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USF- TESLA. UBC- British Columbia. The Project. Europe. Research Conferences. Croatia. Schools in US. LINGUIST List | Program Information. LINGUIST List | Linguistics Programs in Germany. Bergische Universität Gesamthochschule Wuppertal Department of English and American Studies Department of General Linguistics Carl von Ossietzky-Universität Oldenburg, Germany Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel Department of General and Comparative Linguistics English Department Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität Greifswald Linguistics: Doktorandenprogramm Freie Universität Berlin English Language and Literature German and Dutch Languages and Literature Linguistics Linguistics (General and German Linguistics) Friedrich Alexander Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg Arabistik, Islamwissenschaft, Semitistik (Schwerpunkt: Arabistik-Semitistik) European Master in Lexicography (EMLex) MA Linguistik (Anglistik, Germanistik, Romanistik) Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena Department of German Linguistics Department of Romance Philology Historical-Comparative Linguistics Orientalische Sprachwissenschaft Goethe University Frankfurt Comparative Indo-European Linguistics.

88 PhDs in Language Studies - Language studies look into multiple issues related to the use of language, such as how language can be learnt, how language is composed (letters, syllables, words, sentences), and how grammatical and structural aspects work together to create meaning and logic. Subjects included by courses in language studies include topics such as evolutionary linguistics, historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, neuro-linguistics, language acquisition and discourse analysis. Literature studies also feature an important research component in further understanding and developing human knowledge of linguistics. Supportive disciplines in the field include anthropology, human anatomy, informatics, philosophy, sociology, psychology as well as education.

Students learn about concepts such as phonology, syntax, semantics, or phonetic analysis. Students will acquire excellent oral and written communication skills. View all PhDs in Language Studies. Cluster Asia and Europe - Uni Heidelberg: Application. The application process consists of four parts. 1. Applicants have to register and log into the Online Application System of the GPTS. Further guidelines will be available after login. During the application process you may always save your data at any time and return to the online system at a later date (changes are possible until you submit or the deadline ends). Through the system applicants are required to provide proof of their M.A. The proposed doctoral project must have clear connections to the general research framework of the Cluster. 2. 3. 4. Call for applications a.y. 2016/2017.

Home ( Financial | TESOL ILE in Soka University. Expanded Scholarship Opportunities Soka University and the International Language Education (ILE): TESOL Program are happy to announce a substantial expansion of scholarship opportunities for international students at the graduate level. For qualified applicants, these scholarships could offset the majority of costs of graduate study in our program. International graduate students accepted into the ILE: TESOL Program are automatically eligible for: Soka University Academic Fee Exemptions: ILE: TESOL graduate students are not required to pay university tuition or school fees (This exemption does not include application fees, admission fees, registration fees, or Gakuyu-kai Club Association fees).

For more information on these scholarship opportunities, international and domestic graduate school applicants are invited to access more detailed information through the International Affairs Office. Hiroshima University  - Admission Requirements. Hiroshima University  - The Division of Human Sciences. Joint PhD Programme Kyoto-Heidelberg. The HeKKSaGON Joint PhD programme at Heidelberg University, Germany, and Kyoto University, Japan, is a doctoral programme offering international access to interdisciplinary research environments.

Students participating in the programme in Heidelberg are affiliated with the Faculty of Philosophy and the Excellence Cluster “Asia and Europe in a Global Context” and will spend 3 to 12 months at Kyoto University supervised by professors of the Faculty of Letters and the “Kyoto Asian Studies Unit - KUASU“. For this purpose, KUASU offers students with high quality PhD projects a scholarship within its Asian ERASMUS programme. Heidelberg University and Kyoto University can supervise a broad range of research areas in the social sciences and the humanities; they welcome applications from prospective students with research interests in fields related to History, Politics, Society, Law, and Economics of Japan and East Asia. Email for Applications: News.

Kyoto Seika University:School of Humanities:Program Classes. Japanese linguistics (PhD) | Osaka University. East Asia International Human Resource Development Course (Graduate (Master’s, Doctoral)) | Kyoto University. Studies on Modern Thought and Culture — Graduate School of Letters / School of Letters, Osaka University. The Studies on Modern Thought and Culture section was created in 1998, being separated from the originally existing Philosophy and History of Philosophy section. The courses offered in this section intend to approach various pressing social and cultural problems from philosophical viewpoint. Specifically, the courses deal with wide range of areas such as western philosophy from Descartes to contemporary philosophers as well as the history of science and technology, emphasizing the training of English language skills applicable in the study of globalizing issues at the same time.

