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BALLE - Business Alliance for Local Living Economies

BALLE - Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
Changing the way our economy operates starts with a single person. It starts with you. We believe that real national prosperity — even global prosperity — begins at the local level and that by connecting entrepreneurs who are re-thinking their industries, funders who are investing in the local economy movement, and network organizers who can mobilize on a broad scale, we can — and will — create a stronger, more resilient, and fair economy. BALLE is the fastest growing business alliance of values aligned entrepreneurs, business networks, and local economy funders in North America. Together we are building local economies, city by city, town by town, business by business. Real prosperity starts here.

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'Groceryships' Could Set a Course for Healthy Eating Shutterstock. In recent years, a consensus has been taking shape among food justice advocates, as well as nutrition and public health experts. While access to fresh, healthy food is important to changing dietary trends, these groups tend to agree, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. A new project in South Los Angeles has set out to prove that another piece of the puzzle—educating people how to cook whole foods—can work wonders. Airbnb Launches Trips, Its Big Tours and Activities Gamble – Skift Airbnb is making good on its global campaign promise to help guests “live there” with its newest product launch. Today, the San Francisco-based company debuted Trips, the company’s official, formal foray into tours and activities, as well as Places, which allows users to find highly curated, hand-picked recommendations for meetups, restaurants, and events in a destination. The company also hinted at the debut of Airbnb Flights, and noted that guests can eventually book car rentals, restaurant reservations, and grocery delivery services through the updated Airbnb app. All of these new products point to Airbnb’s ambitions of becoming a bonafide “super brand of travel” by combining all of these services into a single travel platform. It’s clear that with today’s announcement, Airbnb doesn’t just want to be an accommodations provider or even an online travel agency. “You can spend as much time planning your trip, as on your trip,” Chesky said.

9 Tips for Raising Startup Funds on AngelList Joshua Baer is the co-founder and CEO of Otherinbox, a prolific angel investor and the director of Capital Factory, Austin’s seed-stage incubator. He founded SKYLIST in 1996 from his college dorm room at Carnegie Mellon, and created UnsubCentral in 2004. You can follow Joshua on Twitter @joshuabaer. AngelList is an online community that matches startups with investors to streamline the fundraising process. [VIDEO] How Money Can Buy Happiness In a November 2011 TED talk, Michael Norton explains that the phrase “money can’t buy you happiness” is not necessarily true. He argues that “if you think money can’t buy you happiness, you’re not spending it right.” He describes spending money on ourselves as an anti-social activity and spending money on others as a pro-social activity. How Money Can Make us Smile

#ShopTOWest: Parkdale Holiday Shop Crawl Events & Culture You know what makes a city interesting? Independent retailers, local restaurants, and family-owned shops. Of course parks, street art and public spaces all contribute as well, but local businesses bring colour and flavour to a neighbourhood; they bring life to the blocks. Contest Burner Facebook You Can Easily Connect Your Facebook Fan Page & Fan Contest Directly To Your Website & Flood Your Site With Massive Viral Traffic! You'll Get An Army Of Back-links From All Over The Net... Get Tons Of "Buzz" In Your Niche... And Build A Monstrous, Responsive List...

35+ Social Lending Platforms Around the World I’ll be giving a presentation on ‘the future of money’ in a few months, and am trying to wrap my head around all the emerging disruptive tools and services that are shaking up the financial industry. I plan to do a few posts covering these areas, and hope we can have some interesting discussion about what it means and where we’re going. In the meantime, here’s a general resource of social lending platforms/marketplaces across the globe. If you’re aware of any I’ve missed, please let me know! Farmstead Chef - Harvest Haystacks: The Ultimate Community Meal There’s nothing better than a rural road trip with a mystery dish. During our wanderings last weekend around Goshen, Ind., we visited the Michiana Mennonite Relief Sale, where tried haystacks for the first time. This weekend event featured an auction and sale raising several hundred thousand dollars for the group’s international peace and justice work, but on Friday night food reigned king. Mashall King, a foodie friend and managing editor at The Elkhart Truth, helped us navigate the booths of tempting homemade food run by local Mennonite churches. The haystack food tent drew us in, as the concept was so simple yet completely new to us—the perfect meal for a large-crowd fundraiser. As you walk through the buffet line, volunteers stand by prepped ingredients, piling them them on your plate in a haystack fashion.

How Escape Brooklyn Became the Best Local Travel Site Denny and Erin, Owners of Escape Brooklyn (Photo: Courtesy Escape Brooklyn). Escape Brooklyn is the best local travel site you don’t know about. Thorough guides to day and weekend trips to the Catskills and beyond, replete with drool-worthy photos of rustic cabin interiors, breathtaking mountain vistas and the good old-fashioned behind-the-dashboard shot of the open road induce a maddening combination of envy and aspiration: Who the hell are these people and how do I make my life look like theirs? These people are married couple Erin Lindsey, 31, and Denny Brownell, 38. “We’re a Brooklyn couple that people can relate to: Erin’s the blonde graphic designer, I’m the tattooed bearded guy. Everybody either is that person or knows that person,” Mr.

Helping Others Help Others Thanks for visiting us. We have some big news to share -- we've just changed our name from CharityFocus to ServiceSpace! Founded in 1999, CharityFocus was originally started to help non-profits with technical services. About Us Shareable is an award-winning nonprofit news, action and connection hub for the sharing transformation. What’s the sharing transformation? It’s a movement of movements emerging from the grassroots up to solve today’s biggest challenges, which old, top-down institutions are failing to address. Behind these failing industrial-age institutions are outmoded beliefs about how the world works – that ordinary people can’t govern themselves directly; that nonstop economic growth leads to widespread prosperity; and that more stuff leads to more happiness. Amid crisis, a new way forward is emerging – the sharing transformation. The sharing transformation is big, global, and impacts every part of society.

Permaculture. The Future of Business and Beyond. An Interview Compilation (PVP081) Podcast: Play in new window | Download “You, as a food buyer, have the distinct privilege of proactively participating in shaping the world your children will inherit.” Joel Salatin Escape Brooklyn – DVEIGHT Erin and Denny began pioneering through the region back in 2012. After just a few road trips they bought an old Jeep Cherokee and launched the blog Escape Brooklyn to inspire fellow urban dwellers to head north. Who better than Erin to guide you on a road trip through her favorite local spots.

An FAQ on the LETS system This document was prepared by John Croft, of the Gaia Foundation. and edited by Warwick Rowell - . It describes the why, the how and the what of Local Economic Transfer System (LETS) schemes. Q.1 What is a LETSystem?

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