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Microscope Threads Dateline: 10/21/00 Is there a difference in quality among the various brands of sewing thread on the market? When you are having problems with your sewing machine, after you've been asked if you changed the machine needle, the next question is very often, "Are you using a good quality sewing thread?" For years I told myself there was no difference in thread and I was going to save money by buying the five spools for a dollar type. Today almost any reputable sewing machine dealer will tell you to use only high quality thread. As thread is guided through the sewing machine it passes through many eye openings and through tension disks. I've seen mail lists go on for weeks over what thread is the best. Seeing is believing! Click Here To see microscope views of various Embroidery and Specialty Threads Click Here To see microscope views of Thread submitted By Nan Williams (FuFu Polyester, Maxi Lock Serger and Isacord) Click here For Thread Information And Sources More Features... Articles By Topic

Dragon Threads Open Book 5 Unusual Sewing Machine Techniques Your sewing machine just sews, right? Wrong! It does so much more! Photos via leighlalovesyou Here are 5 unusual sewing machine techniques you should try: 1. Couching involves attaching a laid yarn or thread onto fabric with small stitches in a similar or contrasting thread and adds texture to a piece of work. How to: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Machine settings Foot – Either standard foot or darning foot (personal preference)Tension – Standard for your machine bobbin, thicker thread, loosened screw (tension)Stitch length – personal preferenceStitch width – 0Feed dogs – In action for standard foot or out of action for darning foot 2. Smocking (or shirring) gathers your fabric in order to give it stretch. Lighter fabrics work best for smocking and adding some steam with your iron at the end will encourage the elastic to pull in tighter. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 3. Probably the easiest technique of the list, perforation is great for paper crafts, such a scrapbooking or card making! 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Pfaff NMSL list Jacob’s Ladder Tutorial | Here’s how to do a Jacob’s Ladder: The basic fabric needed is a combination of double crochet stitches and chain stitches. In this example, I’ve decided to do one ladder with 5dc on each side. To recreate it, ch22, dc in the fourth chain from the hook, and make 3 more dc stitches: Ch10: Skip 10 chains in the base chain, and make a dc in the 11th chain: Make 4 more dc to take you to the end of the row: Make a turning chain and dc in the next four stitches: Chain 10, then dc in the next dc (skipping the ch10 of the previous row) : dc to the end of this row. Continue adding rows, working a dc into each dc, and working a ch10 over where a ch10 is. On the second-to-last row, work the dc’s as normal: But this time, only chain 6: Then dc to the end of the row as normal On the last row, work dc stitches until you reach the chain space and then stop – draw the loop out larger so the stitches don’t unravel: Now grab a bigger hook and go down to the base chain. Insert the big hook in this loop: Repeat!

Sew it yourself Fabric ID Silk Silk ! This is the fabric that makes its own statement. Say “silk” to someone and what do they visualize? No other fabric generates quite the same reaction. For centuries silk has had a reputation as a luxurious and sensuous fabric, one associated with wealth and success. Today, silk is yet another word for elegance, and silk garments are prized for their versatility, wearability and comfort. Contemporary silk garments Contemporary silk garments range from evening wear to sports wear. Silk — elegant, versatile and washable. Silk Colours Silk may yellow and fade with the use of a high iron setting. CLICK HERE for the Glossary of Silk Fabrics and Weaves.

How We Work | M&S Schmalberg Our showroom and factory is located in the heart of the New York City Garment Center. If you are in the area, we welcome you to stop by for a tour. You will find a tremendous assortment of hand-made artisan flowers for sale in all colors and styles. If you can’t find the perfect flower in stock then we will gladly make it for you. You can choose from our thousands of vintage tools and dies to select a unique style that works for you. If you are out of town we invite you to browse our online gallery and choose from the hundreds of samples. When sending fabric please remember ¼ yard minimum from selvage to selvage of fabric is needed to make a flower, petal or leaf.

ArtFire | Browsing Craft Supplies Show items with: Items marked as "mature" (intended for adults) will also be included in the results Apply Filters Price Filter Show 16 Show 12Show 16Show 24Show 48 Random RandomNewest ItemsOldest ItemsHighest PriceLowest PriceMost ViewedLeast Viewed Warning! You are viewing this page with IE7 (or in Compatibility Mode). We recommend the following:

Liturgical Dressing by Regina Doman used with permission Most of us are familiar with the common North American phenomenon of Clutter. Clothing Clutter has troubled me for a long time. So, while I was still single I experimented with ways for the laity to do away with Constant Wardrobe Expansion, yet wouldn't make us look like quasi-religious. It was while on pilgrimage to Rome that I had the idea. I was inspired by this idea. Ordinary time -- a practical green dress Martyr's days -- a practical red dress Eastertide and minor feasts -- a practical pink dress Lent and Advent -- a practical purple dress Mary's feast days -- a more-dressy blue dress Easter and Christmas -- a very formal white dress Sundays -- a more formal dress in my favorite color Now, while this wardrobe DID help me to curtail Infinite Wardrobe Expansion, it was lacking in several areas. Once married, I felt an impulse to always look attractive that had little to do with vanity: after all, my appearance meant a lot to my husband. 1. 2.

Sutton Gallery » Artist Profile » Gordon Bennett Born Monto, Queensland 1955; lives and works in Brisbane Gordon Bennett is internationally acclaimed as one of Australia's most significant and critically engaged contemporary artists. He is recognised for his powerful perspectives on the post colonial experience, particularly in the Australian context, with much of his work mapping alternative histories and questioning racial categorisations and stereotypes. As a way to expand his oeuvre, Bennett regularly adopts the persona John Citizen. This invented character exists as a type of disguise that plays with the rhetoric of identity. Moreover, by shifting his artistic style under the John Citizen pseudonym, Bennett avoids typecasting his practice. Selected awards include Moët et Chandon Australia Art Fellowship, 1991; MacGeorge Fellowship, The University of Melbourne, 1993; Creative Arts Fellow, Australian National University, Canberra, 1996; and John McCaughey Memorial Art Prize, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, 1997. Downloads

Modest Clothing! Sew your own modest dresses, women's clothing, prom dresses: a review site Gordon Bennett Education Resource Personal background – Family, memory, experience During his childhood in the 1950s and 60s, Bennett lived with his family in Victoria and Queensland. He has described his upbringing as overwhelmingly Euro-Australian, with never a word spoken about my Aboriginal heritage. Gordon Bennett 1 Bennett’s Aboriginal heritage came through his mother. I can’t remember exactly when it dawned on me that I had an Aboriginal heritage, I generally say it was around age eleven, but this was my age when my family returned to Queensland where Aboriginal people were far more visible. Bennett married in 1977. He has identified with the experience of the fair complexioned, African-American conceptual artist Adrian Piper, who wrote: Blacks like me are unwilling observers of the forms racism takes when racists believe there are no blacks present. Bennett’s art explores and reflects his personal experiences. Framing experience – The coming of the light History lessons – Colonial and postcolonial perspectives E.