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My Gear Here is a collection of gear that I use. These are all items I have made myself, most from my own design. For lightweight fabric I usually use 1.3 oz/sq yard silnylon. For breathable light weight fabric I use Momentum 90 or the new M50. My insulation tends to be 900+ fill down or synthetic primaloft. My Gear Closet: Wristlet Sometimes you want to travel light – with just the essentials at hand. For this, you need: the wristlet. A tiny, tidy tote that hangs from your wrist. It's just 5" x 7", but holds all the necessities with room to spare. Zip up your spending cash, a couple o' credit cards, maybe a bit of makeup and a comb.

Brian Willson: THE PRETEND SOCIETY I was once a young man, very much like the young men and women who have gone to Iraq and Afghanistan as US military soldiers. I grew up believing in the red, white and blue. I believed that the United States had a sacred mission to spread democracy around the world.

View topic - $55 DIY Bike Workstand I decided to build my own bike workstand. This blog is the one that inspired me: DIY Portable Bike Repair Stand The blog shows a lot of the step-by-step instructions. I'll just show what I did differently. $7.97 - 3/4" x 24" Pipe$13.97 - 3/4" Pipe Clamp$4.00 - 1" Black Tee$2.52 - 1" x 6" Nipple$2.52 - 1" x 6" Nipple$1.87 - 1" Split Ring Hanger$1.04 - Thumb Screw$1.18 - Two Hose Clamps$20.00 - PA Stand (CraigsList)

33 Things to Do Before Climate Change Ruins Everything — Matter Fish that Doesn’t Taste Like Chewing Gum Important cold-water fish species, including cod, pollock, and Atlantic Salmon, face a growing threat of population collapse as the oceans heat up. Studies suggest a radical fix: Eat lots of jellyfish, which will thrive in our new climate. Coffee. Holy Shit! Coffee?! Blog Archive » DIY Zippered Wetbag: Now with 100% more chocolate I love a good wetbag. That may speak volumes on the excitement level in my life right now, but suffice it to say that a cute print, a non-wicking inside, and a zipper to hold in any undesirable wafting, as it were, and I’m a happy mama. It’s a rectangle within a rectangle, how hard could that be, right? And yet, zippers are scary, and wetbags cost so darned much, so they must be incredibly complicated.

Making a kilt [From Bobbie Suttie, images copyright Jan Bruyndonckx and used with permission] A Kilt is basically a pleated, wrapped skirt. The back half of the kilt is pleated, the front half (apron) is the made of two overlapping panels. A true kilt is completely handmade. There are some small variations in my version, which I have added for ease of wear, such as adding Velcro across the front of the apron. The expression “The Whole Nine Yards” comes from the fact that a large man’s kilt is made of a nine-yard long piece of tartan material (Editor's note - this is one theory... see references below). Since high quality tartan costs $55 or more per 60-inch wide yard (yielding 2 yards of kilt material) you can see why a kilt is a lifetime investment.

Occupy the US: Musings on Horizontal Decision-Making and Bureaucracy | Marianne Maeckelbergh | The year 2011 has breathed new life into horizontal models of democratic decision-making. With the rise of the 15 May movement and the occupy movement horizontal decision-making became one of the key political structures for organising responses to the current global economic crisis. Cool Electrical Recumbent Bike is Driven by Cordless Screwdriver © Jirka Wolff, Andreas Patsiaouras and Marcel Heise Despite some considerable drawbacks (like safety when riding too low below motorists' radars), recumbent bikes can be much more comfortable than their upright cousins. That said, we're intrigued by this cool prototype for an electrical recumbent bike that's made primarily with bent wood -- and is driven with a Bosch cordless screwdriver. Created by Jirka Wolff, Andreas Patsiaouras and Marcel Heise, a team of German student designers for the annual “Akkuschrauberrennen” competition held by the HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim, Germany, the Rennholz presents a "serious vehicle concept [for] e-mobility." Propelled by a Bosch screwdriver connected to the rear wheel, it's activated and steered by hand.

Meet Candace: The Girl Cross Dressing Her Way Across Afghanistan This is Candace – to local Afghans, Candace looks like a Hazara man. This let Candace get away with a lot. I was a little jealous. DIY Silnylon Tarp So, I love to sew. I know you guys all think it's thread injecting, but to me it's sewing. I make lotsa stuff...pouches and stuff sacks etc. It’s only recently I have decided to make larger stuff. I just can’t sleep at night knowing that I can make the same exact product for a third of the price. So- to make it easy on myself starting out in the dyi camping gear world, I made a camping tarp. Sewing Tutorial: Sew A Crinoline Crinoline or petticoat is easy to make, really!!! Well, at least it is so much more easier to make compared to the queen gown below. Crinoline when worn under a skirt, makes it look domed and inflated, especially for gown of special occasion.

Occupy Wall Street and “The American Autumn”: Is It a “Colored Revolution”? Part I by Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, October 13, 2011 There is a grassroots protest movement unfolding across America, which includes people from all walks of life, from all age groups, conscious of the need for social change and committed to reversing the tide. The grassroots of this movement constitutes a response to the "Wall Street agenda" of financial fraud and manipulation which has served to trigger unemployment and poverty across the land.

Build a Simple, Portable PVC Target Stand « Daily Bulletin February 26th, 2009 One of the easiest ways to build a portable target stand is to use PVC pipe and connectors. Utah .308 Shooter “Cheese” has created a simple yet sturdy target frame, and he’s shared his design so you can build a similar frame easily and at low cost. The components are wood furring strips, 2″-diameter PVC pipes (and connections), and a 2’x3′ sheet of cardboard.

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