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Don't waste your afternoon drawing UML Sequence Diagrams. Just enter the description here, and click "draw". The SD/MSC Generator is an easy alternative to using mouse-centric software tools like Microsoft Visio. Sequence Diagrams, also known as Message Sequence Charts, are useful for describing a conversation between two or more things. They can be used to describe how networks work. Sequence Diagrams are also found in documentation and patents.

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trace2uml: Drawing sequence diagrans in Doxygen From Doxygen version 1.5.3 doxygen supports sequence charts inside the documentation. Original doxygen works together with mscgen (a tool similar to Trace2UML). But because Trace2UML is now call compatible with mscgen, you can use Trace2UML instead. UML Class Diagrams - Unified Modeling Language UML - SmartDraw T Class diagrams are the backbone of almost every object-oriented method including UML. They describe the static structure of a system. Basic Class Diagram Symbols and Notations

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Doxygen meets SEQUENCE diagrams I’ve been tinkering with Doxygen and SEQUENCE (see my previous post on this) to make them play well together for the documentation of the Daversy project. The goal was to have Doxygen automatically incorporate sequence diagrams into the resulting documentation, complete with a description of the diagram and links to other relevant parts of the docs. I guess there are up sides to recovering from a knee surgery – it’s been years since I had the opportunity to spend a day on something like this. We’ll start with a simple sequence diagram file that SEQUENCE can read and convert into an image.

Sequence Diagram syntax and features Basic examples The sequence -> is used to draw a message between two participants. Participants do not have to be explicitly declared. To have a dotted arrow, you use --> It is also possible to use <- and <--. That does not change the drawing, but may improve readability. Why REST Keeps Me Up At Night This guest post comes from Daniel Jacobson (@daniel_jacobson), director of engineering for the Netflix API. Prior to Netflix, Daniel ran application development for NPR where he created the NPR API, among other things. He is also the co-author of APIs: A Strategy Guide and a frequent contributor to ProgrammableWeb and the Netflix Tech Blog.

4.11. Exploring a Maze In this section we will look at a problem that has relevance to the expanding world of robotics: How do you find your way out of a maze? If you have a Roomba vacuum cleaner for your dorm room (don’t all college students?) you will wish that you could reprogram it using what you have learned in this section. The problem we want to solve is to help our turtle find its way out of a virtual maze. The maze problem has roots as deep as the Greek myth about Theseus who was sent into a maze to kill the minotaur. itymbi ...: SEQUENCE Archives October 17, 2004 Version 9 of SEQUENCE The only change is that the source jar file now contains the data for the help files, such as they are.

UML basics: The sequence diagram It's February, and by now you've probably read about, or heard people talk about, making the change to UML 2.0--the new specification for UML that contains a number of improvements. Given the importance of the new spec, we are changing the basis of this article series, too, shifting our attention from OMG's UML 1.4 Specification to OMG's Adopted 2.0 Draft Specification of UML (a.k.a. UML 2). Peter Williams - Versioning REST Web Services (Tricks and Tips) In my previous post on this subject I described an approach to versioning the API of a REST/HTTP web service. This approach has significant advantages over the approach that is currently most common (i.e. embedding a version token in the URL). However, it does have some downsides.

20+ Tools To Supercharge Your Dropbox Dropbox is a powerful cloud service but it is more than just a website for online storage. Dropbox has many apps that work together with it to enhance your Dropbox experience. Besides automatically backing up your website to Dropbox, some of these apps or third party services will allow you to create a simple website with Dropbox, help you automatically organize your Dropbox files, and even let you email file attachments directly to your Dropbox account. (Image Source: Toby Negele) Here are 20+ tools to help you make Dropbox even more useful to your everyday routine. Recommended Reading: How To Share Dropbox Files On Your Facebook Group

Pic2Plot – trac – Trac This plugin will convert the PIC Graphical Language to an image. See for more info on the PIC language. You can use this to create all sorts of freeform drawings and diagrams. For examples see A good description can be found here: Another nice resource is specifically and the PIC manual at You will need GSView to open the .ps files.

Forever For Now - UML Diagrams Using Graphviz Dot Introduction Background This article is about using the dot tool from the Graphviz package to automatically generate UML diagrams on the fly. We'll take a look at modelling packages, classes, attributes, methods and associations which already covers a fair subset of the class diagrams in UML. Of course, the information given in this article is only of limited use in situations where you are manually entering the graph description, but the information is highly useful when you're writing a tool which analyzes program structure. So read on if you're writing a piece of software like UMLGraph.

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