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Forum for the Future - Action for a sustainable world PORRITT

Forum for the Future - Action for a sustainable world PORRITT

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Human Evolution Enters an Exciting New Phase If you could escape the human time scale for a moment, and regard evolution from the perspective of deep time, in which the last 10,000 years are a short chapter in a long saga, you’d say: Things are pretty wild right now. In the most massive study of genetic variation yet, researchers estimated the age of more than one million variants, or changes to our DNA code, found across human populations. The vast majority proved to be quite young. The chronologies tell a story of evolutionary dynamics in recent human history, a period characterized by both narrow reproductive bottlenecks and sudden, enormous population growth. The evolutionary dynamics of these features resulted in a flood of new genetic variation, accumulating so fast that natural selection hasn’t caught up yet. As a species, we are freshly bursting with the raw material of evolution.

Climate report warns extreme weather events are now the norm Updated Wed 7 Aug 2013, 11:42pm AEST Climate scientists in the United States say extreme weather events and warming temperatures are the new norm. The scientists have released their annual snapshot of the world's climate, which concludes disastrous weather events like Hurricane Sandy in the US and droughts and floods in Australia, Africa and South America will become more frequent. The report lists a raft of indicators that show a continuously warming planet where ice sheets and glaciers will keep shrinking, and sea and land temperatures will keep rising to record levels. Last year was a record-breaking year for the world's climate, with new extremes for sea levels, temperatures, snow coverage and ice melts.

About EMBARQ EMBARQ catalyzes and helps implement environmentally, socially, and financially sustainable urban mobility solutions to improve quality of life in cities. EMBARQ focuses on sustainable urban mobility, while the broader WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities works on sustainable cities. Founded in 2002, EMBARQ operates through a global network of offices in Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Turkey, and the United States. EMBARQ collaborates with local and national authorities, businesses, and civil society to reduce pollution, improve public health, and create safe, accessible, and attractive urban public spaces. EMBARQ serves as an independent, trusted advisor, fostering the global transfer of best practices and spearheading projects that lead to impact on the ground and at scale. At the local level, we partner with mayors, city planners, and other municipal officials to provide technical assistance and institutional support for transport projects.

38 Predictions About the Future Have you ever wondered what the future of humanity holds? We know you have, we do it all the time here at Mashable. And frankly, looking ahead is pretty much an integral part of human nature. Worldview Matters Although in the 20th century, quantum physicists and ecologists demonstrated that everything is interconnected and that humans depend on the earth, many people continue to act as if destruction of the environment does not have consequences. Like in the 16th century, in the 21st century a shift in worldview, a paradigm shift, is necessary. David Korten wrote about this in “ Religion, Science and Spirit: A Sacred Story for Our Time ,” in which he described a cosmology in which creation is an expression of an integral spiritual intelligence . 5 Unexpected Factors That Change How We Forecast The Future When we think of "The Future," we have a tendency to think in terms of technologies. Whether it’s something as silly as a flying car or as banal as a new iteration of a mobile tablet, our images of what tomorrow will bring have a strong material bias. For everyday folks, this isn’t terribly surprising; our sense of what’s futuristic--whether via advertising or science fiction stories--zeroes in on stuff: robots, space ships, holograms, and so forth. But those of us who do futures work professionally have to live up to a higher standard. When we think about what impacts the spread of (say) self-driving cars or 3-D printers will have, we have to consider more than the technical details.

Product Overview - ALL Power Labs ALL Power Labs offers biomass gasifiers and power generation systems at two different levels of assembly and system integration. From complete power systems to our experimenter/DIY kit, you decide the relative amount of functionality you need in your finished system. All our products are covered by a 100% money back guarantee If you buy one and find yourself unimpressed with the total value of the product and project, we’ll refund all your money (minus shipping costs)– we’re that confident you’ll be happy with the specifics.

AQAL 2210: A Tentative Cartology of the Future Books discussed in this Section ~ Alexander, Christopher (2001) The Phenomenon of Life (The Nature of Order Bk 1-4 )CES Publishing, Berkeley, Ca. ~ Basseches, Michael Dialectical Thinking and Adult Development.Ablex Publishing Corp. agence de prospective et innovation En cours de réactualisation avec la collaboration de Marie-Laure De Langhe, experte en arts de vivres et tendances air du temps justes et durables. Maryline Passini is the founder and Managing Director of the operational and sensory prospective agency, Proâme, which includes a network of transdisciplinary experts, creators and artists. Operational, sensitive prospective trends enhance vision and inspire and extend brand imagery by detecting and linking up real trends. What’s most important is that these trends are then translated into innovation triggers, before being turned into unique, breakaway concepts and finally sublimed by words and aesthetics.

Timeline of the far future First, we brought you a prediction of the forthcoming year. Then we brought you a timeline of the near future, revealing what could happen up to around 100 years time. But here’s our most ambitious set of predictions yet – from what could happen in one thousand years time to one hundred quintillion years (that’s 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 years). As the song says, there may be trouble ahead... Welcome to Post Capitalism (plus 5 layers of Corporate Transformation) The post is also available in Italian here. The Zero Marginal Cost Society In the last few days a number of, more or less enjoyable, articles introducing the latest book by Jeremy Rifkin, released earlier in March, saw the light on all the most important online newspapers worldwide.