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Macrame instructions - double half hitch. The double half hitch can be made vertically, horizontally, or even curved.

macrame instructions - double half hitch

The cords should be mounted on a dowel or holding cord, or you may tie an overhand knot in each cord and pin it to your knotting board. The diagrams shown are mounted to a dowel using a lark's head. The half hitch, as used in macramé, can be thought of as a variation on the knot you use when you start to tie your shoe. The main difference is that when you tie your shoes, the two laces, or cords, are treated equally. When making a half hitch, or double half hitch in macramé, one of the cords is your knot bearer and you will hold that cord tightly and knot the other cord around it. Let's start with horizontal double half hitches.

In this diagram, the cord on the left (brown cord) is the knot bearer. Sewing Stitch Adjustments – Stitch Width, Stitch Length, and Tension. There are important sewing stitch adjustments for the machine to sew properly.

Sewing Stitch Adjustments – Stitch Width, Stitch Length, and Tension

These sewing stitch adjustments are the stitch width, stitch length, and the tension. The stitch width and stitch length are generally set automatically when a type of stitch is chosen, such as for example, the standard straight stitch, zigzag or the buttonhole stitch. The tension setting; however is generally set manually as the need arises, either higher or lower than the default average setting. Just what are the stitch width, stitch length and tension? Sewing Stitch Adjustments – Stitch Width, Stitch Length, and Tension. Trouble with singer simple sewing machine tension? You're not threading the top correctly.

Trouble with singer simple sewing machine tension?

Pull all the thread out of/off of the machine, and start again, manual in hand, making sure to >>raise the presser foot<< before starting to thread the top. That opens the top tension so the thread can enter it. Loops on the bottom generally mean not enough tension on top... and the two usual causes are threading with the presser foot down or trying to sew with the presser foot up. I did a series of photos of samples of stitching of a machine I misthreaded in various ways... Types Of Lightweight Fabric. When you talk about lightweight fabric, there are many types in the market.

Types Of Lightweight Fabric

Here is a complete list that describes all the popular types of lightweight fabric. Lightweight fabric is mostly used by people for decorating purposes because the fabric has more color and design variety than other types. This article discusses the types of common lightweight fabric. Batiste The batiste is a sheer, soft and plain-weaved fabric. Aviso de redireccionamiento. Ellen #9305. CUFFED SHORTS. Featured: Salvatore Ferragamo All the spring/summer collections had them on the runway: Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, Victoria’s Secret, Diane Von Furstenberg, Chloe, Salvatore Ferragamo, D & G.


All showed cuffed shorts in a variety of colours and patterns, lengths, and silhouettes. Design a pair for yourself with this easy pattern-draft. You with need: 1 pant zipper, 6” [15 cm] long2 sets of pant hook & bar, ¾” [20mm] dia.approx. 1 ½ yds. [1.4 m] of bottom-weight fashion fabric, 45”[114 cm] wide *½ yd. [0.5 m] of pocketing fabric, 45”[114 cm] wide¼ yd. [0.3 m] of fusible interfacing, 45” [114 cm] widecoordinating threadkraft paper * yardage required is dependent upon finished length. 201206. CLASSIC JEANS. Classic five pocket cool, with an always-in-style timeless wash denim and the most comfortable fit ever.


It’s no wonder you reach for your made-to-measure jeans again and again. Waist – measure narrowest part of torso at navel level. Seat – measure around fullest part of hips approximately 8″[20 cm] below the waist. Body Rise – measure drop from waistline to crotch level. Outseam – measure distance from waistline to floor. Bottom width – desired width of jean leg bottoms (minimum amount must allow for measurement of foot around the heel). Jean Template: Front Square both ways from 0. 0-1 = body rise minus width of waistband: square across.

Upcycle: T-shirts to Summer vest tutorial. I love to spice up dresses and jeans with long summer vest.

Upcycle: T-shirts to Summer vest tutorial

In my last visit to Target I found a few very cool and super cheap items, I already showed you what I did with this dress. So now I wanted to show what I did with two T-shirts, I also used a little piece of lace for the back, but you don’t need to use it if you don’t like lace. I really liked that the T-shirts were very soft and a thin material, thinner than normal cotton T-shirts. They cost me $3.00 each and both were XL. Free sewing pattern - Summer Drape Top. The latest release in my range of free sewing patterns and tutorials – the Summer Drape Top.

Free sewing pattern - Summer Drape Top

Designed for softly draping knit fabrics, this blouse is easy to make, flattering, cool and strappy, with tummy covering draping and a rounded hemline in the front. And I’ve made it with wide enough straps that you should be able to wear a bra with only minimal straps peaking through at the back. Or don’t wear a bra and let it all hang out this summer! The Summer Drape Top comes in a one-size fits most design. The pattern is free to download and can be made from less than one yard of fabric. This is a long post including lots of photos, all about how to print and piece your digital pattern, cut your fabric and a full step by step photo tutorial on how to stitch your top. Where to get your free sewing pattern for the Summer Drape Top. Gathered Summer Skirt - free skirt pattern. Well, it took me a while, but it’s here at last.

Gathered Summer Skirt - free skirt pattern

Do you remember I wrote a while back about a skirt I wore during the Cayman Islands first ever sewing meet up? Robin suggested I should sew a skirt like the one I was wearing, and immediately I knew it was a great idea and got to work. Introducing the Gathered Summer Skirt. Petticoat Tutorial. For the last year, I have been looking for a petticoat- I know this might sound a little strange but I wanted something frilly and white to go under my skirts or even be worn as a skirt and to pair with my extensive collection of knee high boots!

Petticoat Tutorial

I had a very specific "vision" of what I wanted in my head and finally gave up my search and decided it was time to just make one for myself (like everything else-if I can't afford it or find it- I MAKE IT!). Since I didn't have a pattern, I made my own from an old skirt. While I don't wear it anymore, I loved the shape and design which was a little bit A-line- just what I wanted for my petticoat! Start by cutting up an old skirt to use as a pattern (or use a pattern!)

Cut out the pattern from fabric. Free sewing patterns. The Domesticated Skirt.