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Tutorial: Puffy Pouch

Tutorial: Puffy Pouch
Here comes the tutorial for the puffy pouch ;)As I promised, I am introducing two ways to make this pouch, one made with a 5" flex frame which may not be very accessible and the other made withvelcro which is fairly easily found at any craft stores.(The flex frame can be spotted at here,here, and here.) I love this pouch either way.This pouch is like the fabric basket tute andthe patchwork drawstring tute combined into onewith a little twist, so yeah, it's quick and easy again!!I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll like it....!!! As always, seam allowances are 1/4" unless otherwise noted. First off, pick out linen (or medium to heavy fabric)and three different print cotton fabrics that contrasteach other for the external shell. Cut out fabrics into pieces:Eight 1.75" x 5.5" pieces andTwo 2" x 6" from linenTwo 1.75" x 5.5" from each cotton fabrics. From the fabric for lining, cut out two 5.5" x 5.5" pieces. Let's start making the outer shell. Two patchwork panels like these. . Hooray! Tetrapocket: the tetrahedral pouch Tetrapouches This is a flat pack, L-shaped piece that folds into a self-closing, 3D pouch. Tetrahedrons, four-faced pyramids, are used for a wide range of items from packaging (tetrapacks) to weapons (caltrops). Tetrapocket pattern (PDF 444 KB) This pattern is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License. Photo-printed Hair Ribbon | Robin over at just sent over this fantastic tutorial to showcase their fantastic photo-sensitive permanent dye. This product really ticks all of the boxes for me, because it works on so many different materials (including wood and leather), and it connects to my love of all things photographic. Here is Robin’s tutorial: Only with Inkodye can you create this incredibly easy and rewarding DIY project! Because Inkodyes are truly photographic you can use them with black & white negatives to create your very own photo-printed silk ribbon. Use your ribbon in your hair, around your waist on a summer dress or cut it into sections and give them away as adorable bookmarks! Total tutorial time: 15 minutes Used in this project: Inkodye Violet Materials. Making your own negatives. Prepare. Position. Pour. Brush. Place. Pin. Smooth. Take into the sun. Wait. Uncover. Wash. Dry. Enjoy!

Circle Zip Earbud Pouch Tutorial :: Dog Under My Desk I use a little zippered pouch to carry around my earbuds since they are the fancy microphone ones and I don’t want them to break or get tangled. Some of you have commented that you are looking for some small, simple gift ideas. This is definitely simple to make, and a little more fun than the typical rectangular zippered pouch! I can see these as the perfect gift for teenage cousins or nieces or girlfriends or even teacher gifts. Fun, quick, and cute! It doesn’t take very much fabric so you could even use scraps! UPDATE: I have completely re-written this tutorial with twice as many bright, clear photos and more detailed instructions and it is available as a pattern in my pattern shop. First, download the pattern template HERE. Cut from main fabric: 1 circle 2 half circles 1 tab Cut from lining fabric: 1 circle 2 half circles Cut from batting (or medium weight interfacing, if you prefer): 1 circle 2 half circles You will also need a 1″ wide nylon 5″ or longer zipper. Time to sew!

Toy Bag Tutorial Oh it feels so good to be back blogging again, it's bloggerific! So I am going to ease back into the blogging world with a nice easy craft, plus hopefully posting something that is simple will tempt you non-crafters out there to finally jump in on this.. I made these cute bags to help with Lucy's toys from over flowing and taking over the house. 1 foot of fabric 1 yard of string or ribbon Take your foot of fabric, fold it in half and trim it so it will be 11 inches wide and 18 inches tall. Unfold the fabric so it is now 22 inches wide and the back of the pattern is facing up towards you. You can now fold the top down about 2 inches down. These are cute bags to make and really cheap, you can pump out 3 bags with 1 yard of fabric. go ahead and make some, I would even love to see some of the bags you make and what you add to them.

