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POP-UP NATURE by Barbara Leloux ArTechLab Cross discipline research lab, based at the ArtEZ Enschede POP-UP NATURE by Barbara Leloux « Previous Next » By labresearcher / / researcher / One comment Josh Earl » Blog May 07 Starting a new project is always fun — no unfamiliar code to grok, no need to worry about breaking existing features. Then … the setup begins Copy and paste the files from a previous project. Delete a bunch of files. Whack blocks of unneeded code.

Slotted Building Discs While reading the December issue of Art Forum Magazine, I came across a brilliant Damián Ortega sculpture made of tortillas. Of course I immediately wished I could play with them. So I scanned some recent collage circles I’d made, printed them out, and made these building discs. It’s surprisingly tricky to build with them, but amazingly addicting.

Why Your Next Programming Language Will Be JavaScript Once upon a time - okay, about 1996 or so - there was a race for dominance of this new thing called the World Wide Web. On one side was Microsoft, having firmly staked its ground a few years before with the introduction of Windows 3.0. On the other side was a little startup called Netscape that had only one product - a web browser - that it had been beta testing for a couple of years for free but was now faced with trying to get people to actually pay for said browser. So one of the programmers there, a bright guy by the name of Brendan Eich, came up with a novel concept - a simplified scripting language that borrowed some of the syntax from the new Java language that Sun, just down the road in the Bay Area, had debuted a few months earlier, added in a few constructs that were a bit groundbreaking, and made it possible to alter the fields of the new HTML form controls that had just come out. The first versions were, like much of the web at that time, laughably crude.

Arabic / Islamic geometry 02 The beginnings of these design studies These studies began a long time ago and derived from an interest I have always had in mathematics in general, and geometry in particular. Recently I came across a couple of studies that were among the first I carried out; some others have been lost and some are in private ownership. The studies which follow are all based on patterns I saw and explored, and I thought it might be useful to place them here for the record. Unfortunately there is no record of the examples they were taken from, so they will just have to stand as drafting exercises. Easy CSS3 checkboxes and radio buttons Pen Actions Create New Pen Save

Brevetto US2682235 - Building construction - Google Brevetti June 29, 1954 R. B. FULLER BUILDING CONSTRUCTION 6 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Dec. 12, 1951 m we NTOR RICHARD BUCKMINSTER FULLER av ATTORNEY June 29, 1954 R. Gemify Assets for Rails - The asset pipeline , introduced with Rails 3.1, makes it simple to include versioned external assets as application dependencies. Provided those assets are packaged as Ruby gems, the process is as simple as adding the gem to your Gemfile , running bundle install and, in the case of CSS and JavaScript, adding a require to the proper manifest file. Many popular CSS frameworks and JavaScript libraries are already available as gems. Search RubyGems to see if the assets you’re interested in are already packaged this way.

Kookaburra HD Wallpapers Kookaburra HD Wallpapers: Check out the cool latest Kookaburra images. High Definition desktop wallpapers to make your desktop cool and gives a new look. We have also included Kookaburra desktop wallpapers, high resolution photos to give you the natural pictures. Optimizing HTTP: Keep-alive and Pipelining By Ilya Grigorik on October 04, 2011 The last major update to the HTTP spec dates back to 1999, at which time RFC 2616 standardized HTTP 1.1 and introduced the much needed keep-alive and pipelining support. Whereas HTTP 1.0 required strict "single request per connection" model, HTTP 1.1 reversed this behavior: by default, an HTTP 1.1 client and server keep the connection open, unless the client indicates otherwise (via Connection: close header). Why bother? Setting up a TCP connection is very expensive! Even in an optimized case, a full one-way route between the client and server can take 10-50ms.

Advertising Print Via By Ogilvy & Mather Via: By McCann Berlin Via: THERE Assistant to the management team and THERE’s studio life in general, this is a newly created full-time opportunity for a Project Co-ordinator and Studio Assistant who would love to work with a great team producing amazing high-end design. About us THERE is one of Australia's leading brand and creative signage agencies with independently owned studios in Sydney & Singapore. We are a well-established, forward-thinking and expanding graphic design agency that have been creating branded experiences for the built environment for over 12yrs. Our recent clients include; 3M, Stylecraft, WoodsBagot, Hassell, Rabobank, Knight Frank, Urbis, GHD, LinkedIn & Google. About the role:

30 Unconventional Business Cards Yes, more traditional business practices are going digital these days. Though sometimes, a good ol' physical business card is just as effective for that networking event, trade fair or random grocery store encounter. But to make yourself memorable, leave behind the ho-hum, stock-designed business cards in favor of something a bit more creative.

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