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International Cloud Atlas. Purdue Center for Global Soundscapes – Stop and Listen. Underwater Exploration Robots - OpenROV. Royal Meteorological Society.


Mathematics. Medicine & health. Museums. Physics. Space. American Meteorolgical Society. Equality Challenge Unit Athena SWAN Charter. Ig Nobel Improbable Research.

Fear of Flying - Research - SOAR. 1.

Fear of Flying - Research - SOAR

Airbus 340 The A340 has approximately the same number of flying hours as the 777 and remains accident-free, making it number one is safety. Number in service: 355 2. Slow-Motion Sneezes. MythBusters. BBC Four - The Secret Life of Waves. Brexit and science: Seven days later. Dan Kitwood/Getty UK science minister Jo Johnson in London on 30 June, soon after his brother Boris Johnson announced that he was not going to run to lead the Conservative Party and the next Government.

Brexit and science: Seven days later

In the week since UK voters chose to leave the European Union, the consequences for science continue to play out. Reports have surfaced that some EU scientists are reconsidering offers to work in the United Kingdom, and that British scientists could start being cut out of grant applications made with colleagues on the continent. The Invisible Gorilla: And Other Ways Our Intuitions Deceive Us.

Imagine you are asked to watch a short video (above) in which six people-three in white shirts and three in black shirts-pass basketballs around.

The Invisible Gorilla: And Other Ways Our Intuitions Deceive Us

While you watch, you must keep a silent count of the number of passes made by the people in white shirts. At some point, a gorilla strolls into the middle of the action, faces the camera and thumps its chest, and then leaves, spending nine seconds on screen. Paul Piff: Does money make you mean? How scientists taught monkeys the concept of money. Not long after, the first prostitute monkey appeared. You may have thought things like currency or money are concepts known solely by man – something which differentiates humans from animals.

How scientists taught monkeys the concept of money. Not long after, the first prostitute monkey appeared

Some might have a sense of ownership, besides of course territory, but trading and the likes haven’t been observed in any other species besides homo sapiens. However, in 2005, an economist/psychologist duo from Yale managed to teach seven capuchin monkeys how to use money, and I’m pretty sure from here on some of you might be able to guess what happened from there on. Monkey Business “Gotta pay the rent tomorrow on the cage. Information is Beautiful. What Causes Will-o'-the-Wisps. Ron asks: What causes the “Will O the Wisps”?

What Causes Will-o'-the-Wisps

For those who don’t know, Will-o’-the-Wisps, also called “ignis fatuus,” Latin for “foolish fire”, are balls of light that are seen hovering over swamps at night and look similar to flickering lanterns, with the light often being blue in color. Several theories exist as to its cause, including bioluminescence; that is, the glow is caused by something natural like fireflies or honey fungus. Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation - Homepage. Guerilla Science - Homepage. Underwater Exploration Robots. Factsie.

What Happened to the Neanderthals? FULGURITES - PRODUCTS OF LIGHTNING. Meteorite: Learn About Meteorites, Meteors & Meteorites For Sale. Fukushima nuclear power plant: robot enters melted reactor. Cricket chirps tell temperature formula. Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station (Bill Spindler's Antarctica) The Future of Leap Seconds. Model and Metaphor for the 21st Century. Science and Technology of WWII. Science, Technology, and Warfare through the Ages On the face of it, few human activities would seem to be more different than war and science.

Science and Technology of WWII

War aims to kill people and destroy things, to bring one country’s military (or their whole society) under the control of another. War is primal, violent, chaotic. Innovate Aid Empower. Reference. SCIENCE SHOWOFF curated by Prof Sophie Scott. March 17th, Star of Kings. TICKET LINK: Don’t worry.

SCIENCE SHOWOFF curated by Prof Sophie Scott. March 17th, Star of Kings.

We’d never do a zombie-themed gig. ZOMBIES ARE SO OVER. British Antarctic Survey - Homepages. Projects: Self-Powered Camera. We have designed a simple pixel circuit, where the pixel’s photodiode can be used to not only measure the incident light level, but also to convert the incident light into electrical energy.

Projects: Self-Powered Camera

A sensor architecture is developed where, during each image capture cycle, the pixels are used first to record and read out the image and then used to harvest energy and charge the sensor’s power supply. We have conducted several experiments using off-the-shelf discrete components to validate the practical feasibility of our approach. We first developed a single pixel based on our design and used it to physically scan images of scenes. Next, we developed a fully self-powered camera that produces 30x40 images. The camera uses a supercap rather than an external source as its power supply. Regen.glovebox.pdf. Flyability. Moteurs de recherche spécialisés. Future of Humanity Institute. UCL Hazard Centre. Collecting Lava Samples on Kilauea, Hawaii Pyroclastic Flow at Montserrat Novarupta Dome, Katmai National Park, Alaska Communities at risk from coastal flooding and storm surge, Albay Province Sakurajima eruption 21st July 2013 The UHC at University College London (UCL) is one of Europe’s leading multidisciplinary academic centres for hazard and risk research, education and knowledge exchange.

