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Castelgrande's bunker-like entrance captured in photos by Simone Bossi. Rever & Drage Architects builds modern log-cabin in Norway. Mountain Refuge is a concept for a tiny cabin that could be built anywhere. Five chicken coops around the world. We've rounded up five coops where chickens rule the roost, from a wooden hut in Turkey to Kengo Kuma's black pavilion at Casa Wabi. House of Chickens by SO? Istanbul-based studio SO? Built this chicken coop raised on stilts with oak plywood, oxidised metal panels and a corrugated metal roof. It is in Turkey at Palanga farm, which is run by artist Kutluğ Ataman, and features a modular design so additional units can be added later if needed.

Find out more about House of Chickens › Casa Wabi Coop by Kengo Kuma and Associates This blackened-wood structure was designed by Kengo Kuma in Oaxaca, Mexico to provide eggs for the artist retreat and cultural centre Casa Wabi. Timber boards are interlocked in a grid, creating pathways for air and sunlight while also forming nooks for chickens to rest. Find out more about Casa Wabi Coop › Ger Innovation Centre is a tent-style community centre in Ulaanbaatar. The Ger Innovation Centre is a community centre built from timber and polycarbonate by design group Rural Urban Framework in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Ger Innovation Centre is a tent-style community centre in Ulaanbaatar

Hong Kong-based group Rural Urban Framework worked with the residents living in the Songino Khairkhan district of the Mongolian capital to create a gathering place for workshops, after-school clubs and community events. A timber frame supports the whole building, which is structured as a room within a room. Mudbrick walls infil the wooden frames in four L-shaped configurations to bracket the inner space. In the centre, a sunken conversation pit has amphitheatre-style seating with modular benches. The compact seating arrangement lets people sit cosily close together in cold weather.

2DM creates two cozy cabins from folded timber structures in chile. Architecture studio 2DM was commissioned to design a series of cabins for two people on a small plot in puertecillo, chile. focusing on building privacy and a warm interior atmosphere, ‘wanka lodge’ creates a subtle architectural expression on the landscape that cocoons users in a cozy, yet light-filled space. all images courtesy of 2DM as the number of cabins requested by the client increased, more privacy was required as the buildings began to encroach on one another. to counter this, 2DM proposed that the lodges fold over themselves. with two pieces that fit together like a jigsaw, each cabin is composed of folding elements. the bottom floor plane folds up while the top roof plane folds down to create the walls. the cabins boast double timber walls, which provide increased acoustic insulation from the nearest neighbor. the use of timber and the shape of the folded elements work together to create a safe and enclosed space, and a warm, private interior. project info: design: 2DM.

2DM creates two cozy cabins from folded timber structures in chile

Aegean Pool House by Lake. The ideal weekend retreat is one that allows its occupants to completely disconnect from their day-to-day lives and escape to another world—and it’s hard to imagine a more successful realization of this concept than Aegean Pool House.

Aegean Pool House by Lake

The dramatic home by Lake|Flato Architects is located in East Texas, about two hours from Dallas, and has been designed with most of the living and social spaces outside. "Our clients, Robert and Lacey, were looking for a retreat away from the noise and distractions of city life in Dallas," says Vicki Yuan, associate at Lake|Flato Architects. "They were so open-minded to our ideas about emphasizing generous outdoor living spaces paired with intimate interior spaces. " MUJI's 'plain house' is a single-storey timber dwelling. Continuing its foray into holistic living environments, MUJI has unveiled plans for a single-storey timber dwelling designed to support diverse ways of living. called ‘yō no ie’, or ‘plain house’, the home has been configured to accommodate a wide range of generations and a variety of different lifestyles. the residence, which is currently only available in japan, has been designed for a country that is dealing with population changes such as declining birthrates, aging citizens, and major work/life reforms. all images courtesy of MUJI.

MUJI's 'plain house' is a single-storey timber dwelling

Garden Room by Indra Janda features translucent white walls. Belgian architect Indra Janda has used translucent polycarbonate shingles to create a garden room at her parent's home.

Garden Room by Indra Janda features translucent white walls

The young architect, co-founder of Atelier Janda Vanderghote, designed the small building to replace another on the brink of collapse. AIRLAB 3D prints steel pavilion at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. AIRLAB has completed an angular, mesh-covered pavilion at Singapore's Gardens by the Bay, which has a structure made entirely from 3D-printed stainless steel components.

