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Special Education Apps

Special Education Apps

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GoRogueEDU - GIFs4Kids There is a great hashtag started by Sam Carpenter (@CarpenterCougar), #GIFvocab, where words are explained through GIFs. Unfortunately, one of the major drawbacks is the PG-13 and up aspect of many GIFs (GIPHY, Tenor, etc.) that are available for students to use. GoRogue EDU is fluent in GIF, and we wanted to create a SAFE zone for students and teachers to access appropriate GIF images. Type a word in the search box to search for gifs containing that tag, or choose to browse all available GIFs. GIFs4Kids is searchable in 24 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES (English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Dutch, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Afrikaans, Latin, Hindi, Urdu, Gaelic, Czech, Greek, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, and Danish) with more being added very soon!Found one you like?

Other Organizations Gifting Apple Devices Our goal is to NOT have those in need sitting on waiting lists – including OURS! So we’ve put together this list of other organizations gifting either funds or devices. They each have their own restrictions and limitations. The information listed was taken directly from each organization’s sites. CELV > Resources > Inventory of ICT tools Evaluation criteria: Added value: What is the potential of the tool for achieving learning objectives? Usability: How easy is the tool to use and to adapt to your teaching context? Interactivity: What possibilities does this tool offer for communication and collaboration amongst learners? Technical requirements: In order to use the tool, what are the important technical aspects to consider in terms of compatibility of operating systems, equipment, browsers, etc.? These criteria have been developed by teachers for teachers and provide essential information so that you can select appropriate applications and use them with your learners.

The iPad as a research tool I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog lately reflecting on Big Education ideas. During that time, my little buddy the iPad has felt a little neglected and unloved. So I thought I’d get back to talking about everybody’s “favourite little tablet that could”. Today, I want to explore the possibilities the iPad has as a tool for researching information. As I’ve said many times, what I describe here can be done on laptops but the purpose of this post is to show how the iPad can be used for all tasks if you have decided to use iPads as your main computer.

All About Apps for (Special) Education I keep finding more and more excellent resources around using iPads, iPods and Apps in (Special) education and wanted to share some of my favourite links with you. The first comes from the great Victorian Government site called Ipads for Education . There are a number of resources in the support section, including the handout ‘iPads in Special Education’

Digital Stickers: Grading in Google - Surfing to Success Share on Facebook121 shares on Facebook Digital stickers can be a powerful motivator. Check out these tips and tricks for grading digital assignments. Getting Started with Digital Stickers The moment I started giving digital stickers, I noticed an excitement in the air. TouchChat HD - AAC with WordPower™ - TouchChat - Communication Apps for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch TouchChat is a full-featured communication solution for individuals who have difficulty using their natural voice. TouchChat is designed for individuals with Autism, Down Syndrome, ALS, apraxia, stroke, or other conditions that affect a person’s ability to use natural speech. TouchChat 2.0 provides both English and Spanish options in one app and provides a universal app supporting iPhone®, iPod®, and iPad®. This version of TouchChat HD is bundled with the WordPower™ series of AAC vocabularies designed by Nancy Inman. There are multiple WordPower™ vocabularies that allow for easy and intuitive communication.

New & Noteworthy Educational Apps, May 2012 I’ve been weighing whether or not to re-institute a new monthly feature here, something that I used to write for MindShift: a post highlighting some of the new and updated educational apps that have been released over the past 30 days or so. I say “or so” here as this is the first time doing this in about six months, and I’m including below a few apps that were updated in late April rather than in May. Clearly this isn’t an exhaustive list of new apps – it’s “some” of them. I’ve picked 7.

ESL Techies Using Mobile Devices with Limited English Proficient/Special Education Students More and more school districts are investigating the use of mobile devices such as the iPad to facilitate learning and instruction for LEP/ELLs in Special Education settings. As K -12 teachers continue to adopt 21st century learning models, curiosity is growing over the integration of mobile devices into the classroom and the practical applications of these new tools. Interactive Storytelling and Coding - Tech With Jen When someone shares with me a new technology tool, I immediately try to think of ways I can use it in the classroom. There are a lot of cool apps and websites out there, but not everything is appropriate for teaching to the curriculum. One of the most important things I can do in my work with teachers is to make sure I share solid ideas to help them teach their existing standards. So when coding came on the scene, I wasn’t sure how I could incorporate it into the literacy standards.

Missouri Labor Regional Claims Center Claimants Jefferson City 573-751-9040 12 Keys to Finding Quality Education Apps Millions of apps vie for educators' attention. And with limited time and budgets, it's not always easy to find the ones that will keep students' attention and teach them at the same time. As school districts search for the few quality apps that will fit into their curriculum, instructional technology staff at three elementary school districts shared how they measure and find quality apps.

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