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Hierarchy for Photoshop DOM :: ObjJob - (Navigation privée) ObjJobhierarchyobjectspropertiesmethodsconstants Hierarchy for Photoshop DOM Comments, questions, flames, and especially corrections should be emailed to the ObjJob author. CommonJS: JavaScript Standard Library JavaScript Éloquent : Une introduction moderne à la programmation You Might Not Need jQuery

JavaScript Éloquent : Une introduction moderne à la programmation Faire un jeu HTML5 3D (WebGL) avec des logiciels libres #javascript Depuis quelques mois nous tentons beaucoup de choses sur Jocly et nous avons abouti à un résultat qui dépassait nos espérances: une skin 3D WebGL et donc sans plugin pour un de nos jeux favoris, Yohoho 3D. Certes il faut un ordinateur et un browser compatibles, mais c’est une tendance lourde, n’en doutons pas Si tu n’as pas la configuration nécessaire, pour te donner un idée, avec beaucoup de bidouilles et de transpiration on arrive à ça: Et on en est plutôt content Je voulais partager un peu le chemin que nous avons parcouru et les technologies retenues. J’insiste, l’intention ici est de partager, aucune prétention à une expertise quelconque. Pour ce qui est de la 3D, nous gardions un oeil depuis longtemps sur threejs puisque notre API propose au développeur de travailler en javascript. Le workflow Au stade où nous en sommes, voici notre processus de création: Modélisation Il va falloir faire un peu attention aux paramètres d’export selon les cas. L’environnement Codage Jocly Tutoriels Drapeau

Spec Wiki Practical JavaScript | Watch and Code™ Learn the JavaScript you need for professional web development. Most courses focus on the syntax and features in JavaScript. You can go through resources like that all day long and not get anywhere. Designed to take you from total beginner to advanced. If you've tried learning JavaScript before, you've likely found that beginner courses are way too easy, advanced courses are way too hard, and there's hardly anything in the middle. Instructor-led study sessions every week. On Sundays at 7PM PST, I jump on video chat and host a live study session that's open to everyone. If this sounds good . . . Watch the first few videos and then email with your thoughts.

Stop Writing Slow Javascript - I Like Kill Nerds As Alfred Pennyworth once profoundly said in The Dark Knight Rises: Some front-end developers just want to watch the world burn.Alfred Pennyworth, The Dark Knight Rises As developers we are constantly learning, always growing and sometimes whether we realise it at the time or not, we are always making mistakes. Here are a few tips, most of which you might already have read elsewhere on how to write performant Javascript and just even thinking about some of the things you might be doing in your applications. Getting off the jQuery pony I’ll admit it. Stay home and use jQuery for everything, KipNapoleon Dynamite Are you guilty of doing things like this for the sake of convenience? $('#somediv').hide(); instead of = 'none';$('#somediv').show(); instead of = '';$('#myinput').val(); instead of element.value Don’t feel bad, we have all been there. I am not saying you should abandon jQuery entirely, but you shouldn’t use it for everything. The jQuery way

A Gentle Introduction to Functional JavaScript: Part 1 This is part one of a threefour-part series introducing ‘functional’ programming in JavaScript. In this article we take a look at the building blocks that make JavaScript a ‘functional’ language, and examine why that might be useful. What the Func? What is all the hype about Functional JavaScript? And why is it called functional? To me, learning functional programming is a little bit like getting a Thermomix: It takes a bit of up-front investment;You’ll start telling all your friends and family about it how awesome it is; andThey start to wonder if you’ve joined some kind of cult. But, it does make certain tasks a whole lot easier. Building Blocks Let’s start with some of the basic features of JavaScript that make ‘functional’ programming possible, before we move on to why it’s a good idea. var myContainer = "Hey everybody! That creates a container called myContainer and sticks a string in it. function log(someVariable) { console.log(someVariable); return someVariable;} Let’s try it out.

jQuery Vector Maps - Resizable Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) Maps for Modern Browsers Utiliser les différents tests d'égalité JavaScript fournit trois opérations permettant de comparer des valeurs : Selon la comparaison qu'on souhaite effectuer, on choisira une de ces opérations. En résumé, l'égalité faible effectuera une conversion des deux éléments à comparer avant d'effectuer la comparaison, l'égalité stricte effectuera la même comparaison mais sans conversion préalable (elle renverra toujours false si les types des deux valeurs comparées sont différents), enfin se comportera comme l'égalité stricte sauf pour les valeurs NaN, -0 et +0 : pour, -0 et +0 seront différents mais on aura, NaN) qui sera true. (Généralement, quand on compare NaN avec NaN en utilisant l'égalité stricte ou l'égalité faible, cela donne false afin de respecter la norme IEEE 754.). On notera que pour ces trois opérations, la comparaison s'effectue sur les valeurs des éléments qu'on compare, aucune de ces opérations ne permet de comparer la structure des paramètres. L'égalité stricte avec ===Edit

JavaScript debugging for beginners | JavaScript Knowledge needed: Basic JavaScriptRequires: Web browser, one of: Google Chrome, Firefox (with Firebug) or OperaProject time: 30 mins Over the last five years, thanks largely to the rise of frameworks such as jQuery and Prototype, JavaScript has risen to become a first tier language for scripting on the web. This increased popularity and ease of use, has led to the creation of fully fledged applications such as Gmail, which contain thousands of lines of JavaScript code that required teams of talented developers to create. As a result of this increasing complexity however, when something does go wrong developers need powerful JavaScript debugging tools in order to quickly root out the cause of the issue and fix it efficiently. In this tutorial I’ll outline some of the features of modern developer tools that you can use today to help make JavaScript debugging less painful. Read all our web design articles here 01. Chrome dev tools and Opera Dragonfly – Ctrl + Shift + IFirebug - F12 02. 03.

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