AIRLAB 3D prints steel pavilion at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Built using more than 200 rods connected by 54 3D-printed steel nodes the temporary pavilion was created by the Architectural Intelligence Research Lab (AIRLAB), based at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. Called AIRMESH, it is the product of five years of researching and was assembled in two days using only hex keys. Designed to remain on its site for three years, the pavilion has been oriented to frame four key views for visitors to the Grant Associates and Wilkinson Eyre Architects-designed park: the nearby Dragonfly River, the SG50 Dome, the garden's entrance path and the rooftop of the Moshe Safdie-designed Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

CMV House by Estudio MMX. On a hill overlooking Lake Avándaro in Valle de Bravo—a popular weekend retreat about two hours west of Mexico City—lies the low-slung CMV House.

CMV House by Estudio MMX

The terrain around the lake is steep, rocky, and verdant, abounding with water-carved cliffs and boulders. The home’s site, in particular, boasts vast views of the lake and the dramatic mountains that surround it. Photo: Rafael Gamo Viewed from the front, the home is a rustic-modern affair that combines glass and exposed wood with a striking roofline. But the house actually exists on two levels—the other is just below a drop in the hill, so it’s not visible from the entrance. Aiming to complement, rather than outshine, the site’s natural beauty, the architects took a unique approach to the house’s program. DEOC Arquitectos uses breeze blocks for emergency shelter in Guatemala. Breezeblocks form walls in this disaster relief shelter near Guatemala City by DEOC Arquitectos, which was proposed after the deadly eruption of Volcan de Fuego in 2018.

DEOC Arquitectos uses breeze blocks for emergency shelter in Guatemala

Located just 44 kilometres from the capital city, Volcan de Fuego, which translates as Fire Volcano, is one of the country's many active volcanoes. In June 2018, one of its most severe eruptions occurred, displacing thousands of nearby residents. DEOC Arquitectos created the project called Plan B Guatemala in response to an open competition organised by local organisation ASIAPRODE (Asociación para la Investigación, Asesoría y Promoción de Proyectos de Desarrollo), which called for prototypes of emergency shelters that could quickly house people displaced by future earthquakes. Bruno Rossi designs "floating pavilion" for Brazilian lake. Brazilian studio Bruno Rossi has built a delicate pavilion by a lake with wooden brises to control wind flow.

Bruno Rossi designs "floating pavilion" for Brazilian lake

Bruno Rossi's 80-square-metre pavilion is built on a deck that extends over a dam in Santo Antonio de Posse, Brazil. It was erected to provide shade and to expand the space of the existing jetty, used for nautical and leisure activities. "The floating pavilion is defined as a simple roof over a deck, appearing as just two planes, floor, and ceiling, which assure leisure and contemplation," the São Paulo studio said. A series of stone steps connect the platform to an existing wood-clad building set on the grass that overlooks the body of water.

The pavilion is designed to blend into the deck and surrounding landscape giving the illusion it is "floating" above the waterway. Its construction comprises of a series of laminated timber columns, and was mostly prefabricated and then assembled on site. Architecture project of the year goes back to "core of architecture" says Dezeen Awards judge.

A Room for Archaeologists and Kids by Studio Tom Emerson and Taller 5, which won the Dezeen Awards architecture project of the year award, shows that architecture "does not need to be complicated", says judge Lyndon Neri in this movie.

Architecture project of the year goes back to "core of architecture" says Dezeen Awards judge

The wooden pavilion designed to provide shelter for archaeologists won the prestigious architecture project of the year award, as well as being named small building of the year, at Dezeen Awards 2019. Located in the Peruvian desert, the structure was built next to an archaeological site in Pachacamac, 25 miles southeast of Lima. Neri, co-founder of Chinese architecture studio Neri&Hu, told Dezeen that the simple structure explores a return to "the core of architecture". "The project forces us as architects to think about the notion of making and building," said Neri.

"The idea of a shelter is very simple in its nature, but it pushes us to think that perhaps architecture does not need to be complicated. " Rethinking the fridge: Innovative new ways to keep food cool. Going underground In colder climes, before the arrival of the fridge, the ground itself was used to store food. Canadian Houzzer Cancork Floor Inc. recalls: "In Northern Canada, people built permafrost storage rooms. These were dug into the tundra below the snow line, and some of these freezers were the size of a small house. Sadly, many homes have lost them because of climate change.

