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Etienne Mineur archives Cet été, j’ai un peu le temps d'écouter les nombreux PodCasts stockés dans mon iphone durant cette année, et je (re)découvre toutes une série de Podcasts vraiment intéressants et très variés. • Je vous conseille avant tout le l’émission de l’Agence tous Geeks n° 07, vous allez avoir Monsieur Post Carbone qui va vous expliquer le fonctionnement de nombreuses inventions, (du gramophone de Thomas Edison, au disque dur, en passant par la souris, le CDRom, et la disquette 3,5 pouces). Ce monsieur est un pédagogue de génie, il arrive à vous expliquer des choses très compliquées très simplement et avec passion, bref je vote pour que Post Carbon soit notre prochain ministre de l’éducation nationale (et de la recherche). • Il y a aussi une émission passionnante du nom de Pendant les travaux le cinéma reste ouvert concernant le cinéma.

Inspirations Graphiques est un blog dédié au design graphique, à l'illustration et au webdesign 34 Photoshop Tutorials That Will Leave You Looking Like A Pro Design This time we are bringing you a lot of Photoshop tutorials on all sorts of topics. It's meant to be a good collection for those who aren't quite pro yet, but want to be. From making amazing business cards to bringing a stone statue to life, these take us through hours and hours of practicing those skills. These tutorials are some of the best and varied out there.

illustration JORNAL i cover It is with a great happiness that I post the pictures of the newspaper’s cover published in 15 of August in the World’s Best-Designed Newspaper Passos Coelho’s close up Group exhibition with Gennebra in Diz-me o que lês (Lisbon) Brand New UnderConsideration is a graphic design firm generating its own projects, initiatives, and content while taking on limited client work. Run by Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit in Austin, TX. More… products we sell Flaunt: Designing effective, compelling and memorable portfolios of creative work. Brand New Conference videos / Individual, downloadable videos of every presentation since 2010.

50 Awesome Designers to Follow on Zootool Zootool is a fast-growing visual bookmarking service that has become the standard place for thousands of designers to archive digital inspiration, links, tools and more. Today we’ll help you get the most out of Zootool by introducing you to fifty users who share quality design-related resources. What Is Zootool? ZooTool has quickly become one of my favorite web services. At heart, it’s a bookmarking service. Think of Delicious if they hadn’t stayed stagnant for the past decade.

Design and Interiors - T Magazine Pete Roe Designed by We Wow, United Kingdom. wewow adds the WOW factor to eco-friendly CD packagingBradford-based CD/DVD packaging company wewow Ltd. develop innovative, eco-friendly packaging solution for rising folk-artist Pete Roe.Working closely with Communion Records, wewow rose to the challenge of creating an eco-friendly CD packaging solution for folk-artist Pete Roe’s EP, ‘The Merry Go Round.’ The inventive packaging concept for ‘The Merry Go Round’ was skillfully produced from a single piece of sustainable board which delicately folds to form a unique spiral clasp. Amazingly, the unique packaging concept requires no glue or plastic tray thanks to clever engineering which ensured that the disc was protected and held securely in place by the card-based packaging.

30+ Handy Blank Templates for Designers Sometimes you have a nice concept for a design in your mind, but you don’t know where to start; or sometimes you are just not aware of the right size for the design to implement. That’s where templates come handy. I have collected some very useful templates with proper guidelines, sizes and resolutions for design projects like business cards, letterheads, vinyl designs, brochures etc. I believe that these will prove to be a great time-saver for many of you guys. Most of these are in PSD or AI format, and are easily editable. > 100% logo design blog Miss Design 33 Creative CD and DVD Packaging Designs CDs and DVDs have been around for about 20 years. Just like any printed medium in a digital world like ours, a lot of people are talking about them as becoming obsolete just like the vinyl records of the 70s. The year 2012 is about to end but CDs and DVDs are still here and not dead. Not in 2012 at least. So we looked around online for creative and unique CD and DVD packaging designs. This collection features a wide variety of designs that are truly creative and simply amazing–from packaging inspired by food such as the Daily bread and the Salami CDs, to environment-friendly boxes and interactive designs.

Beautiful and Tempting Food and Drink Packaging No matter what marketers are trying to sell us, there must be something about their product or service that draws our attention. With food and drink products that are fighting for our attention on supermarket shelves, packaging design is of paramount importance. The designer needs to create packaging that will allow the manufacturers to keep the product within the price range of its competitors, and at the same time pique the interest of consumers enough to want to discover the delights inside. It’s a very tall order for designers, but as always in our modern world, they stand up to the challenge bravely and bring us amazing eye candy in the form of food and drink packaging. Here is a selection of 35 beautiful and tempting food and drink packaging designs from around the world.

IGreenSpot - Part 7 Browsing articles in "Packaging" It has been well known that styrofoam is the materials used in transporting perishable goods to preserve its freshness. However, once the transportation is done, styrofoam is already transformed into mountain of landfills, which is obviously the dark side of using it.

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