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Container Design

Container Design
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Converting Shipping Containers Into a Modern Home | Green Architecture Debbie Glassberg is the owner of the Home Contained, a 2,600 square foot modern residence located in Kansas City, Missouri, that was built with five shipping containers. The final result is quite impressive: the home has comfortable living spaces, a green roof, geothermal heating, plant foam insulation and some passive solar. “We love it. It’s great space for living, great for entertaining,” Glassberg said. Sources: homedsgn

Home Design Find - Interior Design, Architecture, Modern Furniture Containers of Hope, a $40,000 Home by Benjamin Garcia Saxe By Eric • Jun 16, 2011 • Selected Work Benjamin Garcia Saxe has recently completed the Containers of Hope project with a budget of $40,000. Located in San Jose, Costa Rica this container house is the result of a close collaboration between the architect and his clients, who went on to construct the building themselves. The 1,000 square foot home is composed of two 40-foot used shipping containers set together with a raised mid section and clerestory windows. More shipping container houses here Containers of Hope by Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture: “Gabriela Calvo and Marco Peralta dreamed of living in their fantastic property 20 minutes outside of the city of San Jose, Costa Rica; where they could be with their horses and enjoy the natural landscape. It was important for me to provide them with the sunrise, the sunset, the spectacular views, and overall try and create a feeling of comfort and home. Photos by: Andres Garcia Lachner

Ugly Duckling Shipping Container Home Built by Artist Is a Beautiful Swan on the Inside This shipping container home might be the ugly duckling on the outside, but the inside screams beautiful swan. Design meets function meets artistic style. It may not look spectacular on the outside, but what it lacks in appeal on the exterior, it more than makes up for inside. It’s not really ugly on the outside, and in fact it’s actually rather quaint, and slightly appealing in a recycled kind of way. The “Wow Factor” factor strikes you when you view the interior. It just goes to show you that you should never judge a book by it’s cover. As a port city, Savannah has an abundance of obsolete shipping containers. Comments comments

Living Off Land: 12 Amazing Houseboats & Floating Homes They come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional-looking contemporary homes that just happen to be floating on water to ultramodern houseboat concepts that look like they might be able to fly, too. Some are high-end, while others are cobbled together from reclaimed planes, trains and automobiles, proving that you don’t have to have a large budget to take your home to the high seas – or the lake, bay, river or canal. Streamlined Wooden House Boat (images via: contemporist) Technically a house barge, since it can’t propel itself from one location to another, this home on the Eilbekkanal in Hamburg, Germany is warm, homey and modern with its curved wood exterior. ‘Train Wreck’ Houseboat Made from Train Car (image via: sfgate) A repurposed train car forms the center of ‘Train Wreck’, an otherwise very house-like floating home at South Forty Dock in Sausalito, California. Pink Shantyboat Made with a Bus (image via: glassoffashion) Dubai Houseboat by X-Architects (image via: archdaily)

EM2 ESPACE MOBILE : maisonidekithome, maison mobile, grand nord, ski-in-loges. WFH House In Short: • The WFH concept is a patented modular building system, based on a design principle, using 40 feet high standard modules as structural system. • The structure can be adapted to local challenges such as climatic or earthquake issues. • The first prefabricated housing system that meets the demands in the international environment-building-standard, Active House. • The structure can be configured to meet many different purposes, multi storey, townhouses, cluster houses or individual villas. • Top class indoor climate, low energy consumption and environmentally sound materials. • Very short construction-period. • Demountable for recycling or relocation. • Online customization-tools give clients the possibility to decide their own version of the house concerning layout, size, facade, interior etc. • Cost competitive in comparison with other green houses. • Building-components are prefabricated and on site construction can be limited. Facts: • 180 square meters. • Customized façade solutions.

We Find Wildness All images from the series Fictions. 2007-2010 Between reality and fiction, the Belgian artist-photographer FILIP DUJARDIN recovers the art of collage to create a new language based on the modernist architectural tradition. A few years ago, FILIP DUJARDIN started reconstructing imaginary buildings. While DUJARDIN‘s work is mesmerizing on its own, it also taps into a rich history of architecture, both utopian and dystopian and gives a sly commentary on the current state of architecture. Sustainable Design Made of Shipping Containers Designed by Copenhagen-based studio, this project called WFH House is developed in China by Arcgency and Teknologisk Institut for their client World FLEX Home. As we all know, recycling is one of the major issues nowadays. Especially when it comes to architecture and sustainable design. We’ve seen a lot of creative ways to build a home from stretch using eco-friendly materials or recycled ones, but we’ve never seen a house entirely build of shipping containers. The WFH concept is a patented modular building system, based on a design principle, using 40 feet high standard modules as structural system and in according to developers the structure can be adapted to local challenges such as climatic or earthquake issues and can be configured to meet many different purposes, multi storey, townhouses, cluster houses or individual villas.

Archinect | Connecting Architects Since 1997 How About A Big Box House and A Big Box Restaurant? The architecture firm HyBrid, which specializes in designing buildings from recycled shipping containers, created this solar-powered house for Sunset Magazine. Amy Eastwood When it comes to architecture, sustainability and affordability can mean many things: Salvaged wood becomes new flooring, old newspapers are shredded into insulation. But a few architects are taking green building one step further: creating entire homes and businesses out of discarded shipping containers — an approach some have dubbed "cargotecture." Approximately a quarter-million shipping containers pass through Oregon's Port of Portland each year. "As you look across the container terminal here, they look like giant, multicolored Legos stacked up out there," says port spokesman Josh Thomas. Shipping containers are ubiquitous on trucks, trains and ships today; about 20 million pass through American ports each year. But traveling so many miles takes its toll, and eventually the containers are retired. See More----->>>>

A Shipping Container - Push Button House This is very cool if you picture a shipload of them going somewhere. If they were easy to retrofit and duplicate, it is quite portable. The setting is not your typical off grid crowd, but these designers, engineers, forward thinkers who are paving the way to a possible tomorrow with designs like these. Okay, I'll just shut up. It may take a bit of patience to watch it all, but what you see at the end is worth it Other Great Stories From

Shipping Container Homes and Corrosion ( Rust ) Issues - Shipping Container Homes - How to Plan, Design and Build your own House out of Cargo Containers Shipping Container Homes & Corrosion (Rust) Issues A free White Paper from the World’s Leading Provider of Design and Education Resources on Container based Construction. This paper highlights a 5 year old container based structure located in an aggressive Ocean side environment already showing near catastrophic corrosion damage resulting from poor pre-construction container preparation and inadequate ongoing preventative maintenance. This White Paper is intended as an appendix to Tutorials 2, 3 and 9 in our Video Tutorial Series which are free for our Members. Video 2: Anatomy of a Shipping Container Video 3: What to look out for when purchasing a Second hand Container Video 9: Burying Shipping Containers Underground. Download the White Paper as a PDF Document here. White Paper – Shipping Container Homes and Corrosion ( Rust ) Issues We recommend right clicking on the link and then saving the file to a folder on your computer. Find out more about Site Membership here. Cor-Ten Steel