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Easy scheduling

Easy scheduling
The scheduling tool you'll actually use. Find a date for a meeting 2x faster Doodle cooperates with your calendar No switching between your calendar and Doodle Avoid conflicting bookings Automatically sync appointments to your calendar

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Active Design: Shaping the Sidewalk Experience - New York City Department of City Planning The Department of City Planning has produced the two-part publication Active Design: Shaping the Sidewalk Experience and its supplement, Shaping the Sidewalk Experience: Tools and Resources as a study focused on the critical public space network –sidewalks. The documents present the work not from the perspective of those who drive past sidewalks or of those who construct them, but of those who actually use them. It is the point of view of the pedestrian—the person inhabiting and experiencing the sidewalk—that has been prioritized. Active Design: Shaping the Sidewalk Experience uses the conceptual framework of the “sidewalk room” to grapple with the complexities of the policies, players, and physical form of shaping the pedestrians experience of this space. Sidewalk spaces typically fall within the legal jurisdiction of transportation agencies, and are discussed primarily in terms of their ground plane.

How To Promote Your Virtual Event On Twitter With a rapidly growing and highly engaged user base, Twitter can be a great vehicle for driving registrations and attendance to your next virtual event. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get that done: Find your target audience on Twitter – first, of course, you need to define the target audience of your virtual event. Once you do, go seek them out on Twitter – you don’t need to engage with them on Twitter just yet, but you can start following them – and identify the “places” where they tend to congregate (e.g. read their tweets, click through on links they’re sharing, read their blogs, attend chats they participate in, etc.). You may find that by following folks, they’ll follow you back – and, may engage with you on their own. Next, leverage Twitter’s search capabilities – search on key terms associated with your virtual event and observe who’s tweeting about them.

Creativity Unleashed - Business Creativity Training - Software Ideas flow in a very organic, non-linear fashion. Luckily there is plenty of software available to help you to get on top of your ideas, pull them into a structure and organize them. A first decision is which style to go for. Leetchi - Cagnotte cadeau, cagnotte anniversaire, cagnotte en ligne Create a money pot (for free) Share your money pot and collect contributions Ask your friends to contribute and keep track of your money pot with your computer, smartphone or tablet. 13 ways Twitter improves education Twitter can easily be dismissed as a waste of time in the secondary school classroom. Students will get distracted. Students will see tweets they shouldn't at their age. How does one manage a room full of Tweeple without mobile phones? Is it even appropriate for years 7 and 8?

Houses of horror: would you want to live next-door to these bizarre painted homes? - Singapore Forums by Houses of horror: would you want to live next-door to these bizarre painted homes? Artist Jens Werner Andersen from Norway painted his house in Burberry check pattern. He said he woke up one day and thought it would be a fun idea. The 33-year-old decided to turn his home, a former public lavatory building in Larvik, Norway, into a "gathering place for happy people". We wonder if his neighbours were quite so happy An architect who painted his entire house and everything in it bright blue left his neighbours in Klagenfurt, Austria, seeing red.

How To Run A Virtual Event Command Center Source: flickr (User: Verizon Business) Your extended team worked weeks and months to plan and strategize for your virtual event – now, it’s time to deliver. While your attendees enjoy the convenience of joining the virtual event from anywhere, the functional leads on your team ought to convene in a single physical location while supporting the event. As I wrote in a posting on Virtual Tradeshow Best Practices, it’s a good idea to set up a virtual event war room – or, what I prefer to call a Command Center.

Social software Social software Or Web 2.0 applications, also known as social apps, include communication tools and interactive tools often based on the Internet. Communication tools typically handle the capturing, storing and presentation of communication, usually written but increasingly including audio and video as well. Interactive tools handle mediated interactions between a pair or group of users. They focus on establishing and maintaining a connection among users, facilitating the mechanics of conversation and talk.[1] Although we do not have a generally accepted definition but by social software we mean software that makes collaborative behaviour, the organisation and moulding of communities, self-expression, social interaction and feedback possible for individuals.

Carpenter builds incredible egg-shaped treehouse hidden from view on Crown land just yards from multi-million homes By Leon Watson Published: 15:40 GMT, 23 April 2012 | Updated: 10:24 GMT, 25 April 2012 It took months to find the right tree to build on, and when he did the spot was on public land looking down on a row of multi-million dollar homes. But that didn't stop Joel Allen - he just built this incredible egg-shaped treehouse in Canada anyway, without telling anyone. Web Strategy: How To Integrate Social Technologies with Virtual I’ve participated in dozens of online and virtual events, including created my own, below is a playbook to think about virtual events as they intersect with the social web. While the scope of this article is focused on online virtual events, many of these tips can be used in real world events and the like. Traditional Online Events Vendors Recognize Impacts of Social My focus on social technologies continues to spread to many verticals, industries, and experience. Virtual events, where companies host attendees through a digital online experience, continue to captivate marketers.

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