Outreach activities such as science café are also organized actively. Learning in this section aims to build the capacity of practicing philosophy. The activities in this section are organized in close cooperation with the Philosophy and History of Philosophy section. Professors SUTO, Norihide (M.Lit.)

Philosophy: Nietzsche's Philosophy, Contemporary Philosophy MOCHIZUKI, Taro (Ph.D.) Associate Professor. English Linguistics — Graduate School of Letters / School of Letters, Osaka University. The English Linguistics section features studies of functional grammar, cognitive linguistics, semantics, pragmatics and syntax, all primarily concerning English. In addition, graduate students study the history of the English language, translation theory, discourse analysis, and many other areas of linguistics.

In all research fields, students are encouraged to carefully study the structure, the meaning and the practical usage of English. In addition, students are expected to read important papers and books in the literature, collect and analyze examples of their own, and present their findings in the English language. Graduate students in this section are committed to the activities of relevant academic societies. Although many graduate students give priority to the studies in their specialized areas, they must not forget their need to improve comprehensive English proficiency, since many of them will be teachers of English in higher educational institutions.

OKADA, Sadayuki (Ph.D.) Japanese linguistics (PhD) | Osaka University. Honjo International Scholarships in Japan, 2015 Scholarship Positions 2015 2016. Kyoto Seika University:School of Humanities:Program Classes. Academic Institutions in Japan - Japan Academic Institutions Directory Directory Worldwide. Joint PhD Programme Kyoto-Heidelberg.

Japanese linguistics (PhD) | Osaka University. Phd students: Your research interests will typically have ranged from modern history in your chosen language, film and cultural studies, to a history of modern literature. You will have visited and taken part in regular research seminars and academic conferences. East Asia International Human Resource Development Course (Graduate (Master’s, Doctoral)) | Kyoto University. Masters students: You will typically have combined your studies of your chosen language with the study of literature and literary theory, with joint teaching in linguistics and your language and/or your language of choice and Creative Writing. Some of the areas will have included, for example, Bilingualism, Corpus Linguistics, Critical Discourse Analysis, Gender and Language, Sociolinguistics and Stylistics.

PhD Programs in Japanese - University Directory. 2012guide.pdf. Fully Funded PhD Programs in Education | ProFellow. Fellowships For Foreign Service Learning: The Rangel Program | ProFellow. 2014 Rangel Graduate Fellows Guest author Adam Kong provides his insights on the Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Graduate Fellowship, a unique fellowship that prepares graduate students for careers in the U.S. Foreign Service. By Adam Kong Diplomacy as a job? The Charles B. What’s particularly alluring about the Fellowship is the financial benefits during the two year program. What makes a competitive applicant? Is the Foreign Service right for you? 2014 Rangel Fellow Adam Kong Adam Kong is a current Rangel Fellow at Columbia University pursuing a Master’s in International Affairs. . © Victoria Johnson 2014, all rights reserved. Japan Scholarships, 2015-2016 Scholarship Positions 2015 2016. Japan : International Doctoral Program in Informatics -

The Japanese Government(Monbukagakusho) offers a scholarship in selected fields, called the Special Scholarship for International Doctoral Programs. The Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University will accept eight new Ph.D. course students under this program from the year 2012. This program has several attractive features—for example, the official language will be English(Japanese language skill will not be required); and the fact that all tuition fees will be waived. Interested applicants should carefully read the rules and conditions in the guidelines for admission before submitting their applications. Selections will be by Kyoto University, with successful students recommended to the Monbukagakusho as candidates for the scolarship. Applicants must choose one of the above as their majoring field whenapplying for this program. Download ◆ Guidelines for Admission PDF ◆ Guidelines for Admission (in Japanese) PDF ◆ Application Form PDF ◆ Certificate of Health PDF Further Information.

Scholarships in Japan, PhD Scholarships in Japan, Masters Scholarships in Japan, Studentships, Postdoc Fellowships - CSEAS Visiting Research Fellowships in japan, 2016 Scholarship Positions 2015 2016. Sponsored Links Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS) of Kyoto University, Japan is offering visiting research fellowships for scholars and researchers who work on Southeast Asia, or on any one of the countries in that region. Applicants must be interested in spending time in Kyoto in order to conduct research, write or pursue other scholarly interests in connection with their field of study. Total six fellowships will be awarded for the first half of 2016 on a competitive basis. These fellowships are normally for a six-month duration, although in exceptional cases they can be extended for an additional six months. The application deadline is April 30, 2015. Study Subject(s): Fellowships are awarded for scholars and researchers who work on Southeast Asia, or on any one of the countries in that region to pursue further work in connection with their field of study.

Scholarship Open for International Students: What does it cover?