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Open Iconic, a free and open icon set

Open Iconic, a free and open icon set
Displaying Open Iconic's SVGs are a snap. Just treat them like your typical image and away you go! Pro tip: Don't forget the alt attribute. SVG Sprite Open Iconic also comes in a SVG sprite which allows you to display all the icons in the set with a single request. It's like an icon font, without being a hack. Tip: To make your icons easily style able, we suggest adding a general class to the <svg> tag and a unique class name for each different icon in the <use> tag. <head> ... Sizing icons only needs basic CSS. Coloring icons is even easier. Font Icon fonts are a great fallback for SVG—and our font is pretty great. Head Body Bootstrap Font Use Bootstrap? Foundation Font Iconic also works for Foundation and functions just like Foundation's icon font.

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Free simple icons for your next project Follow @iconmonstr Support me ads via Carbon 3 months ago Free Icons Set designed by Brankic1979 - Free psd Brankic1979 About icons A set of 350 pixel perfect glyphs icons, perfect for apps, websites or just about anything you can think of. You may use this icon set for both personal and commercial use, which means this resource can be used in any project without worrying about licensing. But you may NOT distribute our icon set elsewhere without our consent.

Sharks and Dolphins and Pilates. Oh My! A little known fact about our studio, The Studio at Padaro Beach, is that the most common word used by someone who visits us is “magical.” Whether it’s the view, the people who pass through our doors, or our intention to support others sharing themselves fully that garners that response… Who can say? This much we know, there is definitely something going on at The Studio which attracts magnificent teachers and creatures (and really long trains) that will likely have you leaving a visit with us, virtual or otherwise, full of wonder and a sense of discovery.

Free Font Modern Pictograms by John Caserta This license can also be found at this permalink: Copyright (c) 2012, John Caserta (, with Reserved Font Name Modern Pictograms. This Font Software is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. This license is copied below, and is also available with a FAQ at: 60 Free Outline Icon Sets Perfect for Contemporary Designs With the ever-changing trends, it can be challenging to keep designs relevant and forward-thinking. No one wants their website or app to look like it’s stuck in the late 1990s (sorry, Comic Sans). Luckily, contemporary design trends in 2016 favor minimal and eye-pleasing simplicity in lieu of the flash graphics and bouncing 3D buttons of the past. A hugely important part of the contemporary “less-is-more” style is the use of icons. Not all icons are created equal, though. We love the simplicity of outline icons, so we’ve rounded up 60 sets of free outline icons (over 6,500 individual icons) to help you create your best designs yet.

Free Icons Minimalistica Red Part 2 Icon Set Presenting the second part of the popular "Minimalistica Red" series, the icon set that's giving more for less. "Minimalistica Red part 2" is made of another 90 icons, cleverly designed to bring style and sophistication to your projects. Minimalistica Part 2 Icon Set Presenting the second part of the popular "Minimalistica" series, the icon set that's giving more for less. "Minimalistica part 2" is made of another 90 icons, cleverly designed to bring style and sophistication to your projects.

Social Media Icons Socialico is a package of 74 social media icons, combined within a single wieght font and designed by Jelio Dimitrov a.k.a. Arsek. Every single icon matches a particular key on your keyboard – for example, the lower caps of the basic Latin alphabet form the more popular social icons in a circle, while the representations in capital letters of the same alphabet show them without the circle formation – in their pure form (you can find a detailed tutorial depicted on the last image of the presentaton). The social icons font is very convenient and easy to use for web design in themes, page layouts etc, as well as for every type of print or offline design. Have fun!

Best Times To Post On Social Media (What 10 Studies Say) The best times to post on social media are when the people you want to see the content are on the network. That’s the easy answer. And not a useful answer. 35 Free Icon Sets Get the FlatPix UI Kit for only $7 - Learn More or Buy Now In this roundup we have collected some high quality and useful icon sets. Enjoy!!

Free icons! License: Free for commercial use License: Free for commercial use (Include link to authors website) License: Free for non commercial use License: Free for personal use only License: Free for commercial use (Do not redistribute) License: Free for personal use only (Buy licence) The Best Fonts & Colors in the Most Shareable Social Media Images If you’ve been looking to supercharge your social media strategy, you probably know a lot about the benefits of using images. But, how much do you know about actually creating scientifically shareable images? Turns out, there’s tons of actionable, research-backed advice on how to create social media images that get shared—the ideal colors, fonts, text, and more, all leveraging what we know about design, psychology and the Internet to get more shares and engagement. By the end of this article you’re going to be fully aware of how to make images that your readers can’t help but share. All backed by science.

31 Clean and Usable Icon Packs Icons may be a small design feature, but often form essential parts of a design. A great icon can either provide a subtle design flourish, or be used more prominently in a logo fashion to promote a product or web app. The following post showcases some really professional, usable icon packs, which are sure to add a nice touch to your web designs. Many of the packs contain more icons than are displayed here, so be sure to go and explore your favorites and leave feedback for the authors! Yusukek Amiyamane A Beautiful Assemblage of 20 Realistic iOS App Icons For Inspiration Cell phones have just become so indispensable; one can’t keep oneself away from it. They are handy and easy to carry any and everywhere. For the best pastime we usually plunge into app store to look into the catalogue which applications are on the run and hitting the rest. In order to accommodate people with abundance of mirth and joy, millions of applications are made on daily basis by numerous people.

Free Stock Photos: 73 Best Sites To Find Awesome Free Images Looking for the perfect stock photo for your blog or website? To help you find them, we’ve compiled a list of 74 terrific sources of high-quality, free photos. Want to use any of the photos in Canva? Click here to sign up if you haven’t already (if you haven’t — are you kidding me?!) upload them (here’s how) and start designing like a professional for free now. Before We Get Started: