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Living Moss Carpet For Your Bathroom

Living Moss Carpet For Your Bathroom
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Beyond Green Roofs: 15 Vertically Vegetated Buildings | WebEcoist - Waterfox Vertical gardens bring lush, verdant life to even the coldest and barest of surfaces, both indoors and out. These ‘living walls’ are a big part of the future of green design and technology – they increase interior humidity, purify the air and provide a much-needed touch of nature in spare, angular urban spaces like airports, museums and shopping centers. From skyscraper farms to vertical parks, here are 15 green buildings with stunning vertical greenery, from 6-story elevator shafts to subterranean restaurants. Edificio Consorcio, Santiago, Chile (images via: Plataforma Arquitectura) The Concorcio Building in Santiago, Chile is one of the world’s most eco-friendly office complexes. Bardessono Hotel Vertical Tillandsia Garden (images via: Land + Living) Not all vertical gardens even need soil or irrigation at all. Urban Plant (images via: World Architecture) This architectural design proposal called ‘Urban Plant’ envisions a new way to deal with producing food for urban city dwellers.

Roomy Remake: 40M Garage Home, Before & After [Photos] With only forty square meters of space and a single side that can access the outdoors, this little garage is an unlikely candidate for a home retrofit. Amazingly, a plan was made and successfully executed to convert the homeliest of tiny structures into an enviable abode. The before and after photographs of the renovation by Fabre/DeMarien are nothing short of astonishing – a nondescript, white-painted, corrugated-metal garage door that formerly folded upward was replaced with a warm pair of wood panels that slide past one another. Inside, a small forecourt opens up in two directions to access the interior – or serve as a secluded wooden-planked deck space when the front section is closed off to the street. ? Within the home itself, white dominates to create a sense of spaciousness, with industrial poured-concrete floors that still reflect its former life as a garage (and a wood-paneled cabinetry, couch and desk block to offset these more austere choices).

Green Roofs Green Roofs on Homes and Sheds... Green Roof, Lakeland, UK Wildroof Landscapes Picture taken two years after planting with mixed plug plants. Pic: Green Roof on Faroe Islands, Norway. Green Roofed Arbor, Tatton Park. Green roofed shed near Penrith, UK. Findhorn, Scotland. Grass Roof. Sod Roof Torshavn, Faroe Islands Pic by DaScott Living Roofs - Farm buildings in Heidal, Gudbrandadal, Norway. Ancient Green Roof - the folk museum at Glaumbaer, Iceland. Green-roofed Blue Wagon Coffee Shop, Glenelg, Scotland. Green Roofed Arbor, Mississippi -- Green Roofed Shed constructed from found materials by Mark and Rebecca Ford Art Sculpture - Green Roofed Arbor in Mississippi by Felder Rushing. Green Roof Garden Shed in Raleigh, NC by Living Roofs, Inc. More images: Plans: Living Roof Hessen, Germany. As above. Cost.

Amazing House Built Across a River This rustic retreat was built right in the heart of Three Rivers, California near the entrance to Sequoia National Park where the enchantment of wildlife sightings runs wild. What also happens to run wild is the river that flows under this home, something that has never been done before or ever since! Kaweah Falls was originally designed in the 1940′s by one of Frank Wright’s very own students, but when the second homeowners moved in and remodeled they decided to add an addition to the home that floats over the river bank. Aside from a few cool interior features like a dining room with a glass floor view of the river, there is a footbridge over these waters that lead to a private deck where one can sit and listen to the sounds of fresh water skimming river rocks on the way down from a waterfall found right up the mountain. Choosing a vacation spot for these homeowners is definitely a tall order…but who would want to leave this place? Check out the video below:

11 Incredible Living Walls | Chemically Green The idea of a living wall conjures up all sorts of images, but in reality it is nothing more than a wall completely covered in vegetation. In order to create a living wall pre-vegetated or fabric panels containing plastic containers, or geotextiles, as well as irrigation systems and vegetation are attached to the wall or supporting structure. This form of urban gardening is often designed as an art form to decorate buildings in cities and has been hailed as one way to make cities more enjoyable, healthier and ultimately greener places. 1. Musee du Quai Branly [Paris] One of the best loved vertical gardens inhabits the walls of the Musee du Quai Branly in Paris. 2. This 714 foot structure in downtown Toronto, Canada is a superb example of how living walls and vertical gardens can actually be profitable as well as beautiful. 3. Another amazing living wall design created by Patrick Blanc, the CaixaForum museum has become a popular tourist attraction largely thanks to this creation. 4. 5.

Colorfully Inspirational Living Rooms Credits1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 For more inspiration, check out our category of living room designs. DIY Green Walls: Vertical Gardening Modern Living Rooms from the Far East Inspiration from the land of dragons and emperors! Today we are featuring some living room designs from Pinchen Design, a Chinese based designer whose rooms exude comfort and luxury. Using texture, pattern and colour the rooms have been designed with real application in mind.It might be hard to pick a favourite! The warmth of natural timbers and leather result in a welcoming living room. With the open fire on it would be a haven in winter. East meets West in this living room. Luxurious and beautiful but would you risk red wine in this living room? Two identical rooms with different finishes. A cool contemporary living space with clean lines and smooth surfaces. A nice blend of homely comfort and a touch of opulence, a very inviting living room. Masculine and broody. A retro feel with a contemporary twist. Chic country design, (with a brown leather chair for the male of the house perhaps?) Funky light fitting and interesting feature wall Pattern on pattern, this is how its done.