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Le cratère de Vix, chef d'œuvre

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Treasures of Vix, Chatillon sur Seine, Burgundy, France Musée du Châtillonnais The Treasure of Vix Click for location Five Math Tools for the BYOD Classroom - TechNotes Blog - TCEA Between lesson planning, parent conferences, and grading homework, you may find that you have little time (or energy) left over to look for great tools to help you teach math in your BYOD classroom. Don’t fret! I’ve pulled together five of my favorites that you might like to try. A New Study Delves Into How Blue Light Affects Your Metabolism inShare3 New research suggests that blue light in the evening may have an adverse effect on how glucose is metabolized by the body. The prevalence of diabetes and other metabolic disease has been steadily increasing in the past few decades. Around half of adults in the United States have diabetes or its precursor pre-diabetes and numbers continue to rise. This disease affects millions of people worldwide. Could this be partially due to an increase in blue light in our environment?

ics News - Physics News, Material Sciences, Science News, Physics Study reveals traits and evolutionary history of carnivorous bats (—A pair of researchers with the University of Washington has found similarities between different types of carnivorous bats compared to those that are insectivores or those that eat fruit, nectar or of course ... Monkeys and humans share staring behavior Following another's gaze is a hallmark of human learning and socialization from infancy to old age. Humans change how they follow gazes throughout life, and disruptions in the ability to follow someone's gaze are warning ...

Noos In philosophy, common English translations include "understanding" and "mind"; or sometimes "thought" or "reason" (in the sense of that which reasons, not the activity of reasoning).[2][3] It is also often described as something equivalent to perception except that it works within the mind ("the mind's eye").[4] It has been suggested that the basic meaning is something like "awareness".[5] To describe the activity of this faculty, apart from verbs based on "understanding", the word "intellection" is sometimes used in philosophical contexts, and the Greek words noēsis and noein are sometimes also used. In colloquial British English, nous also denotes "good sense", which is close to one everyday meaning it had in Ancient Greece. This diagram shows the medieval understanding of spheres of the cosmos, derived from Aristotle, and as per the standard explanation by Ptolemy.

Vix The burial found in Vix, France, dated to the late 6th c. to early 5th c. BCE has provided further argument for the high statuses that women held in Celtic society. A debate rages about her status; some scholars believe that she was a Celtic princess while others argue that she was a Druidess. The line has not yet been drawn between the two statuses in historical terms. Although, scholars know that the Celts had kings and queens who used Druids as sources of council, they are not sure how fine the line was between the two. Nevertheless, the woman buried in a most opulent manner at Vix shows that Celtic women could reach great heights of authority and accumulate great amounts of wealth.

Making math meaningful – collaboration in my classroom I am a math teacher at Kenmore Middle School, in Arlington, Virginia. I teach Math-7 and Math-8 to English language learners, and I also teach another mainstream Math-8 class. My English language learners (ELLs) are very new to the United States, mostly from Central America. They speak very little, if any English, and many do not have strong educational backgrounds. I am tasked with plugging the gaps and teaching them grade-level mathematics, with the goal of enabling them to be on grade level in subsequent years and to ultimately graduate from high school. I believe that students can and do learn as much from each other as they do from me.

How sleep and mental health are linked in the brain This article is published in collaboration with The Conversation. We are only beginning to unravel the genetic and biochemical basis of mental illness – a vague term including conditions as diverse as anxiety, depression, and mood and psychotic disorders. With millions of people suffering from such conditions, it is crucial that we find ways to improve diagnosis and treatment. But an increasing body of scientific evidence is now suggesting that we should turn our attention to one of our most basic functions: sleep. Patterns of Glowing Sharks get Clearer with Depth A green biofluorescent chain catshark (Scyliorhinus retifer) ©AMNH/J. Sparks, D. Law of Complexity/Consciousness The Law of Complexity/Consciousness is the postulated tendency of matter to become more complex over time and at the same time to become more conscious. The law was first formulated by Jesuit priest and paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Teilhard holds that at all times and everywhere, matter is endeavoring to complexify upon itself, as observed in the evolutionary history of the Earth. Matter complexified from inanimate matter, to plant life, to animal life, to human life. Or, from the geosphere, to the biosphere, to the noosphere (of which humans represented, because of their possession of a consciousness which reflects upon themselves).

Vix Grave The Vix Krater, an imported Greek wine-mixing vessel found in the famous grave of the "Lady of Vix" Location[edit] The sites are located near the village of Vix, about 6 km north of Châtillon-sur-Seine, in the Côte-d'Or department, northeastern Burgundy. Mapping Math Concept mapping in math is often overlooked yet it can significantly deepen students’ understanding of mathematical concepts, particularly those that are complex or hard-to-understand. According to authors Pamela Grossman, Alan Schoenfeld, and Carol Lee, writing in the book, Preparing Teachers for a Changing World: What Teachers Should Know and Be Able to Do, mathematics education should focus on helping students learn when a particular approach is useful and how to apply appropriately, which greatly depends on robust understandings of concepts. They state, “robust understandings come from seeing the same concepts from multiple perspectives and representing and using them in multiple ways, thereby developing connected webs of understanding rather than rote memorization of facts and procedures. Common Core and other state standards require students learn math concepts as rigorously as they learn skills and fluency, necessitating a shift from past teaching practices.

What Sleep Deprivation Does to Your Brain, in One Stunning Infographic Christina Grimmie, a former contestant on the singing competition The Voice, was shot and killed by a man while signing autographs after an Orlando, Florida show Friday night. According to CNN, the man was armed with two guns, and fatally shot himself after being tackled by Grimmie's brother. Hours before the show, 22-year-old Grimmie posted an excited video on Twitter, telling fans about the performance at the Plaza Live theater.

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