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Bootstrap. Doc at master · twitter/typeahead.js. Spotify/trickle. Nightwatch.js. Why Sass? I was a reluctant believer in Sass. I write stylesheets by hand! I don’t need help! And I certainly don’t want to add extra complexity to my workflow. Go away! That was the thinking anyway. But the reality is that Sass (and other CSS preprocessors) can be a powerful ally—a tool that any style-crafter can easily insert into their daily work. It took me a while to come around, but I’m sure glad that I did. And that’s the reason I wanted to write this little book. Ahem. So, I’m here to show you how Sass doesn’t have to disrupt your process and workflow, and how it can make your life easier.

The Sass elevator pitch#section1 Ever needed to change, say, a color in your stylesheet, and found that you had to find and replace the value multiple times? What if you could change that value in one place and the entire stylesheet reflected that change? Or how about repeated blocks of styles that are used in various locations throughout the stylesheet? That’s also Sass! CSS is hard#section2 “How the ! Designmodo - Web Design and Development Magazine. 1500+ Best jQuery Plugins & Tutorials with jQuery Demo examples 2012.

Pros and Cons of Flat Design. There’s not denying that flat design is the big thing in design these days. It’s everywhere. And not just flat design, but now with almost flat design as well. The arguments about the validity and application of the style are raging. The super-trendy design style elicits an opinion from almost everyone. So let’s take a step back and look at both sides of the issue and some pros and cons of flat design. Pro: Flat Design is Trendy Flat design is very trendy , but how long will it last? If you are an on-trend designer this is the time to jump on the flat design ship if you have not already. And it’s a lot of fun to design with the times. Con: It’s Trendy On the flip side of the trend equation is that you never know how long a trend will last. Already we are beginning to see more of a move from purely flat design to almost flat design or flat design using long shadows.

If you reinvent your website or app frequently, trendy design may be for you. Pro: Simple Mobile Interface Con: Usability Concerns. Drag-and-Drop with jQuery: Your Essential Guide. Home : Articles : Drag-and-Drop with jQuery: Your Essential Guide Tutorial by Matt Doyle | Level: Intermediate | Published on 17 February 2011 Categories: Learn how to use jQuery, and the jQuery UI Draggable and Droppable plugins, to create drag-and-drop interfaces in your web pages. Includes a full drag-and-drop card game example. Dragging and dropping can be a very intuitive way for users to interact with your site or web app. Moving email messages into folders Reordering lists of items Moving objects in games around, such as cards and puzzle pieces Drag-and-drop with JavaScript used to be very hard to do — in fact, getting a decent cross-browser version working was next to impossible. In this tutorial we'll take a look at how to create drag-and-drop interfaces with jQuery, and we'll finish with a complete drag-and-drop example: a simple number cards game for kids. jQuery UI The easiest way to include both libraries is to use Google's CDN, as follows: Making elements draggable containment snap.

HTML KickStart HTML Elements & Documentation. Setup Download HTML KickStart Include jQuery and HTML KickStart <script src=" src="js/kickstart.js"></script><! -- KICKSTART --><link rel="stylesheet" href="css/kickstart.css" media="all" /><!

-- KICKSTART --> Copy Elements into your HTML Browsers HTML KickStart Tested and working in IE 8+, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari IOS, Browser and Chrome Android. Notes Don't forget to use an HTML5 Doctype <! Buttons A.button With Icons Colors .orange Styles .pop Tooltips Tooltips are awesome. Hover over the examples on the right to preview. Use: class="tooltip" + title="my tooltip content" Tooltip Positions .tooltip (default) .tooltip-top .tooltip-right .tooltip-left .tooltip-bottom Tooltips with HTML Content .tooltip + data-content="#ID" HTML Content This is more HTML content. Paragraphs Blockquote lobortis nisl ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Blockquote Small Inline Styles Heading 3 Heading 4 Heading 5 Heading 6 Address col_12. Font Awesome, the iconic font designed for use with Twitter Bootstrap.

Futurico UI - User Interface Elements Pack. Futurico UI is the one of world’s biggest user interface elements pack. This extraordinary collection contains more than 200 web design elements to use in any design or application and for projects of all styles and concepts. All the elements in this pack are editable and available in fully-layered PSD (rasterized) format for easy integration. The pack includes three sets of elements in different colors and two examples of use in web design, showing how a single UI kit can help you create very different solutions. The Futurico UI Pro set is perfect for everyone, from the beginner to professional designer, and can be used as a framework to build your own design elements.

Try it today. Release Date: December 9, 2011Last Update: April 20, 2012Version: 1.1 == Changelog == = 1.1 = Fix a few bugs. Futurico UI Pro Screenshots Samples (Design Examples – PSD) More Images of Project on Behance. Fuel UX. Example Below is a working radio example. Using radio Call the radio via javascript (optional): $('#myRadio').radio() If you need to deactivate a radio button, the only way to do this currently is through javascript using: //note that this will deselect ALL radio buttons on the page. Change the query to target a specific group or button$('.radio-custom i').removeClass('checked');$('.radio-custom input').prop('checked', false); Methods Fuel UX's radio exposes the following methods: Markup You can activate radio on your page easily without having to write a single line of javascript. <label class="radio radio-custom"><input type="radio"><i class="radio"></i>Item One</label> Additionally, you can add a highlight effect to the radio control by adding the class highlight to its label element.

