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Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education
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StACC - Collaborative Research in Cloud Computing StACC (pronounced like 'stack') is a research collaboration, launched in April 2009 (Press Release) focusing on research in the important new area of cloud computing. Unique in the UK, StACC aims to become an international centre of excellence for research and teaching in cloud computing and will provide advice and information to businesses interested in using cloud-based services. Our StACC white papers are geared to providing accessible information to businesses about cloud computing. The School of Computer Science at St Andrews is providing start-up funding for StACC of more than £0.5 million which will provide research studentships, an experimental hardware facility, technical support and support for short-term experiments in cloud computing. Over the summer of 2009, we set up one of the first private clouds in the UK based on Eucalyptus open-source software. To get involved send an email to stacc$cs£st-andrews£ac£uk (replace $ with @ and £ with . to form email address). Prof.

google Apps to help K-12 and University students, teachers, and administrators manage learning and processes. Top Installs OpenClassby Pearson EducationOpenClass is a new kind of learning environment that goes beyond the LMS, stimulating social learning and the free exchange of content. It’s open to everyone, easy to use, and completely free. Lucidchart Diagramming for Educationby Lucid Software Inc.Lucidchart is an easy-to-use application for drawing flowcharts, Venn diagrams, mind maps, and other diagrams. Now students and even entire classrooms can collaborate in real time on visual projects! See all »

JISC Legal Cloud Computing and the Law Toolkit (31/08/2011) We're pleased to present our free Cloud Computing and the Law toolkit for FE and HE professionals. Whether you work in a teaching, research, management or support capacity, our aim is to help you to make confident, informed decisions about implementing cloud computing solutions in your institution. Below is a brief introduction to the toolkit presented by our Service Manager, Jason Miles-Campbell. Introduction to the JISC Legal Cloud Computing and the Law toolkit from JISC Legal on Vimeo. What’s in the toolkit? Compiled by our team of ICT law experts, the toolkit contains accessible, up-to-date information about cloud computing in an FE and HE context. · Report on Cloud Computing and the Law for UK Further and Higher Education - An Overview (Access in Word, PDF and HTML) · User Guide: Cloud Computing and the Law for IT (Access in Word, PDF and HTML) · User Guide: Cloud Computing and the Law for Senior Management and Policy Makers (Access in Word, PDF and HTML) Funding information

google OpenClass integrates seamlessly with Google Apps for Education, enabling easy setup and single sign-on and offering tools that support the automatic import of content from external sources. Users can launch OpenClass directly from within their Google Apps experience, and can access their Google applications through OpenClass. Benefits · Complete LMS functionality including scheduling, course management, and gradebook · Social learning environment with shared workspaces and familiar social features · Built for mobile with dedicated free apps for Android and iOS · OpenClass Exchange is a destination to share and discover the best educational content in the world · Open APIs/standards integration makes it easy to build and connect content · Deep integration to Gmail, Google Docs and Calendar A Vision for Education OpenClass is uniquely positioned to harness the power of Big Data.

The Downside Of Cloud Computing In Education The Downside of Cloud Computing in Education Cloud computing, in recent years, has become the focus of intense educational debates and arguments. Basically, cloud computing is one of the top products of the latest internet technology. As such, just like much of the products of the era, this technological breakthrough carries with it so much potential. However, there have been some questions about the overall effect of the technology to the educational system. In this article, we are going to talk about some arguments of some important educational and IT experts regarding their view on the total impact of cloud computing on education. According to Scheiener, the most important advantage of the cloud computing in the field of education is the fact that educational institutions can save a great deal of monetary resources with it. Cloud computing needs a constant and fast internet connection. Well, how serious is this threat? By Cenon Gaytos

google Engrade helps teachers manage their classes online and connect with students 24/7. It's truly free, private, and unbelievably easy to use - so join over 3 million members and start using Engrade today. Gradebook Teachers can easily customize their gradebooks to their exact grading system, enter scores anytime from anywhere. Attendance Keeper Teachers can quickly enter attendance based on your school's marking system, easily export reports. Assignment Calendar Teachers can easily upload files, post homework and list class events so students and parents can access them 24/7. Online Messaging Teachers, parents, and students can safely connect online to answer questions in a private and SPAM-free environment. Quizzes Teachers can build online quizzes in minutes, have student answers automatically graded and saved to your gradebook. Flashcards Teachers can make studying a breeze for students with Engrade's free online flashcards.

Watershed School The Watershed School selects Google Apps Education Edition to manage its cutting-edge curriculum The institution Located in Boulder, Colorado, Watershed School was founded in 2004 as a cutting-edge, experiential middle and high school. Driven by a growing number of researchers who argue that students learn best when coursework is relevant and instruction is immersive, Watershed’s curriculum strives to draw connections among disciplines, integrating student work with real-world context. At the heart of the school’s curriculum are so-called “Learning Expeditions”, semester-long, in-depth investigations of broad topics that engage students through fieldwork and service. Approach Finding technology solutions to support a Watershed School's unique curriculum is not an easy task. The mismatch came to a head less than 48 hours before mid-term assessments in 2006. Solution Results Google Apps has had a tremendous impact on both students and faculty at Watershed. About Google Apps Education Edition

google Docebo E-Learning, LMS for Google Apps Docebo E-Learning, that currently manages over 500.000 users on the cloud, is the training solution for corporates, schools and government. It is designed in order to deliver and track distance/online training in a professional way. Integrated with Google apps, this e-learning management system allows you to upload your own training materials, create tests, manage forum and collaboration reporting, generate certificates, plus 53 more features. By activating Docebo you'll be able to get some free courses (English language training, Health and Safety, Soft Skills and Management) from the Docebo's Marketplace. Activate now Docebo E-Learning to discover all its features: