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Guide to Coconuts From its butter to its water—the mighty coconut may be the perfect food. Considered a fruit, a nut, and a seed (though technically in the drupe family), the coconut is one of those addicting foods that you can never get enough of. The palm is also called the “Tree of Life” because every single part of the plant can be used to make everything from milk to musical instruments. It’s a good thing the coconut lives up to its weighty name, providing the world with delicious retreats into coconut-food heaven. Quenching Thirst Coconut water is getting more grocery attention, and not only at the health-food stores. Buttery Goodness Not exactly the angel of the fat world, coconut oil and butter have gone through a rollercoaster ride of reputations. Subbing for Mr. Beautiful Skin Even though this is not directly food-related, coconut is also a beneficial ingredient in natural beauty products.

About Us | Renewal Renewal is a collection of independent organizations founded by Carol Newell to carry out her original mission of fostering social change. These organizations include the charitable foundation, Endswell, the seed-capital investment firm, Renewal Partners Company, the investment firm Renewal Funds, and our events, PlayBIG and Social Venture Institute. Mission For the past 18 years, Renewal put the powerful tools of business and philanthropy to work in the creation of a triple bottom line economy. Vision Renewal launched in 1994, with a 50-year strategy, and a 500-year vision, to influence and support a shift from a “maximum financial return at any planetary cost” economy to one based on the health of communities and in which ecosystems are integrated into economic activities that prioritize the long-term well being of future generations. Strategy Renewal has grounded and increased the leverage of its resources by focusing, primarily, on our region, British Columbia. Goal

Catherine B. Reynolds Program for Social Entrepreneurship > Speaker Series > Archive Archive The NYU Reynolds Speaker Series Archive includes videos and audio recordings from the entire history of the “Social Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century” Speaker Series. Since 2006, the series has brought prominent social entrepreneurs and leaders from across the spectrum of public and professional sectors to the NYU and NYC communities. Watch, listen, and download their insights as cutting-edge, far-reaching changemakers. All speaker series videos and podcasts are also available on the NYU Reynolds iTunes Podcast and on the NYU Reynolds YouTube channel. Jump to a specific event: 2013 - 2014 Speaker Series: 2012 - 2013 Speaker Series: 2011 - 2012 Speaker Series: 2010 - 2011 Speaker Series: David Gergen (CNN) and Catherine B.

Regional The San Francisco Bay Area is blessed with a comprehensive, far-reaching transit system, yet only 9% of Bay Area residents use transit to commute. The vast majority of residents rely on their car to get to work, pick up their kids from school, and run errands. Moving the Bay Area away from car dependence and toward a sustainable region requires a bold, new approach to growth and development—one that provides economic and housing opportunities near transit to low-income communities of color. Great Communities Collaborative shapes regional policies, plans, and funding priorities that advance equitable transit-oriented development. Our recent regionally-focused projects include: Moving to WorkMoving to Work is a GCC applied research project that identifies the transportation constraints and needs of low-moderate income workers in the Bay Area to access career-ladder job opportunities.

Star Wars Yoga Poses (6 Pics These amazing illustrations were created by Rob Osbourne (and can be purchased on his etsy site). Click through to see Darth Vader, C-3P0, R2-D2, Princess Leia and more… (found via 22words) Previously: <–Back to Home Page Will the real food movement please stand up? Image: Will Etling’s “Sustain,” originally for GOOD magazine and contributed to Green Patriot Posters. Farmer Bob Comis recently suggested that the food movement is suffering from “multiple personality disorder.” He argued that several vocal factions — foodies, locavores, and “smallists” — tend to dominate the food movement discussion, unrealistically distracting us from our ultimate objective: bringing affordable, organic food to all as part of a broader commitment to social justice. For decades now, organic farmers and sustainable food activists of all stripes have been vexed by the question: Is this a movement? Can it scale and have meaningful impact? At one eloquent and entrepreneurially-impeccably-credentialed end of the spectrum stands farmer Joel Salatin: Don’t let them confuse you. At the other eloquent and entrepreneurially-impeccably-credentialed end of the spectrum stands Stonyfield Farm CEO Gary Hirshberg: “I hate the ‘m’ word. Where does that leave us? CSAs to the rescue.

Learn About InSight Track Your Finances No more paper receipts! Record how much you make and spend everyday right on your mobile phone Know exactly where your money is going and how much you’re spending and saving See your records in easy-to-read charts and graphs to help you keep track Learn and Save Calculate daily profits and losses from your recorded earning and spending amounts Learn basic financial accounting to keep track of your spending and savings and improve your money management skills Receive helpful financial facts and tips to learn responsible ways to manage, save, and spend money Reach Savings Goals Save for the things you’ve always wanted by setting savings goals with InSight Create customized savings plans to help you reach your goals Develop responsible savings and spending habits with InSight’s daily reminders Build Your Financial Identity

Third Sector Capital Partners Third Sector Capital Partners GCC Toolkit The Great Communities Toolkit is a free compendium of resources to help those advocating for equitable transit-oriented development. The toolkit helps community groups to ensure plans will result in neighborhoods with affordable homes, community-serving retail, accessible job centers, and community services. You can review and download all or individual sections of the Great Communities Toolkit from the list below. Most content was last updated in October 2009. Download the Complete Toolkit [13.4MB, .PDF] Table of Contents Cover PageLetter to Advocate 1. 2. 3. Advocating for a High Quality Transit Station Area PlanTypical City Process and Timeline for Developing a Transit Station Area PlanDesigning a Campaign PlanGoals, Strategies and TacticsDeveloping a PlatformBuilding a CoalitionEvent PlanningSample Letter to City CouncilHow to Engage your Constituency: Focus Groups 4. 5.

The indicators: an overview | Measuring well-being | Learn | National Accounts of Well-being The National Accounts of Well-being indicators on this website represent a working model of measures which governments can use to monitor the well-being of their citizens. The indicators have been constructed by nef, using data from the 2006-2007 European Social Survey . This is the most comprehensive and detailed international survey of well-being ever undertaken. The resulting survey dataset was used to develop an indicator set around two headline measures of personal well-being and social well-being : the two crucial aspects of how people experience their lives. In addition, the personal well-being and social well-being indicators can be brought together in different ways to form versions of a combined well-being indicator . The indicators were created by standardising and transforming the survey data so that all results are presented on 0–10 scales, with a score of 5 always representing the average score across the 22 European countries included.

gather restaurant - home Careers - Braintree Know somebody who would be a good fit? We'll give you $5,000 for a referred hire. A Few Things About Us We're working on building an exceptional company. We want our customers to rave about our software and support. To do these things, we need highly talented doers. Braintree is nearly five years old. Our philosophy has always been to create an environment where the most talented people will naturally thrive. On any given day, you'll see people riding motorized scooters around the office, engaged in competitive ping pong tournaments (read Ping Pong is serious business at Braintree ), snacking in our fully stocked kitchen, and only half of the team wearing shoes. With us you'll get full health, vision and dental benefits, flex spending, a 401k with employer match, short/long term disability, life insurance and a monthly credit for a private black car and taxi service from Uber , so you can get around in style. The Braintree Compass Be good, do good. Inspire others by being your best.

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