Pellepim / jsTimezoneDetect. This script gives you the zone info key representing your device's time zone setting. The return value is an IANA zone info key (aka the Olson time zone database). The IANA timezone database is pretty much standard for most platforms (UNIX and Mac support it natively, and every programming language in the world either has native support or well maintained libraries that support it). Since version 1.0.4 the library is hosted on I strongly recommend including it from there.

Invoke the script by calling var tz = jstz.determine(); // Determines the time zone of the browser client; // Returns the name of the time zone eg "Europe/Berlin" The script is useful if you do not want to disturb your users with questions about what time zone they are in. This script does not do geo-location, nor does it care very much about historical time zones. So if you are unhappy with the time zone "Europe/Berlin" when the user is in fact in "Europe/Stockholm" - this script is not for you. How can I pass arguments to event handlers in jQuery. RoyalSlider – Touch-Enabled jQuery Image Gallery | Themescripts. RoyalSlider – Touch-Enabled jQuery Image Gallery RoyalSlider is easy to use jQuery image gallery with animated captions and touch support for mobile devices.

Easily add unlimited number of slides and captions. Use it as image slider, image gallery, banner rotator, banner ads, or even presentation. Features Touch gestures navigation for iOS, Android and other touch devices. Animated HTML captions with custom effects (fade, move top, move right…). Smart lazy loading – after current image is loaded slider starts load two images near it. Super smooth for supported touch devices (new in version 5.0). Adjustable speed, transition and easing for each caption or slide. Static content for each slide is allowed. Move or for slides. Responsive(fluid) layout. Ability to remove drag navigation using mouse. Optional loading screen. SEO optimized, captions can use any tag you want (“h1”, “h2”, “p”…). Auto slideshow with optional pause on hover. Set start slide index and spacing between slides. Popular JQuery Tree Plugins. jQuery Tree Plugin? Tree Behaviour is some time required in web applications.

There are many jquery plugins to achieve treeview behaviour in web applications. Through this post we are sharing only most popular and robust jquery tree plugins there. jsTree JsTree is Highly configurable, cross browser compatible jquery tree plugin which supports various data sources like HTML, JSON and XML. JsTree support loading of data using AJAX and and also has drag & drop support. It is totally free and licensed under MIT or the GPL. jQuery Treeview Treeview is a another robust and Lightweight JQuery tree Plugin for creating expandable and collapsable trees in your website.It transforms unordered list into an expandable and collapsable tree.

It is free to use and comes under MIT/GPL liecence. jqTree jqtree is jQuery tree widget to create tree from JSON data. jQuery DynaTree Dynatree is a optimized dynamic JQuery tree plugin which creates Dom elements only when they are need. jQuery Treetable JQuery UI Tree. Web UI Components | Acid.JS Web UI by WeMakeSites.NET. About. SproutCore is the original JavaScript MVC library, kicking off the JS-MVC movement in 2007.

Developed by Apple and maintained by a robust and growing community, it continues to power the web application revolution. More than a plugin, it builds on top of JavaScript to provide an application-style runtime and MVC object model inspired by the best ideas from Cocoa. With dozens of core and third-party frameworks delivering native-caliber features, SproutCore remains the best choice for a full-stack, native-caliber experience on the web. A Full Stack. SproutCore delivers sophisticated features for sophisticated applications, including: Cocoa-inspired KVO: first-class support for two-way, transformable data bindings, dependent properties, and observer methods.

These features, and many more, combine to provide your application with a rock-solid foundation for building incredibly sophisticated apps. Your team gets all this for free. No Compromises: When To Choose SproutCore. Great Power. JS: The Right Way. Introduction to Events. Page last changed today See section 7A of the book. Events are supported by all JavaScript browsers except for Explorer 3 on Mac. Omniweb 4.2 and lower have meager event support. Events are the beating heart of any JavaScript application.

Without events there are no scripts. Therefore JavaScript needs a way of detecting user actions so that it knows when to react. When the user does something an event takes place. JavaScript can detect some of these events. When the user takes action he causes an event. As I said, without event handling there is no point in adding JavaScript to your pages.

Netscape 2 supported only a few events. In its most ancient form an event handler looks like this. It is very important to realize that this ancient way of event handling was de facto standardized by Netscape. However, since the introduction of these simple event handlers much has changed. The Version 4 browsers also provided more information about the event itself. There we go again. Hammer.js — A javascript library for multi touch gestures. Visual Event 2. Events in Javascript are often seen as a bit of an enigma. This is odd given that Javascript is very much an event driven language, but it is typically down to their complex nature and difficulty to debug. To this end I've created Visual Event to help track events which are subscribed to DOM nodes. Introduction Visual Event is an open source Javascript bookmarklet which provides debugging information about events that have been attached to DOM elements.

Visual Event shows: Which elements have events attached to them The type of events attached to an element The code that will be run with the event is triggered The source file and line number for where the attached function was defined (Webkit browsers and Opera only) In addition to being useful for debugging your own code, Visual Event can be used as an educational tool, showing how many web-sites have been authored. Visual Event is open source software (GPLv2) and a Git repo is hosted on GitHub for you to fork and modify as you wish!