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Fashioning Technology

Fashioning Technology
Kicking off the Smart Fabrics Conference in San Francisco on April 23 is an E-Textiles Hack-A-Thon hosted by Sparkfun's Dia Campbell and Pearce Melcher. The workshop runs from 8am-12pm and looks like a great way to dive into wearable tech by getting your hands dirty. Dynamic Duo: Pearce Melcher and Dia Campbell of Sparkfun Curious to find out a bit more about the workshop and the ideas behind it, we caught up with Dia Campbell for a sneak preview. You're likely to have a wide range of people attending the Smart Fabrics Hack-A-Thon, from textile experts to electrical engineers to interaction designers. Do you have any tricks for working with the diverse range of people who attend an event like this?

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Innovations @ Georgia Tech Atlanta — Thad Starner has been wearing his computer since 1993. What began as a short-term experiment became a life-long project, some would even say a mission. Starner is a guru of sorts when it comes to wearable computing. Several of his graduate students in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech also use wearable computers on a daily basis. For these researchers, however, a wearable computer is not just the newest gadget or high-tech status symbol, but a driving force in their computer research - how to build computer applications that make the user smarter and more efficient in completing day-to-day tasks. "The exciting thing about wearable computers is the fact that they're with you everywhere and they have access to the same sort of sensory information that you do," says Starner.

Jotta Project Description Make the Invisible World Visible - Inspired by hospital and airport x-ray films I have created a vast collection of photographs and photogram which give the illusion of x-rays. These and their detailed texture fed my hand-woven fabric collection. The pieces are semi-transparent therefore they play with both artificial and natural light making unique shadows which appear as x-ray marks on surfaces. Computers and Fabrication: Revolutionizing the Art World It may come as a surprise that one of the four teaching certifications I hold is K-12 Art Education. It is a certification that I am excited to finally use in my new position in the fall. Throughout high school, I took private art lessons with a local artist. Waterproof your Wearables : Materials Checklist Below are a list of supplies that are the recommended for this instructable. Of course certain items can be completely eliminated or substituted with others. In order to for us to focus on teaching you the encapsulation technique and to easily demonstrate the waterproofing performance, we be creating a simple electronic device soldering a simple wearable component (LilyPad LED) and attaching it to a power source with alligator clips.

Sewing Circuits Workshop Since Saturday is the quietest day of the festival, we used it as an opportunity to close the workshop area for part of the day to host a sewing circuits workshop for the facilitators. They've been excited about wanting to try a new activity and sewn circuits seemed like the right fit. I personally love sewn circuits because it gives participants who have never sewn the chance to learn a new skill and pushes experienced sewers (ahem, Rahiq) to use their skills in new ways.

todbot blog After two years, I think I have my Replicator (apparently the first one shipped) finally working reliably to produce >1 hour prints. Thank you @iandanforth for asking if I had a description of the mods I did and prompting me to write this. The Replicator has been a very frustrating product. Digital Is: Art, Image, Word Admittedly, John the Baptist, the author of those words, "In the beginning there was the Word..." had a bigger idea than purely talking about etymology with his famous opener. And in the sphere of digital writing, there is more than the word as one of the elemental building blocks of doing the work of writing, transferring meaning from author to reader. This collection explores the idea that there exists a blurred line between where writing with words ends, and where writing becomes something else altogether, something no longer dependent on the traditional use of letters, words, sentences and traditional writing structures as the elemental units of meaning to convey meaning. Consider just a few of the changes in the way we conceive of writing:

Fabric Button Pad - 5 Buttons - COM-11813 Description: Have you ever been listening to music on your MP3 player and a song you don't want to listen to comes on but you don't want to reach into your bag to change the track? The 5 Button Fabric Button Pad, from Sensing Tex, is a great way to incorporate a basic media UI into your clothing, furniture, or European Carry-All. Included with the 5 Button Fabric Button Pad is a 6-pin header for the flat connector and a paper cheat sheet in the shape of the button pad designating where the 5 sensor elements are located and what each pin on the flat connector corresponds to. The button pad does come blank enabling you to label each sensor element as you see fit. Includes:

Prosthetic Knowledge Picks: Computed Fashion Virtual Clothing Touch 'Heatmap' Feature Of CLO 3D A collection of items from the Prosthetic Knowledge Tumblr archive and around the web, around the theme of 'Fashion'. Glitch Embroidery by Nukeme

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