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Peace and Collaborative Development Network - Building Bridges, Networks and Expertise Across Sectors

Peace and Collaborative Development Network - Building Bridges, Networks and Expertise Across Sectors
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Craig Barton: Statistical Associates: Editorial Board (listed alphabetically) Nicholas Allen Assistant Professor Department of Psychology Ohio University USA Micah Altman Director of Research - MIT Libraries Head/Scientist, Program on Information Science Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution USA Craig Barton Research Consultant Higher Education Studies Graduate Research Enterprises (DBA) Walden University USA Shawn M. Bergman Associate Professor of Psychology Director, Office of Research Consultation Associate Director, Center for Analytics Research and Education Appalachian State University USA Nate Breznau Postdoctoral Fellow Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences Department of Sociology Germany Max K. Chakema C. Jonathon A. Mark Dobeck Assistant Professor of Business Strategy & Business Analytics The Monte Ahuja College of Business Cleveland State University Faculty member, International Institute of Analytics (IIA) USA André Faro Professor Department of Psychology Federal University of Sergipe (UFS) Brazil

How Reliable Are the Social Sciences? The Stone is a forum for contemporary philosophers and other thinkers on issues both timely and timeless. Public policy debates often involve appeals to results of work in social sciences like economics and sociology. For example, in his State of the Union address this year, President Obama cited a recent high-profile study to support his emphasis on evaluating teachers by their students’ test scores. Beware the journalistically exciting result. How much authority should we give to such work in our policy decisions? A rational assessment of a scientific result must first take account of the broader context of the particular science involved. Second, and even more important, there is our overall assessment of work in a given science in comparison with other sciences. Consider, for example, the report President Obama referred to. But how reliable is even the best work on the effects of teaching?

Am Board of Neutrals Read Our Blog | Genocide Intervention Network The world is marking the 20th anniversary of the Rwanda genocide. Let’s remember and then act to prevent and stop the genocides that are happening today. Continuing Reading & Discuss April is Genocide Prevention Month and is a time when we come together to commemorate past genocides and act to stop atrocities and prevent future ones. Continuing Reading & Discuss As the march toward genocide continues in Burma, it’s business as usual as Defense Secretary Hagel meets with his Burmese counterpart in Hawaii. Continuing Reading & Discuss Deteriorating conditions have put Burma on a downward trajectory that could end in the world’s next genocide without immediate action by the United States and the international community. Continuing Reading & Discuss Cambodia remind us that the impact of genocide is long lasting and the consequences of such a tragedy should never be allowed to go ignored. Continuing Reading & Discuss

Independent Researchers for Hire - Locations Note: To ensure fairness, this list displays in random order each time it is viewed. Be sure to view the entire list. Diane RovedoHallett’s Comet140 Beech StFranklin, MA 02038Telephone: (774)571-0281E-mail: hallettscomet@gmail.comResearch Specialty: Historical and genealogical records research (including photographic and still images) at all NARA facilities in New England and New York; The American Antiquarian Society and its affiliates; Presidential Libraries in the Northeast, and State Libraries. Other research inquiries considered, including Land, Court, and Military Records. Cynthia CampbellThe Center for African American Genealogical Research, Inc. (CAAGRI)225 Industrial Ct Ste 100Fredericksburg, VA 22408Telephone: (540) 785-9925E-mail: research@caagri.orgResearch Specialty: African American, Native American, Census, Military, Court Records, Genealogy and Family History, Civil War, Slavery. Steven B. Joseph V. Diane M. Gregory T. Forrest L. Michael L. Russell OvertonG. M. Mary E. J.

What Should We Call Social Media OK, I am apparently very late to the party, but this was a revelation and I can’t just not share. I apologize in advance if I’m posting something old. So you know this really stupid thing that happens with links? It’s actually the worst thing in the world. WELL, to fix the problem, all you have to do is copy & paste the link here. BRB, crying from happiness. Peace and Justice Studies Association The Peace and Justice Studies Association (PJSA) is a non-profit organization that was formed in 2001 as a result of a merger of the Consortium on Peace research, Education and Development (COPRED) and the Peace Studies Association (PSA). Both organizations provided leadership in the broadly defined field of peace, conflict and justice studies. We are dedicated to bringing together academics, K-12 teachers and grassroots activists to explore alternatives to violence and share visions and strategies for peacebuilding, social justice, and social change. PJSA also serves as a professional association for scholars in the field of peace and conflict resolution studies, and is the North-American affiliate of the International Peace Research Association. A copy of our by-laws is available here. PJSA holds annual elections to fill open positions on its Board of Directors. List of Current Board Members PJSA works to create a just and peaceful world through: More coming soon!