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Sewing Discussion at Stitcher's Guild Sewing Forum - Index

Sewing Discussion at Stitcher's Guild Sewing Forum - Index

Amish Sewing Cabinets A sewing cabinet from Country Lane Furniture is the perfect furniture addition for the professional seamstress or for those of you who enjoy sewing or quilting as a hobby. We offer a huge selection of Mennonite and Amish handcrafted sewing machine cabinets, and we’re also America’s best source for a beautiful handcrafted sewing table. With so many available sizes and types, you’ll have no problem finding a handmade sewing cabinet that’s just right for your sewing room or workspace! Solid Wood Sewing Cabinets That Stand the Test of Time When you purchase a solid wood sewing cabinet from Country Lane Furniture, you get a beautiful, user friendly and enduring furniture piece that could possibly remain in your family for generations to come. The Best Materials Deserve the Finest Craftsmanship At Country Lane Furniture, we firmly believe that the best materials and quality craftsmanship go hand in hand. Custom Amish Sewing Cabinets Are Also Available

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Suit Yourself: Gertie has a New Online Sewing Course SewStylish and Quick Stuff to Sew author Gretchen Hirsch on the set of her new course, "Sew Retro: The Starlet Suit Jacket." Courtesy Gretchen Hirsch/Craftsy Gretchen in a glorious buttercup rendition of her Starlet Suit. In her online course at, you can learn to make your own. Gretchen teaches different methods to match your skill level and available time. Photo: Courtesy Gretchen Hirsch/Craftsy Ready to look like a starlet? Gretchen Hirsch, an author for both SewStylish and Quick Stuff to Sew, has a fabulous new class available at, "Sew Retro: The Starlet Suit Jacket." In the Spring 2012 issue of Sewstylish (on newsstands now), Gretchen turned a modern pattern into a look with vintage glamour, in the story "Make it Your Way." Gretchen, who writes the blog Gertie's Guide to Better Sewing and is a featured instructor on the PBS program "It's Sew Easy," designed an exclusive suit pattern for the Starlet Suit online course.

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This is how you wear a housedress. Happy Saturday one and all. I hope your weekend is full or rest, cookies and some booze if needed. My weekend is full of projects as usual. I'm planning on writing, drawing, and finishing the editing on a piece of animation. I'm also going to read some. I'm reading Cloud Atlas and I want to finish it next week. You know what I've been doing? Yes, that is my FIRST finished block. It has some minor cosmetic things that I'm planning on fixing when I get it sewn to it's cotton backing near the end of the project, but all in all I'm quite pleased with this block. Speaking of sick, I am of this project. I am very pleased with how my MnM robe came out. I didn't want to do a belt, not for a house dress. It turned to swell and after much, much hand sewing and some fighting with the collar, it's complete. Have a great Saturday!