The permafrost level is sinking deeper, making it harder to store meat during the summer. " But even though global warming is a major concern, people are rediscovering underground food storage, and new solutions are emerging. Cutwork develops innovative 'just add water' concrete refugee shelters. Cutwork’s team of architects, engineers and researchers designed the ‘cortex shelter‘ using a rollable concrete fabric that hardens in place when hydrated, becoming the first architectural application of the concrete material. the shelter is a flat-pack ‘just add water’ housing solution that can be built in a single day by two unexperienced people and last up to 30 years. all images courtesy of cutwork studio cutwork designed the shelter to be assembled easily and effectively by hand, requiring no technical construction skills and no heavy equipment or machinery. highly efficient in cost, energy and the environment, the cortex shelter offers its occupants stability, security, and a far greater quality of life, all factors so often absent from refugees’ lives and living conditions. project info: project name: cortex shelter.

Rhizome reinvents the modern villa in living room pavilion in russia. The living room pavilion, or ‘tochka na karte’ (russian for ‘a point on the map’), is a harshly orthogonal volume which stands in stark contrast to the soft organic shapes landscape of russia. the hospitality project, designed by russian firm, rhizome, emphasizes the opposition between the natural and the human-made. at the same time the co-living space overcomes its own anthropomorphic origin and tries to mimic the surrounding landscape. the blend between the architecture and nature is achieved through the use of the project’s main materials – glass and wood. all images © rhizome project info: project name: living room pavilion tochka na karte.

House on an Island by Atelier Oslo. Yashima architect & associates builds 37 sqm house on japanese lake. GEZA shapes an alpine holiday home to the contours of italian mountains. Renée del Gaudio creates pair of rustic cabins for rocky perch in Colorado. American studio Renée del Gaudio Architecture has created a nature retreat for a remote site with spectacular views, composed of two buildings clad in cedar and topped with gabled roofs. Kappland Arkitekter completes Cabin Stokkøya on island in Norway. A wooden hillside cabin on the island of Stokkøya, Norway, by Kappland Arkitekter is spread over multiple levels expansive views out to the surrounding countryside.

Bex & Arts Pavilion by Montalba Architects. Although they're best known for their work with high-profile brands like The Row, Monique Lhuillier, and Nobu restaurants, Montalba Architects also has a knack for scaled-down spaces. The firm is based in Los Angeles, California, and Lausanne, Switzerland, and one of their latest projects is an interstitial art pavilion in Bex, Switzerland. H3 House by Luciano Kruk. Vinokaur-Deters Residence by Weather Projects. For many years, homeowners Reggie Vinokur and Matthew Deters discussed the possibility of adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit, or ADU, to the backyard of their Los Angeles home.

By 2017, that goal was complete, thanks to a collaboration with their close friend, architect Hunter Knight of Weather Projects. Knight’s firm took on architecture and construction management duties, while the couple also chipped in considerably, doing much of the landscaping and fabrication work themselves. This Australian Abode Is a Glass Pavilion Wrapped in Sliding Hardwood Screens. When the talented team at Teeland Architects was approached to build a home on a steep Noosa hinterland, they had no doubt they would face a handful of challenges to integrate the property into its hillside setting. For starters, much of the landscape was inaccessible, and the part that was easy to get to had been dramatically cut and filled without the necessary retaining walls and drainage systems needed to stabilize the ground. Board-marked concrete hides patio in Casa Closed by Gonzalez Arzac.

Miguel quismondo builds small pavilion with charred wood and a polycarbonate façade. Swimming Pool of the Week: A Pool House with Vineyard Views in Sonoma. Originally conceived of as just a 500-square-foot box, a modest Northern California pool house in Sonoma got bigger after architect and owner Neal Schwartz started thinking about how to block views of neighboring properties—to focus instead on surrounding vineyards. Beatrice Bonzanigo to present mobile off-grid home at Milan design week. Italian architect Beatrice Bonzanigo has unveiled her patented design for Casa Ojalá, a micro home that is transportable, adaptable and off-grid. Dualchas Architects creates minimalist blackened-oak hideaway on Scotland's Isle of Skye. Naturehumaine's la binocle cabin comprises two volumes in burnt wood. The golden soria moria sauna echoes both landscape and local mythology.

