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Furniture Technology

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Colección de páginas de tendencias tecnológicas en la industria del mueble.

PBA 3 FF 05 2017. Biesse Rover CNC Routing Edgebanding Nesting Woodworking Machine. CNC MACHINE ROVER B BIESSE. Adhesive technologies for furniture & building.


Furniture Products. Furniture Production: Fittings & Woodworking Trade Magazine UK.

History Gearing Media Group is a long-standing and successful business to business publisher with a proven track-record of delivering practical business information to targeted readerships, whilst delivering a high-performance marketing platform for advertisers and sponsors. The directors of the business, Nigel Gearing and John Legg, have around 60 years of combined experience in publishing for the interiors marketplace. – viridiananunez

Furniture News: Contemporary & Classic Furniture Trade Magazine UK.


Furniture industry. History Examples of ancient furniture are extremely rare, but there is considerable knowledge of the pieces made by craftsmen in China, India, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome from pictorial representations.

Secciones relevantes para entender "la madera" - en la industria del mueble - y sustitutos: - Materials - Natural Wood - Plywood - Other materials Industria del mueble: - Woodworking machinery - Modern factory layout - The production process – viridiananunez

Beds, tables, chairs, boxes, stools, chests, and other pieces were nearly always made of natural wood, though veneering was known in Egypt, where it was used to produce coffin cases of great durability.

furniture industry

The Romans too used veneers, though chiefly for decorative purposes. Bronze was also used in Roman tables, stools, and couch frames. Pompeian wall paintings show that plain, undecorated wooden tables and benches were standard in kitchens and workshops and that panelled cupboards were common. The growing sophistication in technique brought a revolutionary change in the men who made furniture. In the earlier system of framework and panel, the framing gave the required strength in both length and width, the panel being a mere filling held in grooves. Test Your Knowledge Materials. La ciudad del mueble: Grand Rapids, Michigan EUA. List of Top Furniture Manufacturers. There a ton of great furniture companies out there but it is hard to sort through them all.

List of Top Furniture Manufacturers

So, here is a list of the top furniture companies in the world, listed by their prominence with corporate logos when available. Top 25 furniture manufacturers. TOP 25 resumen.

Metodología JG

Furniture Technology JG. Wood furniture manufacturers using CNC woodworking and CAD software. In today’s high paced world of business, time and quality are of the essence.

Wood furniture manufacturers using CNC woodworking and CAD software

Custom Furniture Built in Minutes: MIT Self-Assembly Lab Teams Up With Furniture Manufacturer to Develop New 3D Printing Process. From knit chairs, concrete furniture, and beer bottle furniture joints to miniature furniture, foldable furniture, and custom furniture manufactured for customers in a pop-up shop, 3D printing has sure made an impact on the furnishings we choose to put in our homes.

Custom Furniture Built in Minutes: MIT Self-Assembly Lab Teams Up With Furniture Manufacturer to Develop New 3D Printing Process

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and office furniture manufacturer Steelcase, headquartered in Michigan, have been working hard to make large-scale, 3D printed office furniture manufacturing a reality, and have developed an entirely new method of 3D printing in the process. Rapid Liquid Printing The researchers call their new experimental method Rapid Liquid Printing, or RLP.

The Made In America Movement Driven By Innovation, Not Nationalism. It’s a sunny morning in Boyle Heights, a working-class neighborhood in East Los Angeles.

The Made In America Movement Driven By Innovation, Not Nationalism

Marty Bailey, 55, is about to start his day as the head of manufacturing at the eco-chic label Reformation. The brand’s 33,500-square-foot headquarters houses the first fully sustainable sewing factory in the United States. When visitors stop by, they tend to notice the Curtis Kuling graffiti scrawled on the walls, the hip vintage furniture that populates the design studio, and employees tending to their plots in the community garden outside. But for Bailey, the most exciting thing about the factory is its totally reimagined manufacturing process. Reformation is a fast fashion brand, constantly changing its product mix to keep up with the latest trends.

This approach to manufacturing bears little resemblance to the Fruit of the Loom factory where Bailey first launched his career three decades ago. Reformation is a great example of this, but there are hundreds of others. New Ecosystems He was right. In search of zero-joint technology. The technology is revolutionising the achievable optical quality of edging.

In search of zero-joint technology

The uptake of this processing method has been embraced by furniture producers the world over and is generally considered to be the optimum technology for anyone who wants to differentiate their products from those of the competition. Recently, there has been some negative press and confusion about zero-joint technology edgeband processing. The technology is still new to many processors and the fine-tuning of machinery to suit the selected edgeband is crucial to achieving the ideal of zero-joint quality.

Many edgeband manufacturers have introduced edgebands suitable for achieving zero-joint finish, but not everything is as it would seem at first glance. No edgeband seam, no glue pot for furniture maker Paladin Industries.

Con la nueva técnica las costuras no se notan (seamless appearance) y se elimina del proceso el pegamento (glue). Tecnología utilizada: zero edge/Air Tec. Utilizando aire comprimido caliente se activan las capas adhesivas. Aquí también mencionan que la capa es un polímero. Entonces es la misma tecnología mencionada en: Plasmatreat. – viridiananunez

Plasma jets for edge-banding equipment. SIMPLICITYWORKS - TECHNOLOGY ON FURNITURE.

La tecnología SW (Simplicity Works) elimina las costuras en los muebles. El mueble se construye uniendo diferentes materiales en una pieza estructuralmente estable. Hay poca información. – viridiananunez

Tecnologías de fabricación de muebles y productos derivados « Noticias Habitat.

Perfecto. Este es el tipo de cosas que necesitamos. Todavía mejor es cuando den más datos de qué empresas fabrican el equipo, o de cómo ver datos más concretos de los beneficios que generan las tecnologías en la producción y en el producto terminado. Pero por lo pronto el conjunto de páginas como ésta nos permitirá identificar las tendencias, que es lo que nos pide el proyecto. En este caso, además, lo veo muy aplicable a la realidad y el nivel de nuestras empresas. – yukoneagle2
Nota de un portal especializado en temática de muebles y decoración en el que se decriben algunas de las tecnologías recientes en la elaboración de muebles. – luis_82

Francisco José Sojo Calvo (2) Los muebles tecnológicos que marcan tendenciaDiarioAbierto. Si hasta un candado puede volverse inteligente, cómo no los muebles.

Nota periodística que resalta el potencial de combinar el uso de la impresión en 3D con nuevas necesidades vinculadas a teléfonos inteligentes y similares. – luis_82
Los muebles tecnológicos que marcan tendenciaDiarioAbierto


Trae poca información. The two main technological fields that have most relevance to furniture are materials and processing techniques. Menciona la mejora en el "plywood" desarrollada por German manufacture Reholz, Menciona las ventajas de la manufactura digital (CNC). – viridiananunez

Furniture Technologies.