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Career Advice article: Handling Tricky Interview Questions Interview questions may vary but in essence they are all trying to establish the following: Your skills and experience to do the job Your enthusiasm and interest for the job Whether you will fit in If you have thought through convincing answers to the above, ideally illustrated with real-life examples, then you should be able to answer most of the questions that arise. This section looks at some of the typical questions which arise and how to handle them. Tell me about yourself? This question or something similar usually starts every interview. Focus on the areas of most relevance to the job in question Include some impressive achievements e.g. an award, contracts you won Convey your enthusiasm for the job Avoid personal or irrelevant information e.g. your children, un-related jobs Your answer should be about 3-5 minutes long delivered in a clear, punchy, confident manner e.g. What do you know about our organisation? You should be able to answer the following: What are your weaknesses? Summary

Job Search Engine | Jobs Direct from Companies | Jobs Apologies, we are having to run a reduced Jobs service at the moment. However, we are currently working to bring you a much better, improved service in the near future. Please bear with us while this work takes place. These are the latest global vacancies submitted to Eldis and aggregated from the job pages of development organisations and services around the world. But please note: You can submit individual job adverts to Eldis using our submission form or contact us for information on how to get your jobs advertised through our services. We review each advert submitted to us to try to ensure the jobs included here are genuine and appropriate. Results 1 to 10 of 3109 Next > >> Job: Deputy Country Director (Programmes) (03-May-2016, 09:14) About Oxfam Oxfam is part of a global movement for change, working together to end poverty and injustice. Job: RFP - Consultancy Services for the Mid-terms Evaluation of the Pro PALOP-TL SAI Project (02-May-2016, 16:29) (02-May-2016, 14:10)

Are you in career transition? Been laid off? Want a new job? | VocationVacations® 40 Ways to Make Money on the Internet I did a little bookmark scrub this morning and thought I would share the remaining content of my “Online Money” folder. To warn you, there are certain things that I don’t like and never bookmark so:What’s NOT included: Taking Paid Surveys, Getting Paid to Surf the Internet, MLM, Contest Sites, “Buy my DVD, CD, Audiobook”, etc. What IS included: Things you can use to legitimately make money online – Everything from Getting Paid to review software to good ole’ Adsense. html?aid=22817">Infolinks – Infolinks is probably the highest paying option for your in-text advertising. On DLM, you will see underlined links scattered throughout articles. Don’t stop reading now. » Technical interview at Amazon (SDE) and Mic Executive Summary Interviewing is time consuming, tiring, and a lot of work. But the reward for doing well is a full time job. Treat the whole process as a game and have a good time. And don’t give up. It took me a long time to get an interview with Amazon and I have failed at the Microsoft interview process before so keep at it. What else? Talk to friends.Aggressively pursue interview opportunities. How did I get two full time job offers from two great companies? Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are my own and not those of any past, present, or future employers. Getting the interviews I started the full time job hunt before school started in September. Seeing as my girlfriend, Natalie, had a full time unaccepted offer from Amazon it was not hard for her to get me into the process there. I never blogged about it, but I have hinted about it, but I interviewed with Microsoft in the Spring of 2003 for a program manager position. Preparation Initial interview screens In Seattle

The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing (version 3.0) - Joel on Soft by Joel Spolsky Wednesday, October 25, 2006 A motley gang of anarchists, free-love advocates, and banana-rights agitators have hijacked The Love Boat out of Puerto Vallarta and are threatening to sink it in 7 days with all 616 passengers and 327 crew members unless their demands are met. The demand? As chief programmer of the Festival Cruise programming staff, you’ve got to decide if you can deliver a Fortran compiler from scratch in seven days. Can you do it? “Well, I suppose, it depends,” you say. On what? “Um, will my team be able to use UML-generating tools?” Does that really matter? “I guess not.” OK, so, what does it depend on? “Will we have 19 inch monitors? Again, does this matter? “I guess not. Right. “Who are they?” Does that matter? “Sure! Now we’re on to something! Everybody gives lip service to the idea that people are the most important part of a software project, but nobody is quite sure what you can do about it. Don’t try to interview a bunch of people at the same time.

Careers Q&A Google interview questions - fun brain teasers! « smooth noodle maps 1. How many golf balls can fit in a school bus? 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Like this: Like Loading... How to Write a Resume - Mahalo There are several types of resumes5: Chronological Skills Functional Combination VideoYou'll want to create the best resume for your experience and desired job. Most recruiters want your resume to show your career progression.6 Therefore, chronological or combination resumes (resumes that list your work history in chronological order, starting with your most recent job) are the most common types. If you have no work history or have worked multiple jobs over a short period of time, an unconventional format may present your talents and abilities in a better light. Pick the type of resume best suited to your work history and goals. It is better to go to a second page than to leave out important information.

Stevey's Home Page - The Five Essential Phone-Screen Questions I've been on a lot of SDE interview loops lately where the candidate failed miserably: not-inclined votes all around, even from the phone screeners who brought the person in initially. It's usually pretty obvious when the candidate should have been eliminated during the phone screens. Well, it's obvious in retrospect, anyway: during the interviews, we find some horrible flaw in the candidate which, had anyone thought to ask about it during the phone screen, would surely have disqualified the person. But we didn't ask. Antipatterns I've done informal postmortems on at least a hundred phone screens, many of them my own. The first pattern is that for most failed phone screens, the candidate did most of the talking. That's how many/most phone screens go wrong. The right way to do a phone screen is to do most of the talking, or at least the driving. The second pattern is that one-trick ponies only know one trick. Acid Tests These five areas are litmus tests -- very good ones. 1) Coding. Java:

How to answer 23 of the most common interview questions Wise Bread Picks Let's face it; no one likes the interview process. Well, certainly not the people being interviewed anyway. 1. I'd be very surprised if you haven't been asked this one at every interview. 2. This should be a straightforward question to answer, but it can trip you up. 3. Do your homework before you go to any interview. 4. This should be directly related to the last question. 5. Hopefully if you're applying for this position you have bags of related experience, and if that's the case you should mention it all. 6. Ok, this is not the time for full disclosure. 7. This could include anything from night classes to hobbies and sports. 8. This is a good way to hint that you're in demand, without sounding like you're whoring yourself all over town. 9. Once again, there are a few ways to answer this but they should all be positive. 10. The answer to this one is not money, even if it is. 11. This is your chance to shine. 12. 13. Run for cover! 14. 15. 16. 17. No. 18. Arrgh! 19.