Yoki Treehouse by Will Beilharz spans cypress branches in central Texas. Is this self-watering greenhouse in urban copenhagen the future of 'living' architecture? IBI group completes late will alsop's designs for two geometric stations in canada. This net-zero cabin in american suburbs uses only reclaimed materials, by coates design architects. Shipwreck Lodge offers spooky stays in the boat graveyard of Namibia's Skeleton Coast. Secluded glass PurePods offer unbroken views of spectacular New Zealand wilderness. Wooden writer's cabin dangles in the forested foothills of Switzerland. Dezeen. Dezeen. Tetro + patrick nadeau set a lush green dome in the center of lyon. Dezeen. This 'folly' desert retreat is designed for the contemporary traveler looking to live off the grid.

SO? architecture builds a prefab house on the turkey-greece border. Carmody Groarke creates two ruin-like pavilions at English country home. OFIS Arhitekti builds star-gazing retreat in Spain's Gorafe desert. 3D printed cabin by emerging objects is made from living, plant-filled tiles. This guest house by B.L.U.E. studio creates a collage of japanese tradition and modernity. Cabin by the Sea tiny home is built around a central living cube. Wernerfield elevates Treebox guest house on wooded site in Texas. 10 Roman Forts from Britannia - HeritageDaily - Heritage & Archaeology News. Eriksson furunes community-based bamboo design following typhoon. Pine-wrapped pavilion house on Chile's coast has panoramic ocean views. Gonzalo iturriaga arquitectos folds roof into angled entrance in chile. Hawaiian summer camps influence tropical island estate by Walker Warner. Pop-up 'SHIFTPODS' provide comfortable shelter in seconds.

Award-winning Australian architects carve out a cool retreat for ranch workers. New british design creates quarry hideouts in latest kudhva installation. Engineers invent a floating survival capsule that can withstand a tsunami. Lund Hagem installs Y-shaped cabin on hilltop above Norwegian ski resort. Tham & videgård builds 'tent-like' krokholmen house near stockholm. Collapsible, rotating caravan harnesses solar and wind for efficient off-grid living. Murray Legge's Texas pool house avoids and incorporates tree trunks. Floating off-grid micro-cabin built to withstand extreme temperatures.

Bomb Shelters - Reviews of Bomb Fallout Shelters. Off-grid cabin lets you escape civilization in style. Croatian mountain lodge by Tomislav Soldo designed to light up like a lantern through diagonal shutters. Steel beams support dramatic roof overhangs at Washington state retreat by Coates Design. Invisible Studio builds fibreglass prototyping workshop at its growing woodland campus. Delordinaire elevates high house above snow-covered landscape in quebec. Penelas Architects embeds glass and rusted-steel retreat in forest glade near Madrid. Dezeen. Dezeen. Red beach hut by Jonathan Hendry Architects stands atop former toilet block. Hex House. WOJR designs forest cabin concept for a grieving man. A place for ‘car guys’ of all kinds. Raumhochrosen's woodland cabin in Austria provides respite for life coach.

Reiulf Ramstad designs angular wooden cabins for a Norwegian valley. This Secluded Library In The Woods Is Every Book Lover’s Dream. Wendell Burnette builds a little house on the prairie in Wisconsin. Giles Miller designs shingle-covered pavilion for English countryside. 10+ Lonely Little Houses To Get Away From This World. Besonias almeida adds private pavilion to buenos aires house. The Rah Design MDK9 Dog Haus Is a Penthouse for Dogs. Rhode Island coastal retreat comprises multiple gabled forms. Steel-clad Micro Cabins are built to last. Before and After: A Charred Wood Cottage, on a $45K Budget. VIMOB shelters are easy to build in difficult places. LUMO architects scatters asymmetric nature shelters along the danish archipelago. MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY fabricates pleated amphitheater in france. Pavilions around the world, Part I - Inspiration - Concept shelter would pop-up in an emergency. Origami-inspired military shelter said to cut energy use by 70 percent.

Long Island Summer: A Modern Pool Pavilion in Water Mill: Gardenista. Ikea's refugee shelters enter production, 10,000 units planned this year. Students rethink Californian "Parkitecture" B-And-Bee shelter looks to comfort festival goers.