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New Dream Mini-Views: Visualizing a Plenitude Economy. Piccolo the tiny CNC-bot. JumpTrumpRumpBump. Kilian's Quest Slow motion 1000 frames / second. Denmark (Portland Cello Project) RAGU. Anikey Studios. Pizza Verdi (short film) Little Quentin. HackFwd: Visualize Your Business Model in 15 Minutes Flat. Time Lapse Tour of Yosemite National Park. Ex ET. YASIIN / FOREVER ALIVE / SEXY SAX MAN. Heathers - Waiter. Light. Digitals. The Big Island. Booktype, the open source publishing platform. Hunted - Gordon Pinkerton - Ringling Thesis 2011. The Holstee Manifesto Lifecycle Video. Kayley Ashworth - Superstar bmx EDIT.

C2C - Down The Road (starring Richie Jackson) [OFFICIAL] @C2Cdjs. Break Science - Light Speed Transit Exclusive Video. Our view of life. The Linux Action Show. As you discussed during the howto segment, there is a bit flexibility to setting up your partitions.

The Linux Action Show

When setting up partitions for Ubuntu, I recommend the following setup. Choose Try Ubuntu, then run Gparted.If you have two drives attached, you will have two drives available from the pull down menu. Select the one you wish to use for your / and swap.Right click select on the unallocated space, choose new.With the new dialog open, choose the Ext4 file system, Extended partition, and place swap in the label. For the partition size, choose double the amount of your RAM. Gabriel Royal - On Again Off Again. Slow Motion Organic Paint Equalizer. Dave's DIY Jib Crane. Let's Start a Learning Revolution. M83 - Midnight City. Soundlapse. C2C - F·U·Y·A. Make it better.

Everything is a Remix Part 4. Everything is a Remix Part 1. Everything is a Remix Part 3. Above The Dust. MADE IN ICELAND.