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Vogue Patterns

Vogue Patterns

Modern Sewing Patterns Difficulty: *** You will need: Jean fabric; lining; fusible interfacing; 7 buttons Attention! Fabric consumption varies depending on the size of garment. When sewing the garment, pay attention to notches- they must coincide. Cutting: Jean Fabric: 1. Lining Fabric: 14. Fusible Interfacing: upper Collar piece, Front Facings, upper Pocket Flap, Pocket Welt, Back Facing. Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. the Circle Skirt I used to think that a gathered skirt was the easiest skirt to sew. But I may have changed my tune. A circle skirt is possibly even easier! If you’ve ever made a poodle skirt before, it’s the same concept. Once you’ve created your pattern, you can whip up 4 skirts in an hour! Okay, let’s get started. What you need (for a little girl’s skirt): * about 1 yard of fabric* appx 3/4 yard of 2-inch wide elastic FABRICS to use:* Rayon* Polyester Charmuese* Simple Cotton* Thin Corduroy* Lightweight WoolMany fabrics will work for this project. ELASTIC:Wide elastic from fabric stores typically comes 2 inches or 3 inches wide; white or black in color. If you’d like to add a colorful twist to your skirt, check out our easy Tutorial for Dyeing Elastic HERE. Measure around your waist. PATTERN:This requires a bit of geometry but don’t worry, we’ll break it down for you. You need to figure out the radius so you can easily draw a circle. Then connect the dots to draw 1/4 of a circle! Now you have a donut!

Boat People's vintage and DIY fashion blog - your daily source of OMG Honestly WTF Runway I Spy DIY D E S I G N L O V E F E S T a pair & a spare DIY I love this recipe for how minimalistic and uncomplicated it is; only four ingredients, very few steps, very little time and it is vegan (meat/dairy production wastes natural resources). Usually I like my food as colorful as possible, but these creamy vanilla coconut cubes just screamed Love Aesthetics. So here it is; my first ever food related blog post! I am not a very good cook so don't expect more recipes, but these are so easy to make and the result is so beautifully that I could not not share this with you guys. Ingredients explained/ Agar Agar is an Malaysian/Inonesian desert, very similar to jelly pudding with a sightly more bitable texture, if made with water it is incredibly thirst quenching. 1/ Prepare the Agar Agar as instructed on the package. need /agar agar powder /coconut milk /a vanilla bean /agave nectar (or sugar)

grainline | sewing . patterns . patternmaking and other things DIY HAND LETTERING 22nd April 2013 Ever since I can remember I’ve loved beautiful handwritten notes, so you’ll understand my excitement when typography guru and self confessed font fanatic Gemma O’Brien (aka Mrs Eaves), offered to give us a lesson in hand lettering. Gemma rocketed to fame 5 years ago as a uni student with her viral youtube video Write Here, Write Now and has built, in just a few short years, an impressive body of work including hand drawn pieces for Canon (a favorite of mine) and Woolworths as well as a huge number of other creative projects such as developing the masthead for Peppermint Magazine, refreshing the title sequence for children’s tv show Playschool and designing 80th birthday invitations for ex-aussie Prime Minister Bob Hawke (see more of her work here). Today she’s going to show us the basics of hand lettering by making an exquisite hand drawn card – perfect for a friend or lover. Take it away Gemma! Pin It How to: Step 1. Pin It Pin It Step 2. Pin It Step 3. Pin It Pin It Step 4.