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Donner du sens à la science

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History of Religion – Yvonne Seale Cases of poisoning fascinate and terrify us in equal measure. This has been very apparent in recent weeks, given the extent to which the attempted murder in Salisbury, England of Sergei and Yulia Skripal—a former Russian double agent and his daughter—has caused international political uproar and caught the media imagination. The poisoning is just the latest installment in a long series of politically-motivated poisonings which have been linked to the Russian state. In the 1950s, KGB defector Nikolai Khoklov was poisoned with thallium; former Ukrainian president Viktor Yuschchenko survived an attempt on his life in 2004; in 2006, FSB officer-turned-Kremlin critic Alexander Litvinenko was murdered using a dose of the radioactive substance polonium. Police now believe that the Skripals were poisoned by a military-grade nerve agent which was smeared on the front door of their home, something which has added an extra frisson of unease to the horror.

Noos This article is about a philosophical term. For the philosophy journal, see Noûs. In philosophy, common English translations include "understanding" and "mind"; or sometimes "thought" or "reason" (in the sense of that which reasons, not the activity of reasoning).[2][3] It is also often described as something equivalent to perception except that it works within the mind ("the mind's eye").[4] It has been suggested that the basic meaning is something like "awareness".[5] In colloquial British English, nous also denotes "good sense", which is close to one everyday meaning it had in Ancient Greece. This diagram shows the medieval understanding of spheres of the cosmos, derived from Aristotle, and as per the standard explanation by Ptolemy. It came to be understood that at least the outermost sphere (marked "Primũ Mobile") has its own intellect, intelligence or nous - a cosmic equivalent to the human mind.

Database of Periodic Tables There are hundreds of periodic tables in web space, but there is only one comprehensive database of periodic tables & periodic system formulations. If you know of an interesting periodic table that is missing, please contact the database curator: Dr Mark R Leach. Harrington Periodic Tables So we start this effort tabula rasa (without preconceived ideas). Psychoneuroimmunology The word "biofeedback" was coined in the late 1960s to describe laboratory procedures then being used to train experimental research subjects to alter brain activity, blood pressure, heart rate, and other bodily functions that are not normally controlled voluntarily. The most common forms of biofeedback today are the electromyographic (EMG) and the electrodermal (EDR). These sensors allow the person to monitor their own muscle relaxation, heart rate, breathing patterns and perspiration and concentrate on changing it through either the visual or auditory information provided by the equipment. In initial studies, some scientists believed that a day might come when biofeedback would provide a major degree of control over our bodies. With people exerting their "will" they thought it might be possible to change the patterns of our brainwaves to create healing without drugs which produce often unpleasant side affects for patients with high blood pressure.

The Atlantic Article, Trickle-Down Feminism, And My Twitter Mentions. God Help Us All. By Guest Contributor Tressie McMillan Cottom, cross-posted from TressieMC Courtesy: This is one of those posts that can go nowhere but down. Painting One of the most frequently painted of the classical deities, this is out of all proportion to her tiny role in the pantheon. From Ricci to Waterhouse. Two masterpieces of the Western canon turn a minor tale about a nymph into major narratives: Botticelli and Poussin explored. A World View with a high aspect ratio, they came to dominate in the latter half of the 19th century, some being major commercial attractions.

Law of Complexity/Consciousness The Law of Complexity/Consciousness is the postulated tendency of matter to become more complex over time and at the same time to become more conscious. The law was first formulated by Jesuit priest and paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Teilhard holds that at all times and everywhere, matter is endeavoring to complexify upon itself, as observed in the evolutionary history of the Earth. Matter complexified from inanimate matter, to plant life, to animal life, to human life. Or, from the geosphere, to the biosphere, to the noosphere (of which humans represented, because of their possession of a consciousness which reflects upon themselves).

Energy By Tesla - Create Your Own Tesla Power System For over 90 years “Big Energy” has successfully convinced the US Government to smother and bury the biggest invention of our time… They tried to keep it hidden from you forever. Why? Because this one, simlpe invention can produce all the natural, clean ELECTRICITY! Article of the Month Page by Robert Dilts. A fractal is a complex geometric pattern that can be subdivided in parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a smaller copy of the whole. Fractals are generally "self-similar" (the bits look like the whole) and independent of scale (they look similar, no matter how close you zoom in).

Constitution Picture: National Archives and Records Administration (PD) It’s now painfully clear that the president has put out a contract on the Fourth Amendment. And at the Capitol, the hierarchies of both parties are stuffing it into the trunks of their limousines, so each provision can be neatly fitted with cement shoes and delivered to the bottom of the Potomac. Some other Americans are on a rescue mission. The recipe for China’s oldest known face cream: beef fat and ground ‘moonmilk’ : Research Highlights Chemical analysis has revealed that a pot buried with a Chinese nobleman some 2,700 years ago held a skin cream made from animal fat and ground stalactite — a mixture that was probably foundational to China’s cosmetics industry. The ornate bronze jar was still sealed when researchers unearthed it at the Liujiawa archaeological site in northern China. That allowed Yimin Yang at the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing and his colleagues to analyse the composition of the yellowish lumps inside the pot.

Omega Point The Omega Point is the purported maximum level of complexity and consciousness towards which some theorize the universe is evolving. The term was coined by the French Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881–1955). According to Teilhard the universe is constantly evolving towards higher levels of material complexity and consciousness, a hypothesis that Teilhard called the Law of Complexity/Consciousness. Teilhard postulates this process results in an absolute, completed whole, which in his view is the actual cause of our Universe's increasing development. In other words, the Omega Point will exist as supremely complex and conscious, transcendent and independent of the evolving universe.

Steorn The development of Orbo® follows on from results of tests on a custom designed permanent magnet generator carried out during mid 2004. Orbo technology is based on electromagnetic interactions concerning domain rotation within ferromagnetic materials, specifically the phenomenon of delayed magnetic field propagation. Delayed magnetic field propagation is a limited area of exploration within the physics community, while there are a number of papers that detail the test method and examination, no papers to date have gone as far as the research conducted by Steorn.

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