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Architecture for Humanity

Architecture for Humanity
Architecture for Humanity creates solutions to global humanitarian challenges through the power of design. We provide vulnerable communities with vital, innovative and most of all community-driven architectural, planning and construction services. Upon request, any person may obtain from Architecture for Humanity or from the New York Attorney General’s Charities Bureau, a copy of the last financial report filed by Architecture for Humanity with the Attorney General’s Charities Bureau. Such request should be addressed to Architecture for Humanity at 695 Minna Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 or the New York Attorney General’s Charities Bureau at State of New York, Department of Law, Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271. A description of the programs and activities for which the proceeds will be expended can be obtained from Architecture for Humanity at the above listed address.

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The ABC of Architects [VIDEO] What do you get when you take 26 of the most important architects and mix it with animation? The quirky ABC of Architects animated video by Federico Gonzalez and Andrea Stinga, of course. The video is an alphabetical list of notable architects with their most well-known building. They tried to feature a range of nationalities in the lot, but they had to leave a lot of great architects out since the list had to be narrowed to the number of letters in the alphabet. Concept and Animation: Federico Gonzalez and Andrea StingaArt Direction: Federico GonzalezMusic: The Butterfly by Eugene C.

50 Most Strange and Unusual Buildings arround the World The world is full of beautiful strange and fantastic buildings that are the examples of amazing architecture. Architecture Photography brings this beauty to the world, and for this reason, architectural photography is as thrilling as it is heartwarming. In this roundup, we have compiled an amazing collection of some bizarre yet interesting buildings that are reflected through architectural photography. Enjoy! The UFO house in Sanjhih The Device to Root Out Evil

Evaluation + Tools + Best Practices Terms and Conditions Only 21 years old and above is eligible for loan application. To preserve the confidentiality of all information you provide to us we maintain the following Privacy Principles. We only collect personal information that we believe to be relevant and required to understand your financial needs. By clicking "Submit" and providing your personal data, you consent to Credit Hub Capital contacting you via the telephone and email for the loan application purpose.

Shipping Container House / Studio H:T Architects: Studio H:T Location: Nederland, Colorado, USA Project Completion: May 2010 Building Area: 1,517 sqft Photographs: Braden Gunem This project questions the need for excessive space and challenges occupants to be efficient. Two shipping containers saddlebag a taller common space that connects local rock outcroppings to the expansive mountain ridge views. An experiment in community.... - The World Cafe Community An interesting experiment has been taking place in Melbourne, Australia around the creation of generative spaces for strengthening neighbourhoods and tackling challenging issues. The experiment was started, perhaps rather unexpectedly, by a church but most decidedly it was not an attempt to try draw people “into the institution.” Instead it asked how might we create more neighbourhood spaces for authentic engagement, person to person?

INFOGRAPHIC: Meet the Ultra-Efficient Homes of the Future Resources are dwindling, prices are rising, and energy efficiency has never been more important. Commercial buildings have long been designed with conservation in mind: Taiwan’s national stadium is covered almost entirely with solar panels, and the CaixaForum Museum in Madrid boasts a living wall of 15,000 plants. However, with the world’s population predicted to exceed 8 billion by 2050, architects are turning their green design skills to residential homes. Potential structures range from ancient mudbrick domes, to space-age Earthships. Some designs are more viable than others, but the Big Deal team have identified five of the most promising candidates.

50 Strange Buildings of the World This is the original list of 50 strange buildings which has been and is being copied (stolen) by many bloggers. If you wish to post it on your blog or website, feel free to use up to 20 buildings from this list and give a proper link to our website ( as the source article. Ok, now enjoy this weird, odd, bizarre and incredible looking arcitechture! After reading it, don’t forget to check Part II and Part III. 1. The Crooked House (Sopot, Poland) Football for Hope: Kenya Our proposal for the Football for Hope Centre is designed to provide a sustainable infrastructure for social, community and economic development. Centred around the football pitch, the arrangement of the scheme encourages integration between users of its various facilities. Stepped earth walls form the physical backbone of the scheme, creating a public street for informal traders on one side and grandstand seating on the other. Over-sailing this is a metal roof, supported on timber columns, which provides both shade from the sun and a dignified public profile to the main street elevation.

MEKA reinvents shipping container housing Shipping containers are wonderful things- for shipping. They are part of an elaborate and extensive infrastructure for moving goods cheaply and efficiently that has revolutionized world trade. They are also all the rage among designers and architects who have been converting them into housing, with varying degrees of success. Then there is Meka. They do not build shipping container housing; they build what I will call housing containers- modules of houses that are built to shipping container dimensions to take advantage of the shipping container infrastructure, without most of the problems that actually arise from working with shipping containers. Where a shipping container is designed with enough steel to stack nine high completely filled with stuff, Meka designs their boxes with just enough steel to do the structural job that is required, while filling in the rest with conventional building materials that cost a lot less, that are easier to work with, and provide some insulation.

ERS Charles Darwin and other early evolutionists were fascinated by religious phenomena and how they might be explained from an evolutionary perspective. Nevertheless, evolutionary theory became restricted to the biological sciences and excluded from the study of many human-related subjects for most of the 20th century. Only now is the theory being used to explain all aspects of humanity in addition to the rest of life. The new field of evolutionary religious studies is part of this larger trend. This website provides an introduction to the study of religion from an evolutionary perspective.

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