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How to Take in the Waist on a Pair of Blue Jeans. Put a Ruffle on it! (Bonus Feature: How to Make a French Seam) Fitted Jacket. If you have ever seen my kids in real life, you've probably thought at some point or another "What puny little children.

Fitted Jacket

" Hahahaha. (But seriously... they are in fact, quite small.) Sometimes we run into issues because of it. Take Sassy for example: she turned two in June, but most of her 18-24 months are still falling off of her. It's great that her clothes fit her much longer than expected, but most parents (myself included) shop for clothing in advance. Not so much. After removing the old buttons, I used a pen to mark where the new buttons would go. Using a needle and thread, I hand sewed the buttons into place with just a few stitches. Even the most basic sewing machines come with the attachments you need to button sew. I pressed down the button foot with my button in position and set my machine to a zig zig stitch (NOTE: the zig zag should be set according to the width between the button holes that you are sewing!) Here is the result!!!

Bootcut 2 Skinny Jeans. Can’t seem to shake those old bootcut jeans in your closet?

Bootcut 2 Skinny Jeans

But never wear them? With a couple zippers, a few trials on the sewing machine and a little hackery, it’s surprisingly simple to turn them into skinny jeans! This is definitely on the more advanced side in terms of projects, as you’ll need to know the basics of sewing on a sewing machine and be willing to learn how to use a zipper foot. Before you get started, we definitely recommend watching this video on how to sew zippers. You could potentially do this by hand, but it would take a lot of patience and some seriously strong stitches. Now, onto the tutorial! Materials: - old pair of bootcut or flare jeans - two zippers - sewing machine - sewing pins First, put on your jeans inside out (or put them on a friend who happens to be your same size) and pin along the outer seam to tighten the pants around your calves.

Be careful taking off the pants so that you don’t poke yourself (or lose any of the pins)! Denim-trim-hip-pouch. Messenger Bag Tutorial {With Hidden iPad Holder} Learn how to turn a pair of cargo pants into the coolest messenger bag with Jessica’s Messenger Bag Tutorial!

Messenger Bag Tutorial {With Hidden iPad Holder}

This is a great way to reuse an old pair of pants. Jessica {Creative Team} does a fantastic job showing you how! She always amazes me with her sewing skills. Enjoy! -Linda. Tutorial: Puffy Pouch. Here comes the tutorial for the puffy pouch ;)As I promised, I am introducing two ways to make this pouch, one made with a 5" flex frame which may not be very accessible and the other made withvelcro which is fairly easily found at any craft stores.

Tutorial: Puffy Pouch

(The flex frame can be spotted at here,here, and here.) I love this pouch either way.This pouch is like the fabric basket tute andthe patchwork drawstring tute combined into onewith a little twist, so yeah, it's quick and easy again!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll like it....!!! As always, seam allowances are 1/4" unless otherwise noted. First off, pick out linen (or medium to heavy fabric)and three different print cotton fabrics that contrasteach other for the external shell.

Cut out fabrics into pieces:Eight 1.75" x 5.5" pieces andTwo 2" x 6" from linenTwo 1.75" x 5.5" from each cotton fabrics. From the fabric for lining, cut out two 5.5" x 5.5" pieces. Let's start making the outer shell. Two patchwork panels like these. . DIY Fabric Headband Tutorial - Handmade Gift Series. This is a beginner sewing tutorial that I was honored to contribute on the blog Craft Snob, in the Bite Sized Sewing column.

DIY Fabric Headband Tutorial - Handmade Gift Series

Circle Zip Earbud Pouch Tutorial. UPDATE: I have completely re-written this tutorial with all new photos and better instructions and it is available as a pattern in my pattern shop.

Circle Zip Earbud Pouch Tutorial

The free tutorial for personal use is still available below! I use a little zippered pouch to carry around my earbuds since they are the fancy microphone ones and I don’t want them to break or get tangled. Some of you have commented that you are looking for some small, simple gift ideas. Making Your Own Pattern. Patterns aren't cheap.

Making Your Own Pattern

Seriously, I was browsing through through the look books at Hobby Lobby the other day and some of them were as much as $20. Tack that on to the price of fabric and other supplies and suddenly sewing your own clothing becomes very expensive. Thankfully, you can make your own patterns using your own clothing that you know to fit well. I'll show you how to make a simple blouse pattern using a top of my own. I used Scotch Postal Wrapping Paper as my pattern paper. Bias Tape Bag (with Pattern) I promised you this free downloadable bag pattern when we offered up the Simplicity Bias Tape Maker Giveaway as a great first project for your Homemade Bias Tape, so here goes… I’ve made a couple so far, and I usually don’t like fabric bags (i’m a leather lover) but I actually adore these for summer.

Bias Tape Bag (with Pattern)

They are super quick to whip up (under an hour) and are also reversible, so you can get a couple different looks in one swoop. You could also use store-bought bias tape, like I did for the big one (oh, and you can blow up or shrink the pattern to make different sizes – Scarlet’s been using the littler one as her lunch bag). Sew Patterns. Wallet 2 Tote. Lorraine from ikat bag is a favorite around here… She has tons of fun tutorials on her blog and she’s joined us before with this wonderful Back to School Pencil Case tutorial.

Wallet 2 Tote

Today Lorraine shares a tutorial for a new summer essential, the On the Go Wallet-to-Tote! Construction includes three main parts: Assembling the Wallet, Assembling the Outer Bag and Making the Lining. The tote zips into a convenient wallet in this unique and handy design. From Lorraine: Hello, Everyone. How to Make Your Own Shape Sewing Mannequin. We all know that the best dress is the one that fits your body perfectly as it was sewn just for you, it is not that easy to get one like this though.

How to Make Your Own Shape Sewing Mannequin