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Meet Your New Favorite Exotic Meat: Yak When Mira Danysh stumbled on the organic Real Butcher Shop, she was excited to see it sold yak. The Arizona nurse was on a spring getaway to scenic Santa Fe. But as a follower of the protein-heavy, grain-free paleo diet, she uses vacations to stock up on healthy new foods. Danysh’s boyfriend had ordered yak meat from a Colorado ranch before, and her mom had tried yak yogurt during a trip to Nepal. Now Danysh put the ground meat into chili — and loved it. “I would definitely eat it again,” she says. Farmstead Chef - Harvest Haystacks: The Ultimate Community Meal There’s nothing better than a rural road trip with a mystery dish. During our wanderings last weekend around Goshen, Ind., we visited the Michiana Mennonite Relief Sale, where tried haystacks for the first time. This weekend event featured an auction and sale raising several hundred thousand dollars for the group’s international peace and justice work, but on Friday night food reigned king. Mashall King, a foodie friend and managing editor at The Elkhart Truth, helped us navigate the booths of tempting homemade food run by local Mennonite churches. The haystack food tent drew us in, as the concept was so simple yet completely new to us—the perfect meal for a large-crowd fundraiser.

Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs On April 8th 2014, ANDE celebrated its fifth anniversary! Since 2009, ANDE has grown from 34 to over 200 inspiring members. ANDE Celebrates 5 Years of Supporting Small and Growing Businesses from ANDE on Vimeo. Guide to Coconuts From its butter to its water—the mighty coconut may be the perfect food. Considered a fruit, a nut, and a seed (though technically in the drupe family), the coconut is one of those addicting foods that you can never get enough of. The palm is also called the “Tree of Life” because every single part of the plant can be used to make everything from milk to musical instruments. It’s a good thing the coconut lives up to its weighty name, providing the world with delicious retreats into coconut-food heaven. Here’s the low-down on the health benefits, how to bake up delicious coconut cake, and whip up beauty applications, and why everyone is obsessing over this fuzzy, brown food.

About Us Renewal is a collection of independent organizations founded by Carol Newell to carry out her original mission of fostering social change. These organizations include the charitable foundation, Endswell, the seed-capital investment firm, Renewal Partners Company, the investment firm Renewal Funds, and our events, PlayBIG and Social Venture Institute. Mission For the past 18 years, Renewal put the powerful tools of business and philanthropy to work in the creation of a triple bottom line economy. Direct Marketing to Schools — ASI A New Opportunity for Family Farmers by Jeri L. Ohmart UC Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education ProgramJuly, 2002 Permaculture. The Future of Business and Beyond. An Interview Compilation (PVP081) Podcast: Play in new window | Download “You, as a food buyer, have the distinct privilege of proactively participating in shaping the world your children will inherit.” Joel Salatin This episode is a compilation of interviews that I recorded during PV1 – March 13-16, 2014. The general theme of this episode is how business can benefit from permaculture. How we as the permaculture community can positively impact the future of business.

Will the real food movement please stand up? Image: Will Etling’s “Sustain,” originally for GOOD magazine and contributed to Green Patriot Posters. Farmer Bob Comis recently suggested that the food movement is suffering from “multiple personality disorder.” He argued that several vocal factions — foodies, locavores, and “smallists” — tend to dominate the food movement discussion, unrealistically distracting us from our ultimate objective: bringing affordable, organic food to all as part of a broader commitment to social justice. For decades now, organic farmers and sustainable food activists of all stripes have been vexed by the question: Is this a movement? Can it scale and have meaningful impact? At one eloquent and entrepreneurially-impeccably-credentialed end of the spectrum stands farmer Joel Salatin:

Learn About InSight Track Your Finances No more paper receipts! Record how much you make and spend everyday right on your mobile phone Know exactly where your money is going and how much you’re spending and saving See your records in easy-to-read charts and graphs to help you keep track Learning Materials - Holistic Management International Introduction to Holistic Management Sale Price: $17.50 (regularly $25) This manual offers exercises to understand the Holistic Management framework, decision-making process, ecosystem processes, and tools for management.

Think Like a Commoner Getting to the heart of the permaculture ethic of fair shares, David Bollier's book provides an excellent primer on the theory and practice of the commons, a bottom-up vehicle for "social and political emancipation and societal transformation." In the process he expands our imaginations to reclaim the wrongly-maligned word, 'commoner', outlining a budding revolution which most of us are already part of, whether we realise it or not. A commons, standing outside of the spheres of market and state, consists of "working, evolving models of self-provisioning and stewardship that combine the economic and the social, the collective and the personal." While many might associate discussion of the commons with historical events such as the enclosure movement, Bollier brings commons theory right into the present age. R.

The Corn Conundrum One of summer’s greatest vegetable pleasures is missing from my garden. I don’t grow corn, much to my children’s dismay. Every year, they ask to plant some, and every year, I make excuses: We love buying our corn from Fred, a farmer in the next town, who sells sweet, heavy cobs out of the back of a vintage pickup. True. We eat so much corn at one time, we could never grow enough for all of us to eat a meal together. Also true.