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Tips Apps iPhone Hipstamatic

Tips Apps iPhone Hipstamatic

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Insta-great! Insta-great By @elliottkember & Online Photo Sharing Compared [Infographic] Photos are a great way to document your class moments throughout the year. Parents, students and administrators love to see great pictures that tell a story of what’s going on at school. But taking the photo is only half the battle. The days of emailing photos is over–there are many better solutions to share all your favorite photos. Infographic Labs has posted a great infographic comparing some of the top photo sharing services. By comparing these services you’ll be able to pick the one that’s right for your needs this upcomiing school year!

Cities wants to help Instagram users bring their virtual connections to the real world and help them meet each other! Countless users have contacted and encouraged us to develop the Instagramers Branded Group all over the world. It´s easy and free! How to create an Instagramers Network Group? Tell the Story Behind Your Instagram Photos with Story Wheel By on under Creative Arts Pictures can tell a story without words. They can be compelling, invoke emotion and say so much with very little. But if you’re an artist, photographer or someone that wants to tell the story of a picture, Story Wheel is a web app that lets you record a story around your Instagram pictures. It was started by Johannes Wagener & Katharina Birkenbach during the Music Hack Day Boston in 2011 and is now part of the SoundCloud Labs.

How Sharing On Social Networks Is Expected To Grow We share a lot on social networks. On Facebook alone we share 4 billion different items a day including status updates, links and photos. The number of photos shared on Facebook is projected to reach 100 billion by the end of summer. Meet Echograph, the Instagram of Animated GIFs You’ve been warned: You’ll soon see images like the ones in this post — part moving, part still — everywhere. Animated GIFs are making a comeback, and Echograph, a new iPad app, is taking them to the next level. Remember how the newspaper photos in the Harry Potter movies came alive? Pinterest 101 heart trails by Anne Dejong The Daily Digi is a digital scrapbooking site dedicated to bringing you the best information, resources, and inspiration in digital scrapbooking. Download our FREE Digital Scrapbooking Manual, sign up for our newsletter to receive free goodies, and become a member for the best deal in digital scrapbooking.

Yahoo Launches New Social Sentiment Slider It’s not enough to ask consumers to talk about your brand, Yahoo says. If you want to get people really engaged, invite them to weigh in on relevant content. That’s the thinking behind the company’s latest social feature called the Social Sentiment Slider, which launched today. Placed directly beneath Yahoo stories, the sponsorable widget asks a question related to the article and lets readers register their opinions by sliding their cursors across an interactive scale. For example, after a story about the future of the iPod, the Sentiment Slider might ask, “Is the iPod going the way of the dinosaur?” Readers can respond on a scale that runs from “No one needs an iPod” to “It will always be relevant.”

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