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Crème de la Crème - Blog. Rédigé par Clément Galopin, Data Consultant.

Crème de la Crème - Blog

NB : cet article demande quelques bases en HTML et en CSS, notamment sur les concepts de balise et de classes. Ces bases peuvent néanmoins s'acquérir très rapidement, notamment en consultant le site La digitalisation de la société et l'essor du e-commerce engendrent chez les webmarketeurs et les managers un besoin croissant d'accéder à l'information en temps réel.

Il devient de plus en plus primordial d'être capable de consulter instantanément et sur de larges volumes des informations telles que les derniers tweets de telle ou telle entreprise, ou bien les prix de tel ou tel concurrent. C'est pourquoi le data crawling, ou collecte automatisée de données, connaît une popularité grandissante auprès des managers d'aujourd'hui.

The MVP is dead. Long live the RAT. – Hacker Noon. Colony. Pourquoi j'ai décidé d'arrêter de changer le monde. “Redonner du sens à sa vie”, tel est le mot d’ordre pour la génération Y.

Pourquoi j'ai décidé d'arrêter de changer le monde

L’engagement et la volonté de changer le monde ont le vent en poupe. Mais le petit monde de l’innovation sociale est encore et toujours un milieu où règne l’entre-soi. Cela fait dix ans que je m’investis comme bénévole auprès de divers mouvements, et je connais trop bien leurs côtés sombres. Changer le monde, oui, mais à quel coût humain ? Nombreux sont les jeunes qui sont en quête de sens et désirent avant tout que leur action ait un impact social et environnemental positif. Depuis deux ans, je suis investi dans ce milieu, mais mon engagement associatif (éducation populaire, ONG, coopératives, etc) est plus ancien (11 ans).

By Staff Reporter on 23 June, 2016 2 Being an entrepreneur can be a profoundly rewarding experience.

For many, it’s a chance to break away from a mundane corporate life and do something truly innovative. But it can also be incredibly challenging and, at times, horribly lonely. As rewarding as leaving corporate life behind might seem, it comes with serious risks, and those can weigh pretty heavily on any entrepreneur’s mind. But even for those who aren’t clinically diagnosed the road to success can seem more like a mountain traverse. Thousand Network Home - Thousand Network. 6 Brilliant and Affordable Tools That Will Make Your Company Smarter. Running a small business is challenging enough.

6 Brilliant and Affordable Tools That Will Make Your Company Smarter

You need as much technological help as you can get to increase sales, stay on top of projects, and create compelling content that will help you win customers. But buying the software that will help your business succeed can also destroy your budget. Are there tools out there that will give you an edge--and that you can afford? Yes, and yes, according to the folks at IT project management software company LiquidPlanner. How to Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Power a Career Transition. Kenneth Andersson for HBR Are you raring to change careers?

How to Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Power a Career Transition

Break into a whole new line of work that makes you leap out of bed, happy to go to work every day? Parlay personal passions into professional endeavors? Or focus on a different clientele, type of product, or service? We all know the power of LinkedIn for job hunting and networking. It’s tempting to create an “everything under the sink” profile that makes you look qualified for both the job you have and the one you want or for a variety of new functions, industries, or roles. Instead, focus your profile on your new career direction, just as you’ve tailored your resume to specific jobs. Headline. Learn to Love Networking. Rami Niemi “I hate networking.”

Learn to Love Networking

We hear this all the time from executives, other professionals, and MBA students. They tell us that networking makes them feel uncomfortable and phony—even dirty. Although some people have a natural passion for it—namely, the extroverts who love and thrive on social interaction—many understandably see it as brown-nosing, exploitative, and inauthentic. But in today’s world, networking is a necessity. When we studied 165 lawyers at a large North American law firm, for example, we found that their success depended on their ability to network effectively both internally (to get themselves assigned to choice clients) and externally (to bring business into the firm). Fortunately, our research shows that an aversion to networking can be overcome. 1. Most people have a dominant motivational focus—what psychologists refer to as either a “promotion” or a “prevention” mindset. Consider a work-related social function you feel obliged to attend. 2. 3.

A 10-Year Study Reveals What Great Executives Know and Do. Despite the huge impact executives can have on their organizations, failure rates remain high.

A 10-Year Study Reveals What Great Executives Know and Do

Prescriptions for what to do continue to fall short. So we wondered: If we closely studied the executives who succeed in top jobs once appointed, could we identify distinguishing features that set them apart and defined their success? As part of our ten-year longitudinal study on executive transitions, which included more than 2,700 leadership interviews, we did a rigorous statistical analysis (including more than 90 regression analyses) to isolate the skills of the top-performing executives. We isolated seven performance factors correlated to strong organizational performance as well as leadership strengths through IBM Watson’s content analysis tools as well as historical performance reviews of these leaders and their direct reports. These seven factors led to our discovery of four recurring patterns that distinguished exceptional executives.

How to pitch an idea like Mark Cuban and Reid Hoffman.