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Fashioning Technology

electricfoxy Suunto Ambit puts GPS navigation, performance tracking and heart rate monitor on your wrist Suunto Ambit puts GPS navigation, performance tracking and heart rate monitor on your wrist Image Gallery (24 images) The Ambit watch is Suunto's latest GPS-enabled watch, following up on the X10. View all Essentially an updated version of the Suunto X10, the Ambit provides a combination of navigation and performance-tracking features that Suunto says makes it the go-to watch for outdoor athletes, from casual hikers to hard-charging mountaineers. You can use the GPS to track or route waypoints and navigate your way to and from your destination. On the performance side, the Ambit uses an integrated accelerometer along with the GPS to track your performance via such measures as speed and distance. When you equip the Ambit with the optional heart rate belt, it doubles as a heart rate monitor. When you get back inside, you can upload your data to Suunto's Web community for analysis, discussion and planning. The Ambit watch will hit the market in March. About the Author

Anouk Wipprecht Cool Tools Cool Tools Show 189: Jordan Bunker Our guest this week is Jordan Bunker. Jordan is a freelance engineer, designer, artist, and prop-maker based out of Oakland, California. He’s also a former Make: magazine technical editor and BattleBots robot builder. Subscribe to the Cool Tools Show on iTunes | RSS | Transcript | Download MP3 | See all the Cool Tools Show posts on a single page Show notes: Dykem Steel Blue Layout Fluid Spray ($14) When working with metals, it’s useful to be able to make clear, precise lines on the surface to be worked on. McMaster-Carr Catalog MCMaster Carr is one of my go-to companies for just about any kind of material or hardware needed for a project. Air Force Jumpsuit (used, varies) In my shop, I do a lot of welding, grinding, and working with chemicals. Hot Air Rework Station ($55) Most of the prototyping I do requires electronic design as well, and if you’re working with surface mount components, a hot air station is pretty vital. Also mentioned:

Di Mainstone My Modern Metropolis Diana Eng | Fashion engineered from daydreams Matomeno ANYTHING scissors is a scissors. Since there is an explicit case, they stand by themselves. It gives an impression of some object. The pair of scissors - stands up in front of people. VALERIE LAMONTAGNE