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On April 26, 1986, disaster struck the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. The accident took the lives of 31 people that day, though the total number of people whose deaths can or will be directly attributed to the radiation is unknown, as estimates are widely varied. The area was evacuated and still to this day the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone covers 2,600 km2 (1,000 sq mi) where humans are only allowed to enter with written permission. Though humans are unlikely to re-inhabit this land, wildlife has surged.

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The Felted Specimens of Hine Mizushima The list of talents attached to Vancouver-based artist Hine Mizushima's name includes stop-motion puppet animator, illustrator, needle felter, toy designer, and sculptor. Her colorful hand-stitched squids, octopi, mushrooms, and medical specimens that might otherwise be described as creepy or crawly are instead infused with ample doses of fluffy and fuzzy. Mizushima exhibited most recently at FOE Gallery and many of her original felt pieces are available over on Etsy.

10 Web Browsers You Probably Haven't Heard Of By Cameron Chapman Firefox. Internet Explorer. Chrome. Safari. Opera. Why Shah Rukh Khan Should Play Wolverine We’re all wondering who’s going to play the next Wolverine after Hugh Jackman—after all, even if they take awhile to recast the role, it’s too popular of a character to not have on screen. Though I’m on board for a female actor to be cast as Wolverine, Hugh Jackman has someone different in mind: Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan. Now, you all might not be familiar with SRK, but…everything about this is amazing. So let me just show you why SRK would actually make an incredible Wolverine.

Case Study, Corporate Image Article The Problem: Zippo has a strong brand name, but stagnant sales. Can the fabled firm market its way out of the doldrums? Violet Snyder, global licensing manager of Zippo Manufacturing Co., was in a Park Avenue elevator when she got her wake-up call. On her way to visit the offices of the National Football League, a Zippo licensing partner, a fellow passenger spotted her Zippo tote bag. "Zippo -- cool!" Scientists Uncover How Our Brains Recognize Faces GettyAlfred Pasieka/Science Photo Library When you see a face, what happens in your brain? How do your neurons process facial features to recognize a person you know? Thanks to a group of researchers at Caltech, we may finally have the answer.

Alternate Web Browsers for Windows Most people around the world will agree that they started using internet through Internet Explorer, then shifted to Mozilla Firefox and have finally landed on Google Chrome today. Of course, there’ll be many who disagree. Browsers such as Opera have also been featured in many devices that we use including computers and some particular OS. Brand Profile When George Blaisdell invented the Zippo lighter in 1932 in an effort to craft a more streamlined functional American lighter than its Austrian counterpart, smoking was widely accepted. Blaisdell coined the word “Zippo” simply because he liked the sound of it. According to the Zippo Manufacturing Company, the lighter’s popularity soared during World War II, when Zippo stopped general manufacturing and produced lighters exclusively for the American military. What set the lighter apart was that the company promised to repair it free of charge – a lifetime guarantee, still in force today.

How Learning to Read Rewrites the Brain People who learn to read as adults show profound changes in deep structures of the brain, according to a new study. The findings may change researchers' perspectives on the extent of plasticity in the adult brain, the study said. In the study, researchers recruited a group of completely illiterate women from villages in northern India and taught them to read.

In Pictures: 10,000 marching monks in Bangkok - In Pictures images: /mritems/images/2014/11/24/2014112410211324874_8.jpg;*;/mritems/images/2014/11/24/2014112410211418916_8.jpg;*;/mritems/images/2014/11/24/2014112410211496757_8.jpg;*;/mritems/images/2014/11/24/2014112410211543445_8.jpg;*;/mritems/images/2014/11/24/2014112410211606307_8.jpg;*;/mritems/images/2014/11/24/2014112410211668721_8.jpg;*;/mritems/images/2014/11/24/2014112411560398743_8.jpg;*;/mritems/images/2014/11/24/2014112410211793273_8.jpg;*;/mritems/images/2014/11/24/2014112410211840518_8.jpg captions: The gathering took place amid some of Bangkok(***)s most luxurious shopping malls. Ten thousand monks joined in Buddhist chants for the first hour before walking among followers who gave them food and drinks. The monks are members of Wat Phra Dhammakaya, a UFO shaped temple on the outskirts of Bangkok.

Because we all fucking love science. Site d'actualité scientifique regroupant les dernières nouvelles surprenantes ou insolites en sciences. by melanie_drouin Feb 2

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