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Special needs etc.

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Lisa Westerveld sur Twitter : "Onderzoekje naar stand van zaken #passendonderwijs staat op onze site. Invullen = fijn! Viewcontent. BPS Research Digest. Educatorsasperger.pdf. Differentiation - tools, tips and resources. Differentiation is an important aspect of education.

Differentiation - tools, tips and resources

Students learn differently, have different needs, different backgrounds, different skills, different ability levels, different interests and more. As educators, we try to create engaging lesson activities that provide a variety of learning experiences and allow students to demonstrate their learning in different ways. Differentiation should occur in both how students learn and gain knowledge and skills, and in how they demonstrate and are assessed on what they have learned. “In the practice of education, differentiation is defined as working to address the abilities, interests, and needs (both perceived and real) of individuals. Differentiation provides students with opportunities to approach curriculum from their strengths, as varied as these might be.” Here are some resources, tips, and tools on differentiation: Digital Differentiation - ideas and tools for differentiating with digital resources. 10 Assessments You Can Perform In 90 Seconds.

Good assessment is frequent assessment.

10 Assessments You Can Perform In 90 Seconds

Any assessment is designed to provide a snapshot of student understand—the more snapshots, the more complete the full picture of knowledge. On its best day, an assessment will be 100% effective, telling you exactly what a student understands. More commonly, the return will be significantly lower as the wording of questions, the student’s sense of self-efficacy, or other factors diminish their assessment performance.

It sounds obvious, but a student is a human being with an entire universe of personal problems, distraction, and related challenges in recalling the information in the form the assessment demands. This makes a strong argument for frequent assessment, as it can be too easy to over-react and “remediate” students who may be banging against the limits of the assessment’s design rather than their own understanding. Simple Assessments The word “simple” here is misleading. Operation-Education-Magazine.pdf. Knokken om hoogbegaafd kind door vwo te loodsen - Onderwijs.

Laura van Baars − 07/09/14, 13:38 © Werry Crone.

Knokken om hoogbegaafd kind door vwo te loodsen - Onderwijs

Monique en Robin van Eijkelenburg INTERVIEW Dyslectisch, autistisch, en toch in zes jaar het vwo doorlopen? Robin is het gelukt. Hij kan met zijn bètaknobbel nu wis- en natuurkunde studeren. Voor mijn moeder was het diploma nog belangrijker dan voor mijRobin van Eijkelenburg De diploma-uitreiking van haar zoon Robin, hoe voelde dat voor Monique? Monique geeft nu eens niet als eerste antwoord. Wat Monique en Robin jaar op jaar hebben moeten bewijzen, is dat een kind dat gegrepen kan worden door emotie, moeizaam leest en nooit foutloos schrijft, toch ook heel intelligent kan zijn.

Ideaal profielNiet de leerling die past in het ideale profiel van de vwo'er. De basisschool was al moeilijk voor Robin. In groep 8 kreeg hij het advies vmbo/havo. PesterijenIn het eerste kwartaal van de middelbare school begon het al meteen weer met de pesterijen. De mentor riep Monique bij zich: moest Robin niet eens naar een deskundige? Brochure Speciaal Onderwijs by de Ruimte ontwerpers.

The Kids Who Beat Autism. Photo At first, everything about L.'s baby boy seemed normal.

The Kids Who Beat Autism

He met every developmental milestone and delighted in every discovery. But at around 12 months, B. seemed to regress, and by age 2, he had fully retreated into his own world. He no longer made eye contact, no longer seemed to hear, no longer seemed to understand the random words he sometimes spoke. A few months later, B. received a diagnosis of autism. In the months and years that followed, the two women spent hours on the phone and at each other’s homes on the East Coast, sharing their fears and frustrations and swapping treatment ideas, comforted to be going through each step with someone who experienced the same terror and confusion.

Together the women considered applied behavior analysis, or A.B.A. — a therapy, much debated at the time, that broke down every quotidian action into tiny, learnable steps, acquired through memorization and endless repetition; they rejected it, afraid it would turn their sons into robots. Hetkind. Een jongen gooit een prop papier op de grond en de leerkracht vraagt: “Wil je dat in de prullenbak gooien alstublieft?”


The Boy With The Incredible Brain. Daniel Tammet is a twenty-something with extraordinary mental abilities, Daniel is one of the world’s few savants.

The Boy With The Incredible Brain

He can do calculations to 100 decimal places in his head, and learn a language in a week. This documentary follows Daniel as he travels to America to meet the scientists who are convinced he may hold the key to unlocking similar abilities in everyone. He also meets the world’s most famous savant, the man who inspired Dustin Hoffman’s character in the Oscar winning film ‘Rain Man’. As a baby, Daniel cried constantly and banged his head against the wall. His parents were frantic but all doctors could suggest was that he was understimulated. This condition occurs when the parts of the brain responsible for different areas of perception get mixed up. Ik leer in beelden.