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Followgram - Enhance your Instragram experience

Followgram - Enhance your Instragram experience

Pictaram | online instagram posts viewer Apps and Stuff you have to read Each week my Flipboard app, Twitter responses, my kids, my Kindle Fire and my Google reader deliver a collection of new web tools, apps, books, crazy experiences and must read articles. Here is this weeks collection: I expect to see a version of this technology in our classrooms in the next two to three years. A great site I came across in the TES, which would support Teachers and Key Stage 2 pupils in their photography work. I am currently investigating the possibility of using Minecraft within our school, there is an app, but I am reliably informed by our Year 6 boys of how rubbish it is in comparison to the “real thing”. I am grateful to friends on Twitter who shared links to these two sites that give further information on Minecraft in an educational setting. Firstly head over to Minecraft edu where you can buy an educational version of the game/ creator thingy. Purchase an Educational version of Minecraft here A reflective blog on using Minecraft in the classroom

Followers For Instagram - Followers and Unfollowers Tracker on the App Store Why you should optimize your LinkedIn profile links - Wiep There is enough info available about how and why to use LinkedIn and how you can add links to your profile. But why would you neglect optimizing your profile links, by leaving out the anchor text? Recently, I came across two profiles with links that didn’t have one of the standard LinkedIn anchor texts, but also dind’t have a “polluted” anchor text. Here’s Michael Gray’s profile. Example number two is Peter vd Graaf’s profile. In both cases, the anchor text used has no occurances on the page. Want to use these powerful links more efficiently? In stead of filing your links under “My Blog” or “My Company”, you can file them under “Other”.

Big Party Party App Update! We launched our Party Party app just a little over a month ago with big plans for updates already in the making. We’re excited to announce that some big, new features are now available in the new Party Party update!! This is a big one! You now can use any photos from your Camera Roll or Photo Library in Party Party! Make a slideshow out of old photos or start stacking photo apps (the below was made with DSLR photos, A Beautiful Mess App, and Party Party!). We added a step to the app’s flow, so you now have the option to review the photos you’ve taken or imported. The Party Party app has the 1, 4, 9, and 16 photo options, because they can all be laid out in a square if you wanted to do the collage option. We can’t thank you enough for supporting this app and really everything we do. P.S. We launched our Party Party app just a little over a month ago with big plans for updates already in the making. This is a big one!

How to Migrate Your Facebook Account and Data to Google+ Arrrrrgh, the really sad part is that you sent this to me and in all that searching for an alternative fb/g+ sharer, I didn't realize this could also do that. I'm having some trouble loading stuff up though. The home page is very slow, but loaded...but now that I've got it installed the Facebook and Twitter "login" pages don't seem to be loading at all. The FB/Twitter icons on the right side of the top toolbar should pop up authorization windows for each of the services and require you to login, once that is completed, you will have to click those buttons again & hit the "login" link one more time to get it to actually connect. Once you've connected, there will be checkbox/icons in the share box for whatever services you're signed into. I don't know if it's my internet connection or what, but every once in a while G+ has trouble loading in Chrome (yet works fine in Firefox at the exact same time that Chrome "can't connect to the server"... Hopefully that helps...

Party Party App Our newest app, Party Party, is in the iOS App Store! Party Party is more than your own personal photo booth. It can bring an experience to life with its easy-to-use stop motion feature—layering your photos atop one another to make a looping animation! No matter how you use it, this app is designed to make it simple to capture the fun of any moment. So what exactly does it do? Once you've taken your photos, you now have all these options to play with: STOP MOTION ANIMATION• Adjust the speed of the animation to your liking• Save as looping video, perfect for Instagram• OR save as a .gif file for your blog, Tumblr or website PHOTO SQUARE COLLAGE OR STRIP• Lay out as square collage for Instagram• OR lay out as classic photo booth strip for printing 17 FILTERS (created by our very own Sarah Rhodes!) 9 FRAMES• Choose from 7 frames inspired by vintage photo booths and film• OR apply a clean, simple circle or plain white border Will it be released on Android? Any questions? P.S.

How to Dominate Your Niche Online marketing is great and getting high rankings is always nice, but how would you like to absolutely dominate your field? How would you like to be known as the go-to person/organization for your niche either in your local area or nationally? You can. Dominating your niche isn’t just about getting high rankings in the search engines, though that’s certainly part of it. It Starts and Ends with Your Website: Your website is the heart of your online presence. Search Engine Optimization: Search is still the primary way people find things. Authorship: Authorship is quickly becoming very important for a variety of reasons. Blog: Quality content is key. Video: I can’t say enough about the power of video for establishing yourself in your niche. Video creates a connection audio and print just can’t. And don’t think that video is too expensive or too difficult. Social Media: So, you’re producing great videos and blog posts, now you need to let people know about this quality content. share