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Shipping Container Housing Guide

Shipping Container Housing Guide
Shipping Container Housing Guide is a site that showcases the benefits of Shipping Container Housing, as well as provides information on how you can start building a house using shipping containers. At we're not engineers or architects, but we have backgrounds in construction and real estate investment, and a passion for efficient, storm resistant housing that can be produced economically. Here in Florida, where we reside, shipping container homes represent ideal solutions to many housing problems, especially with our weather concerns. As they can be designed and assembled to be hurricane-resistant, they could be a great alternative to mobile home parks, which are not very resistant to severe weather. We plan to update periodically the information on this site with articles written by real specialists and with our own thoughts and opinions. We want this site to be your primary source of information regarding cargo container homes.

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Residential Shipping Container Primer (RSCP™) Action It. Building a house is no small feet. Even a small one. There are thousands of materials, pieces, and tasks involved. Unless you are a builder or experienced it's intimidating. Mobile Fold-Out Shipping Container Home In this case, the sum is more than the parts – and the building footprint tells only half of the story. Push a button and things begin to unfold, revealing not just a deck but a lofted sleeping area and other pop-out amenities all hiding in the shell of a conventional cargo shipping container. While it has evolved through various concepts and prototypes, the primary features of the Port-a-Bach cargo container home include “a fully enclosed exterior steel shell (when folded up), appointed with large internal storage cupboards and shelves / stainless steel kitchen and fittings / bathroom with open shower, sink, composting toilet. Fabric screen system gives the versatility of creating rooms within the large open living space: includes bunk beds, double bed room, dressing room, kitchen and bathroom.”

Modern Shipping Container House in Venice, CA on August 20, 2015 This is a modern shipping container house in Venice, CA. It consists of three 20 foot containers designed to offer functional indoor and outdoor living space. Living Inside the Box: Creative Eco-Friendly Design Using Shipping Containers - Ship Happens – the uShip Blog Most of us have seen a tower of shipping containers at least once in our life. Throughout the US there are over 700,000 abandoned shipping containers. As the US moves away from being a manufacturing economy, we receive many more of these containers than we use to export goods, creating a surplus of containers that, well, don’t contain anything. Reusing them for importing more goods is inefficient, since it’s usually less expensive to manufacture a new container than to reuse an old one. Thus we are left with man-made mountains of empty steel boxes sitting in shipyards across the United States.

The US$55,000 Port-a-bach relocatable home (in a shipping container) - Image 5 of 18 December 1, 2008 The appeal of regularly relocating where we live probably comes from our nomadic origins as a species, and over the years we’ve thrilled at the possibilities of some remarkable constructs designed to enable just that: the Icosa Pod, miniHome, Free Spirit Sphere, Nackros Villa, LoftCube, Trilobis, Kitahaus, and the relocatable sphere house. New Zealand is one of those countries where its near-to-no-one geographic location has created a hotbed of innovation through necessity and the Kiwi-produced Port-a-bach is particularly inventive because it is based around a remanufactured shipping container. As such, the NZD$100,000 (US$55,000) fold-out dwelling is not just rugged due to its natural steel exoskeleton, it’s as easy to transport internationally as it is to transport locally on a standard container truck. It has low environmental impact and can connect to local utilities or be entirely power, water and sewer independent. View all Share

This page is reserved for Site Members - Shipping Container Homes - How to Plan, Design and Build your own House out of Cargo Containers This page is reserved for Site Members Existing members, please click here to login. If you are interested in learning more then you can become a Member of the site to access the Premium Resources Library. As a Premium Member you will get unrestricted access to all our education and training and design resources for life, including a free copy of our 3D Shipping Container Home Design Software, Interviews with experts etc, Container Home Design Profiles etc for just $199 $47 ! Just $199 $47 ! 10 Houses Made from Shipping Containers: Gardenista Older 10 Houses Made from Shipping Containers by Alexa Hotz Issue 79 · Summer Picnics · July 7, 2013

Containers of Hope / Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture Architects: Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture Location: San Jose, Costa Rica Project area: 100 sqm Project year: 2011 Photographs: Andres Garcia Lachner Gabriela Calvo and Marco Peralta dreamed of living in their fantastic property 20 minutes outside of the city of San Jose, Costa Rica; where they could be with their horses and enjoy the natural landscape. They made the very bold choice of exploring with me the possibility of creating a very inexpensive house made out of disregarded shipping containers that allowed them to be dept free and live the life they always dreamed of. It was important for me to provide them with the sunrise, the sunset, the spectacular views, and overall try and create a feeling of comfort and home. The final cost of the house (40,000USD) is lower than the cost of social housing provided for the poor in Costa Rica.

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