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Instagram : Guide pour un usage professionnel

Instagram : Guide pour un usage professionnel

How Brands Are Using Instagram to Reach New Audiences From Instagram to PicPlz, Pose to Path, photo-sharing apps have become something of a phenomenon among smartphone wielders over the last few months — and where users go, brands are quick to follow. Instagram is proving particularly popular among consumer brands, not least because it's enjoyed the greatest growth rate in terms of users. The iPhone-only app garnered 100,000 registrations in its first week; by week 10, 1 million users had signed up for the service. At present, the platform has about 2 million registered (although not necessarily active) users, who upload around 290,000 photos per day. Why, exactly, has Instagram proven so popular? Its stylish, intuitive interface is certainly part of the equation. For brands, it offers another quick, easy way to generate and share visual content with existing fans and, thanks to Instagram's search and browse functions, attract new ones. "People love to capture a moment in time with their friends and share it.

Instagram Blog Instagram : enjeux et interets pour les marques How to Get Followers on Instagram: 9 Steps Steps Method 1 of 4: Participating in the Instagram Community 1Look at a variety of pages. Just as you shouldn't jump into a conversation you haven't been listening to, you shouldn't start uploading photos and expecting followers without first getting a sense of what the community values. Listed under the "Popular" tab, you can check out what popular users are posting on Instagram and use their shots for inspiration. Follow “Suggested Users” by selecting “Find Friends” > ”Suggested Users”. Method 2 of 4: Crafting Your Page 1Be selective with your photo uploads. Method 3 of 4: Quick Tricks and "Cheats" 1Repeatedly toggle between "follow" and "unfollow" on the pages with the highest number of followers. 3Use the most popular hashtags. Method 4 of 4: The Mass Like Method 1Like a ton of photos. Tips Rather than a personal page, you could start a themed or fan account about a favorite movie, book, actor, etc. Ad Warnings Things You'll Need

6 Ways to Use the New Instagram Videos Do you want to share short visual stories with your fans? Have you experimented with Instagram video? They recently unveiled a video feature for their mobile app that transforms their already-powerful photo sharing network into a multimedia dynamo! Combine that with the fact that Instagram offers ease of sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, and the future looks bright for marketers who take advantage of the new format to reach their online community. In this article, we’ll explore 6 ways that you can use the new video feature to create visually compelling stories and promote your brand and marketing message online. Instagram video has some interesting features for social media marketers. What Instagram Has to Offer While potentially viewed by outsiders simply as Facebook “catching up” to Twitter’s Vine app, the new Instagram video feature actually offers capabilities that social media marketers will want to note. Length: Instagram Video offers up to 15 seconds of video recording.

Un guide par l'équipe qui réalise ce pearltree. aka @chipoti @vwagenaar & @g4ll4is by g4ll4is Nov 15