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СИМУЛЯКРЫ И СИМУЛЯЦИЯ. PhD Programmes, Research Projects & Studentships in the UK & Europe. College of Liberal Arts : Purdue University. Fully-Funded PhD Programs in Communications. College of Liberal Arts : Purdue University. The Future Professoriate Program. Qualified graduate students in participating departments are eligible to join an award-winning program ranked among the premier models for Teaching Assistant training in the United States.

The Future Professoriate Program

Our Future Professoriate Program provides students with the experience, confidence, and documented performance they need to excel as faculty in higher education. We produce candidates who not only get jobs, but quickly become indispensable to the departments, colleges, and universities they join and to the students they teach. FPP Goals to prepare graduate students for the range of responsibilities they will encounter as future faculty membersto effect a change in faculty culture by fostering recognition of the importance of teaching as a dimension of graduate education What does the FPP offer graduate students?

Because the FPP is administered at the departmental level, participants’ experiences will vary. Questions about FPP policies, procedures, and practices? Consult the FPP Participant Handbook (PDF) Mass Communications - Doctoral. Research what interests you The program is interdisciplinary in spirit, with students taking a considerable amount of coursework in academic areas outside the Newhouse School.

Mass Communications - Doctoral

While certain Newhouse courses are required, the program is sufficiently flexible to provide students with opportunities to pursue their own scholarly interests. School of Communication. Doctoral Programs - Media, Culture, and Communication. Slavic Languages & Literature. History of Art and Architecture. Hispanic Languages & Literatures. The Pittsburgh Film Community. University of Pittsburgh. The PhD in Film Studies with English as the Associated Department is an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental degree that stresses the history, theory, and aesthetics of international cinema, video, television, and new media.

University of Pittsburgh

While the student will earn a PhD in Film Studies (granted by the Film Studies Program), he or she will also be a full member of one of six associated departments (in this case, English) and will fulfill its requirements (many of which will overlap with those of Film Studies). English will appear as the official Area of Concentration on the student’s transcript. Ph.D. in Cinema Studies: Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. The Ph.D. curriculum draws on the methods of a number of disciplines, including art history, cultural studies, American studies, psychoanalytic theory, and philosophy.

Ph.D. in Cinema Studies: Tisch School of the Arts at NYU

Untitled. A few years ago when I first began looking at Master’s and PhD programs, I wasn’t aware that many universities fully fund their doctoral students.


Full funding normally includes full tuition and a stipend for living expenses for the four to six years a student is in the doctoral program. Because I didn’t know this, I considered a PhD impossible and pursued a Master’s degree instead, taking out both a federal and private loan to fund my studies. Artistic research overview - Belgium - School of arts university college ghent - SHARE. School of Art - School of Art - ANU. Higher Degree Research applicants for Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees in Art History, Art Theory and Visual Arts can apply to the program at any time.

School of Art - School of Art - ANU

However, if you wish to be considered for APA and ANU postgraduate scholarships the Application deadline is October 31 each year. Please see the Research-intensive programs page for more information. Download Local and International student application forms. ANU Apply online portal frequently asked questions. School of Arts. Learning Opportunities and Qualifications in Europe. Search courses:Audio-visual studies course results for Postgraduate and masters programs. PhD in the arts - Opleidingen - Onderwijs - KASK Conservatorium. When students have successfully completed a bachelor and a master programme, they can gain a PhD in the arts in a third cycle.

PhD in the arts - Opleidingen - Onderwijs - KASK Conservatorium

The School of Arts organizes this doctoral degree programme in close cooperation with Ghent University, and the first PhDs in the arts were successfully defended in 2012. Applicants for the programme submit a research proposal to a committee of experts who evaluate it by criteria of artistic excellence and research methodology. Two supervisors coach the doctoral student in his or her research: one supervisor with mainly artistic expertise associated with the School of Arts, and a Ghent University supervisor with theoretical expertise.

PhD in Art and Visual Culture - PhD in Art and Visual Culture - Western University. Admission to the Ph.D. program requires either an M.A. in art history, visual culture or curatorial studies or an M.F.A. or M.V.A. with an average of at least 80% (A-).

