for you to help hundreds of startups and founders while also helping yourself. We are especially looking for new Directors in and European cities like:

Personalized News: A Market Overview Written by Guest Blogger Emre Sokullu and edited by Richard MacManus. Introduction Personalized Content is one of the two most popular approaches in next generation news sites - the other is Power of Masses, which we will cover in a future post. The leading examples of these approaches are reddit for Personalized Content and digg for Power of Masses. In this article, we will cover the personalized content approach and in particular reddit. Legal notice You have the right to access, amend, rectify or delete your personal data (privacy and data protection law of January, 6th 1978). For all requests, please send an e-mail to our directory service: The HEC Alumni Association has computerised resources designed to simplify the management of the HEC Alumni directory. The information recorded is reserved for use by the HEC Alumni Association and may only be transmitted to the HEC Paris business school and the HEC Foundation.

Out of the picture: why the world's best photo startup is going out of business One day last month, the seven employees of Everpix gathered at their co-working space in San Francisco to discuss the company's impending shutdown. Wayne Fan, one of the co-founders, opened a mock-up of the screen that the photo storage service’s customers would see once the company announced the news. The screen described the refunds that would be offered to the company's 6,800 paid subscribers, assuming Everpix could come up with the money. No one knew if they would. The immediate concern in the room was a forthcoming bill from Amazon Web Services, which hosts the 400 million photos stored with Everpix; the team estimated the bill would be about $35,000.

Do accelerators help startups? Here’s what we found As startup accelerators continue to propagate, founders are left wondering if these programs really help entrepreneurs achieve their goals. Is the effort worth giving away equity, investing time, and creating incremental costs? Do accelerators really help new companies “jump the line” and speed their development? Postmortem of a Venture-backed Startup — Best thing I found online today “Focus is saying no to 1,000 good ideas.” — Steve Jobs Events I realized the error of my customer acquisition strategy as I awkwardly made my way through a small Meetup I had just pitched. It was 11pm on a Tuesday, I was exhausted and still had real work to do once I got home. How we tripled our revenue by adding one button Bilingual Child was supposed to be an experiment. We built it in 6 weeks, working on it nights & weekends. The app was free to download with one available book, including ten vocabulary words, and two additional books offered as an in-app purchase of $1.99. For the first two months after releasing it we let it sit. We had never released an iOS application and had little idea what to do to market it.

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