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Unique Business Cards by Card Observer

Unique Business Cards by Card Observer

25 Extremely Creative Typography Designs Advertisement Only designers can understand a difference between a Good Typography and a Great one. So is the love for Typography in designers mind that they even create posters with “Typography” written in it, Obviously as they are designers, every one tries to give a different treatment to same design. Today we are showcasing some Trendy and elegant Typography designs which will make you say wow. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our older articles on 3D Typography Designs, Attractively Designed Infographics, Fresh Mascots Designs, and Cool Print Advertisements.

CSS Ribbon Menu Use CSS3 transitions and CSS2 pseudo-elements to create an animated navigation ribbon with minimal markup. February 1, 2012 Browser Support IE8 and IE9 do not support CSS3 transitions, so the hover state will not be animated for those browsers. Otherwise it looks and functions the same, which I think is a very acceptable fallback. The HTML Minimal Movie Posters These two posters are the finalists for the Now You See Me fan poster competition, which I posted about here. Let’s call the top one Option 1, and the second Option 2. Now you’ll get to help to choose the winner by answering this question: which poster do you prefer, Option 1 or Option 2? Artists and designers can make the ordinary seem magical. Get involved in Summit Entertainment’s Now You See Me tumblr poster contest!

Free Vector Art, Images & Graphics - Page 4 前端资讯@M4 - 前端设计博客最佳站点 How To Typeset a Poster Bowne & Co., Stationers at the South Street Seaport Museum in New York frequently produces beautiful letterpress keepsakes. This one from 1989, “Nineteenth Century Job Printing Display – The Poster” is a delightful little guide to the dos and don’ts. Using their enviable stock of metal types, 200 copies were printed on a Vandercook Universal I. the text was adapted from “The Letter-Preess Printer: A Complete Guide to the Art of Printing; Containing Practical Instructions for Learners at Case, Press and Machine” (London, 1881). Last year I wrote about the possible closing of Bowne & Co. here, The shop is still functioning (at 211 Water St., NYC) and still printing: Announcement cards ($165 for 50), four-piece invitations ($1,085 for 100), and reception cards ($270 for 100),all printed on Crane & Co. paper. The “Friends of Bowne” are on Facebook.

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