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Iconosquare - All Instagram online
« Anyone who uses Instagram should be on Statigram.Whether you’re an aspiring photographer who wants to see which picsresonate best with your followings, or business of any kind looking to monitorsocial photo campaigns and initiatives » « Anyone who uses Instagram should be on Statigram. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer who wants to see which pics resonate best with your followings, or business of any kind looking to monitor social photo campaigns and initiatives » Mark Holder, Director, Partner Integrations at HootSuite Media Inc.

6 Killer Tips To Promote Your Instagram Page So fellow entrepreneurs and business owners, you must all be using Instagram as a part of your Social Media Strategy by now and you want to be rocking it. Of course it is needless to say that you should be having quality content, work on your engagement, and have your Instagram profile linked to all your other Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Now you’re probably thinking how some companies become so successful in their campaigns and drive those sales. PicFlow, InstaQuote, Repost iPhone Apps for Instagram - Red Cactus Make delightful video slideshows for Instagram Create beautiful text images for Instagram Do more than like it - #Repost it

5 Instagram Tools to Better Manage Your Marketing Is your business using Instagram? Do you need better tools? Many marketers haven’t adopted Instagram because it doesn’t offer the right tools to help them use it effectively. Here are five Instagram tools to help you become more efficient with Instagram. Why Instagram? Instagram is a rapidly growing photo and video sharing platform with more than 150 million users and 16 billion photos shared.

6 Tips for Marketing your Business with the Social Media Mobile App Instagram Take the three addictive elements of photography, mobile and social and mix them together in one “App”. Then make it so easy to use that a frog with fingers could use it. Set it free and watch the creativity explode. That is Instagram. From 0 to 110k Instagram Followers In 5 Months: The Growth Story of Foundr If you’re just starting out on Instagram it can be a daunting task to catch up to brands and competitors that have built a loyal following over the last 5 years. I recently caught up with fellow Melburnian – Nathan Chan who cofounded an online magazine for entrepreneurs called Foundr. We chatted for a few hours on various growth strategies, until a particular topic really piqued my interest. Nathan started posting images to Instagram for Foundr Magazine on 2nd November 2014. We’re now in April 2015 and to date the account has:

Instagram Hashtag Research: How to Find Great Hashtags Fast Using the right hashtags is the easiest way to increase the organic reach of your Instagram posts. Every time you add a hashtag to the caption of your post it appears in the feed of that hashtag, where it can be found in the “latest posts” section by anyone looking through that feed. If your post gets a lot of engagement fast it may even be promoted to the “top posts” section where everyone who visits that hashtag sees it. AdEspresso - Simple, Powerful Facebook Ads Manager If you're serious about making your Facebook ads work, you have to use Adespresso. It has made my life much easier and my campaigns more effective.Emeric Ernoult, AgoraPulse AdEspresso seriously takes Facebook ads to the next level! I'm only using one feature, and it's doubling ROI/cutting spend in half.

The Psychology Behind Instagram Marketing EmailEmail One of the best subjects I’ve personally ever come across is psychology. The extent to which it aids one in understanding his/her own self and establish a foundation for generalisation is simply amazing. Among a myriad subjects under its purview, psychology has an interesting application in social media – what better than trying to analyse an entire generation based on it’s behaviour, habits and tendencies. 16 Creative Uses of Instagram Video Now that Instagram Video has reached the ripe old age of four months (about 600 years in Internet time), we're seeing mind-blowing, app-specific content on a daily basis. With just 15 seconds, you'd think it'd be difficult to create visually compelling videos, but more users are getting the hang of it every day. Artists, athletes, journalists and musicians are all using Instagram to express themselves in fascinating ways. Below, we've gathered some of the most creative Insta-vids we could find, for your perusal. Highlights include a music video made entirely through Instagram, a new generation of Saturday Night Live promos and an extreme GoPro adventure.

Pinterest Marketing Tips & Strategies Growth Hackers Real-time search powered by Pinterest Marketing Tips & Strategies Shared by Dan Sallai Instagram Algorithm: What You Need to Know to Boost Organic Reach In reality, the Instagram algorithm is what decides which posts people see every time they open their feed. Below, we’d like to set the record straight on how it works, so you can make sure your content stands the best chance possible of getting seen during the 27 minutes per day people spend on Instagram. (In 2019, anyway.

What Would Seth Godin Do Seth Godin advocates using cookies to distinguish between new and returning visitors to your site: “One opportunity that’s underused is the idea of using cookies to treat returning visitors differently than newbies. It’s more work at first, but it can offer two experiences to two different sorts of people.” (Source: In the Middle, Starting)

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