PhD in Art and Visual Culture - PhD in Art and Visual Culture - Western University

Students with equivalent qualifications in relevant visual fields such as film or media studies may also be considered. Students must submit a completed application form, a statement of their research interests, and samples of their work. In the case of art history students this will likely be a sample term paper, thesis chapter or publication. In the case of studio students this would consist of photographic, video or digital documentation of their studio practice as well as a writing sample. Applicants do not have to secure a supervisor in advance of submitting an application, but they should include sufficient information about research plans to enable the program to identify possible supervisors. Documentation Required • Two letters of reference. Graduate Courses in the Department of Art. VS 500 – Topics in Visual Studies This class is a graduate level topics seminar with rotating content and is repeatable for credit.

Graduate Courses in the Department of Art

Some of the subjects for this course are as follows: VS 500 Topics in Visual Studies – Queer Rauschenberg Professor: Jonathan Katz Using Robert Rauschenberg and his work as a pivot, this course analyzes New York’s postwar queer avant-garde culture through 1970 and its relation to the expressive dictates of the contemporaneous culture of Abstract Expressionism. PhD Fellowship and Funding Information - University at Buffalo. PhD in Visual Studies The PhD program in Visual Studies is a small, highly selective program for motivated, independently-minded scholars invested in critical discourses that analyze and challenge the social norm.

University at Buffalo

We specialize in exploring those structuring ideologies that lurk beneath the visible and help select, order and make legible what can be seen—and what cannot be. We especially welcome students interested in considerations of sexuality and the body, and the technologies and sciences that underwrite and make visible our embodied self-understandings. Additional Program Information Application Information. PhD programmes. PhDArts offers an international, high-level doctorate in art and design. The PhDArts research trajectory consists of two elements: individual research and participation in the doctoral study programme.

An appropriate team of supervisors is sought for each doctoral student. The doctoral study programme, which consists of lectures, seminars, trainings, and workshops, is an essential part of the research environment in which the student undertakes his or her research. PhD programmes. PhDArts. PhD programmes. Type and Media. Image: Graduation project 'Covik' | James Edmondson, Master TypeMedia 2014, Nominee Department Award In September 2002 the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague started its post-graduate course in Type and Media, formerly the course in Type Design and Typography. It is a full-time one year course that gives participants the possibility of delving deeper in type design for different media: not only type for print, but also for film, television, video and interactive media. Although we live in an increasingly pictorial culture, type design and typography have lost none of their value.

ArtScience (ba) Image: Graduation project 'AutoMobile' | R.D.P. Schelfhout, ArtScience 2014, Winner ArtScience Department Award General Information Are you one of those ambitious people who can not seem to find the study that matches their broad talents and vision? Do you want to freely choose the medium your project needs? Are you inspired by both art and science?

Academy of Creative and Performing Arts. The Academy of Creative and Performing Arts is a collaboration between Leiden University and the The University of the of the Arts the Hague. In the Academy art and science come together. This Academy offers interesting perspectives for students, teachers and other researchers from Leiden and The Hague seeking the limits of what they can and know. There are over 23,000 students and 2200 professors and other members of academic staff at Leiden University. The university's courses are grouped in seven faculties: Archeology, Campus The Hague, Humanities, Law, Leiden University Medical Center, Social and Behavioural Studies and Science. PhDArts: Doctoral students. PhDArts: Lorenzo Benedetti. Lorenzo Benedetti (1972, Rome, IT) is director of art center De Vleeshal in Middelburg (NL), and has held this position since 2008. He studied Art History at La Sapienza in Rome and attended the Curatorial Programme at De Appel Arts Centre in Amsterdam (NL).

In 2005 he founded the Sound Art Museum in Rome - a space dedicated to sound in visual art. He was director of the art centre Volume! Requirements. Applicants must have a Master’s of Arts degree or proof of study at a comparable level. PhDArts: Requirements. PhD (Audio-Visual) Film Studies. DetailsOpen all sections This particular programme gives you the opportunity to film and edit an hour-long documentary on your research, accompanied by a 30,000 word written defence.

DIRECTEURS DE RECHERCHE. Doctoral Programs - Media, Culture, and Communication. Art, Art History & Visual Studies. Art, Art History & Visual Studies. Art, Art History & Visual Studies. Art, Art History & Visual Studies. Stanford Arts. Department of Visual and Environmental Studies at the Carpenter Center. Film and Visual Studies. In the past quarter century, the study of film has undergone dramatic changes. Film and Visual Studies. Uniud international — Uniud EN. Digital Media at Georgia Tech — PhD in Digital MediaPhD in Digital Media » Digital Media at Georgia Tech. Download Student Forms.