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Discount Fabric - Apparel Fabric - Home Decor Fabric - Quilting Fabric - Save up to 70% -

Discount Fabric - Apparel Fabric - Home Decor Fabric - Quilting Fabric - Save up to 70% -

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Everyday Reading: An Easy Tulle Skirt Tutorial Back in December, I had the brilliant idea to make a green tulle skirt for the Green Party at Alt Summit. Of course, then I did nothing about that great idea and finally ended up buying fabric for the skirt in Las Vegas (when I mentioned this to Merrick, she said, "Are you going to make Mom sew it?" to which I replied, "NO!

Clone Yourself A Fitting Assistant David Coffin Duct-tape dress form (above) uses ordinary duct-tape as both the body-casting material and the final form. Another version of this Duct-tape dress form (not shown) is a bit more difficult but produces a closer fit. Check out this updated method for creating the ultimate fitting assistant. Sloan Howard Discount Home Decor - Discount Window Curtains From Dollar General Discount Home Decor from Dollar General It’s the little things that can make a house a home and Dollar General has a wide range of discount home decor that can turn a cold living space into a comfortable household. Don’t settle for living in a set of empty rooms! Consider our home decorating ideas like adding discount home decor that’ll give your dwelling a warm, comfortable feel without spending a fortune. Create an intimate atmosphere with discount candles that’ll make any room inviting.

MADEMOISELLE YEYE Estelle Retro 60s Raincoat in Yellow Winter Rating The Warmest Winter Coats Online! When shopping for coats and jackets online, it can be difficult to determine which coats will be very heavy and warm and which jackets are light and more suitable for warmer weather. Shipping & Returns Fabric Spot strives to provide you with excellent customer service. We offer the best shipping rates for an online fabric store in Canada. Your order will be processed, packaged and shipped within 1-3 business days of payment clearing. Please note that we do not process orders on Saturday and Sunday (everyone needs a break, right?!). An e-mail will be sent to you once your ordered has been shipped. If there is any problem with your order (e.g. product not in stock), you will be contacted by e-mail.

HANDMADE COLOR BLOCKED FAUX LEATHER DRESS (TUTORIAL) On Monday I shared pictures from my first evening at Alt Summit, wearing my handmade faux leather dress. As I mentioned, I found this gorgeous gold faux leather and quilted black faux leather at Michael Levine in the LA Fabric District, and instantly fell in love. After some sketching and trial and error in the construction, I made this color blocked fit and flare dress with a pleated skirt. The only thing that could make me love this dress more is if I'd put in pockets. Too bad.

A Simple Medieval Shoe Materials (per pair): Sole: vegetable tanned leather, 2.5-3 mm thick. Upper & heel stiffener: vegetable tanned leather, 2.5 mm thick. Thread: raw linen or equivalent. Nylon is not recommended. Thonging: 5-6mm leather lace, 45 cm length. Tools: Shears or blade for leather cutting Stitch marker Awl (diamond section blade) Saddler's needles (ie. blunt) and wax. Online Thrift Shop sales Some charity shops also sell a limited range of new goods which may be branded to the charity, or have some connection with the cause the charity supports. Other stores may sell new Halloween supplies and decorations where old vintage clothes are popular for use as costumes. Thrift stores sales are an amazing resource for getting great, high-quality, unique and inexpensive clothes and other household items. Often, the offerings are perfectly good things that somebody else has outgrown or simply grown tired of and discarded simply because it no longer fits or flatters its original owner, or simply because it's last year's style. If you need to furnish an apartment inexpensively, for instance, thrift stores can be an excellent source of dishes, pots and pans, and even furnishings and decor for your room, like posters, pictures, trinkets and more. IMPORTANT NOTE:Effective November 20, shipping rates to Canada have increased. Excess shipping over $2.00 will be refunded. Marmalade Fabrics offers free shipping on all orders of $200 or more, shipped within the United States. All other orders will be charged the following fees: The following rates are effective January 28, 2013 10 Minute DIY Infinity Scarf Tutorial If you give me the choice between a traditional scarf and an infinity scarf, I’ll always choose the latter. No tying, no fringe, perfect length every time, and perfectly cozy for your neck — they’re the perfect fall and winter accessory, and they’re so easy to make on your own. I’ve been seeing buffalo plaid everywhere these days (including an easy regular scarf my sister made a few weeks ago), which inspired me to use the same gorgeous print for my infinity scarf. Check out this super easy infinity scarf tutorial that will take you less than 10 minutes to make, and makes a perfect gift for your friends, sisters, or really anyone! Materials:

Choosing Fabrics There is such a tremendous selection of fabrics available; the job of choosing fabric can be overwhelming. As you peruse the different fabrics, you may be drawn to the bright, splashy colors at first. Then, the subtle colors, interesting textures and weaves present you with more possibilities. It is essential to be informed about fabrics, so that your project is successful.