UCL Hazard Centre

The UHC is always interested to hear from those aiming to integrate scientific knowledge and research into their risk reduction and natural resource management programmes. Predict an Eruption. Deadly Shadow of Vesuvius. By Peter Tyson In a word, yes.

Deadly Shadow of Vesuvius

But that assertion, like saying we can predict the weather, bears significant caveats. Volcanologists can predict eruptions—if they have a thorough understanding of a volcano's eruptive history, if they can install the proper instrumentation on a volcano well in advance of an eruption, and if they can continuously monitor and adequately interpret data coming from that equipment. But even then, like their counterparts in meteorology, volcanologists can only offer probabilities that an event will occur; they can never be sure how severe a predicted eruption will be or, for that matter, whether it will even break the surface.

Still, under ideal conditions, volcanologists have recently met with a great deal of success in foretelling eruptions. Learn morse code. Great Lakes Science Center. Great Lakes Science Center is funded by the citizens of Cuyahoga County through Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, grants, funds, and corporate and individual gifts. The museum opened in July 1996. The center's exhibits support STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) with exhibits including the BioMedTech Gallery, advanced energy, science phenomena and space. The Science Center is home to the NASA Glenn Visitor Center, one of only 11 such Visitor Centers in the country.[2] Also, Science Center staff conduct daily science demonstrations. Throughout the school year, the Science Center provides STEM education to field trip students each year with programs and exhibits supporting classroom curriculum by meeting Ohio Revised Standards in Science.

It also provides educator professional development programming. SOLAR IMPULSE - Solar Impulse 2. Whereas the prototype uses existing technologies, Solar Impulse HB-SIB requires the development of new materials and new construction methods. Solvay has invented electrolytes that allow the energy density of the batteries to be increased; Bayer MaterialScience is allowing the project to make use of its nanotechnologies; and Décision is using carbon fibers that are lighter in weight than any previously seen. The first wing spar section was delivered to Dübendorf in March 2012. However, during the final test of this central part, the structure of the wing spar succumbed to the load and broke.

The initial shock soon turned out to be an opportunity: the flight around the world had to be postponed which opened the door for going to the United States and completing the epic journey across America. A UAV for the first-ever autonomous solar-powered crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. ESP: What can science say? MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. The University of Manchester. Nanotubes and Buckyballs. Milgram's Obedience Experiments. The Stanford Prison Experiment: A Simulation Study of the Psychology of Imprisonment.

Museum of the History of Science. Improbable Research - Longest Running Experiments. School of Mathematics and Physics. The world's largest climate modelling experiment for the 21st century. Pacific Sea Level Monitoring Project. Earthquake prediction. Podcasts and Downloads - The Infinite Monkey Cage.

Podcasts and Downloads - Discovery. Helen Czerski - Contact. Zooniverse - Real Science Online. BOINC. Solve Puzzles for Science. Imperial Festival. Materials, microbes, maths and medicine. What are confounding factors and how do they affect studies? What are confounding factors and how do they affect studies? Designing a study is not easy. Where the World Finds Bioethics. Disaster mitigation: a community based approach. Source: Oxford, England, Oxfam, 1989. x, 100 p. Ebola virus disease.

APERTURE: Science Time: Portals. Federation of American Scientists. Science and Technology. The New Atlantis - A Journal of Technology & Society. Complexity Digest - Networking the Complexity Community. Nature Publishing Group : science journals, jobs, and information. Science news and science jobs from New Scientist. History - Marie Curie. Kanzi. Kanzi (born October 28, 1980), also known by the lexigram (from the character 太), is a male bonobo who has been featured in several studies on great ape language. According to Sue Savage-Rumbaugh, a primatologist who has studied the bonobo throughout her life, Kanzi has exhibited advanced linguistic aptitude.[1][2][3] Biography[edit]

BBC Two - Horizon. Australia's Telerobot On The Web. Koestler Parapsychology Unit. The Parapsychological Association. 2050 AD-2600 AD: How advances in technology may reshape humanity an illustrated speculative timeline of future technology and social change. Futurama Schrodinger. The Turing Digital Archive home page. AI Repositories and Resource Lists. MadLab - Manchester Digital Laboratory - home of creative community technology in Manchester.