How to make Hair Bows • Art Platter Boutique quality bows can be made using ribbons in varied sizes and materials. You can make these bows to match your kids’ outfit and can also be attached to headbands. Glimpse of the Result: How To: Step 1: Take a piece of satin ribbon about 15 inches in length. Step 2: Fold the ribbon in two, make a crease and mark the center. Step 3: Set the first half of the ribbon like a loop meeting the center point. Repeat this for the second half to make a structure like an 8. Step 4: Hold the center of the top loop and bring it towards the center. Step 5: Similarly bring the lower loop towards the center. Step 6: Slowly lift the bow holding the center tight. Step 7: Take a small piece of ribbon and twist it at the center covering the string we have used to secure the ribbon. Hair bows are pretty accessories and can be made quickly.

DIY Fabric Headband Tutorial - Handmade Gift Series This is a beginner sewing tutorial that I was honored to contribute on the blog Craft Snob, in the Bite Sized Sewing column. This tutorial for a little girls fabric headband takes under 30 minutes to complete. This makes a perfect stocking stuffer this holiday! Read more for the full DIY Fabric Headband tutorial – Handmade Gift Series tutorial. Supplies: scrap fabric (100% cotton works best)fold over elasticsewing machinescissors Directions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. All photos by Sara Albers for alice & lois. Now you have a sweet and simple fabric headband for your little girl. *Check out the tutorial for the same headband for women here! Enjoy your sewing! Check out more simple sewing tutorials on here and here! A simple gift bag. - Mousy Brown's House-Creating, crafting and collecting. Enjoying Life. I have been making some simple bags to put 'treasure' in for Christmas and thought I would share this idea as a mini tutorial. These are so easy to make and could be modified to suit any size of gift. They re-use old materials or scraps and are re-usable after Christmas, the perfect answer for an eco-friendly present season. I started with a piece of felted blanket that I had previously dyed in the washing machine. I cut it into an oblong, twice the size I wanted for the finished bag. The nice thing about using felted wool is that you don't need to worry about hems or fraying, so it is easy to judge by eye the finished size you want and just add a little for joining and the channel at the top for the tie. The next thing I did, using fabric ink and some stamps, was to print the name on to a scrap of fine linen I had found in a bargain bin at a charity shop (it was an old table cloth that was stained and damaged beyond repair but is perfect for projects like this!)

How To Make Leg Warmers or Boot Socks October 20, 2011 6:13 am Wow! I’ve been absent a while! I’ve been really busy up at mydaughters school working on some projects for their school auction, then the girls got sick and I got sick. (the kind of sick where I was in bed all day!) No fun! I absolutely love layers. Feel free to accessorize however you like. So cute and stylish and much easier then stuffing your leg and jeans into a tight sock. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend. Tags: boots , leg warmers , socks , sweater , thigh high socks Posted in Original Designs , other , refashions , women's clothing | 69 Comments » Messenger Bag Tutorial {With Hidden iPad Holder} Learn how to turn a pair of cargo pants into the coolest messenger bag with Jessica’s Messenger Bag Tutorial! This is a great way to reuse an old pair of pants. Jessica {Creative Team} does a fantastic job showing you how! She always amazes me with her sewing skills. Enjoy! How to Sew a Messenger Bag How to upcycle an old pair of cargo pants, and turn it into a messenger bag for your little ones… …with a hidden iPad holder! Looking for a new school bag for the school age kids in your home, but don’t want to spend a fortune? Instructions: *Please note – the iPad holder is not meant to actually carry the iPad when you are on the go. And you are done! If you enjoyed this craft tutorial, please share it with your friends or pin it on Pinterest! Happy Crafting, Jess Make sure to follow Craftaholics Anonymous® on Bloglovin for new crafts and on Pinterest for crafting inspiration from around the web! Share and Enjoy

DIY HAIR NECKLACE In this beautiful world of buns + top knots, we’re always searching for ways to mix it up. Today’s DIY helps us do just that! Making hair jewelry can be really fun & it’s very likely that you’ll have most of these supplies already at home! You can take apart an inexpensive multi-strand chain necklace that you don’t wear anymore, or if you don’t have that you can go to a bead shop where they sell chain and necklace making supplies. Here’s how I created this golden goodness: photos+ tutorial by Kristin Ess TOOLS: Wire cutters, flat-head pliers, thin gold wire, strands of necklace chain, a brass loop, a small hair comb + a bobby pin that matches your hair color. Open the brass loop.String your first chain on to the loop.Continue stringing chain until you have as many as you want on there. Related posts: