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This is Service Design Thinking

This is Service Design Thinking
Errata — Shi* happens... Here is a list of typos and mistakes we found so far in the book. Please help us to continously develop this list, so we can correct them for the next print run. After all, it’s still about iterations and co-creation.. ;) Hardcover, 1st print run (December 2010) Page 31 — Quote from Stefan Moritz: There is a lower case “w” in front of the last sentence and a full stop missing.

Building platforms for creativity: Eight principles During last year I wrote a journal article which was an attempt to draw upon the experience of working in collaboration with three different media organisations, and to extract some conclusions from that work. The organisations were the BBC (the well-known public service media organization), S4C (the smaller Welsh-language public service broadcaster), and the LEGO Group (the international producer of construction toys and learning tools). Each collaboration was concerned, in some way, with the production of a digital platform which would enable people to contribute their own creative expressions within a structured environment. Traditionally the flow of written-down knowledge is – or is supposed to be – from university research expertise (as captured in research publications) to the work that one might do, subsequently, with ‘industry’. (In higher education jargon, ‘industry’ can mean any kinds of companies, non-commercial organisations, and even governments, or charities). 1.

Method Cards IDEO Method Cards is a collection of 51 cards representing diverse ways that design teams can understand the people they are designing for. They are used to make a number of different methods accessible to all members of a design team, to explain how and when the methods are best used, and to demonstrate how they have been applied to real design projects. IDEO’s human factors specialists conceived the deck as a design research tool for its staff and clients, to be used by researchers, designers, and engineers to evaluate and select the empathic research methods that best inform specific design initiatives. The tool can be used in various ways—sorted, browsed, searched, spread out, pinned up—as both information and inspiration to human-centered design teams and individuals at various stages to support planning and execution of design programs. In its first year, the Method Cards appeared to have unexpected relevance to groups that are not necessarily engaged in design initiatives.

Three tips for escaping the creativity peloton without giving up on collaboration Image credits: If you've ever watched a road bike race like the Tour de France, you know the peloton is the big group of riders that cluster together during the race to reduce drag. It's a great example of collaboration in action. But let's face it: the people in the middle of the peloton may go faster than they would otherwise, but they don't win the race. When it comes to creating and innovating, most companies (and employees) are in the peloton.

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"Design Thinking" Isn't a Miracle Cure, but Here's How It Helps [This is a follow-up to Helen's previous article on design thinking, The Seven Deadly Sins That Choke Out Innovation ? Ed.] Recently, Kevin McCullagh of British product strategy consultancy, Plan organized a two-day event for executives to wrap their heads around the concept of design thinking? Top 10 Open-Source Platforms to Build Your Own Social Network Learn how to earn $125 or more per hour as a freelancer - Click Here Looking for hosting?. We recommend MediaTemple for web hosting. Use Code MTLOVESDESIGN for 20% off Building a social network isn’t an easy task, let alone a successful one.

Beginner's Guide Please enter a search term to begin your search. by Travis Block Working at CloudCrowd can be a great experience, but it may take a while for newcomers to fully grasp the expectations, rules, and Special Instructions. Resources are available that will help you understand and master the ins and outs of the platform. Style Guide Reading and understanding the Style Guide will go a long way in helping you succeed with CloudCrowd. Oranje Fonds - English The Oranje Fonds is an endowment foundation and the largest in the area of social welfare in the Netherlands. It aims to promote participation in society. Our support brings people together, or enables them to find a new place in society. Annually, we invest about € 32 million to almost 7000 social initiatives in the Netherlands and the Caribean part of the Kingdom. The Oranje Fonds supports social cohesion and social integration projects such as small-scale community initiatives, mentoring projects for young people, and language programmes. In addition to traditional methods of support to many projects, the Oranje Fonds seeks to fulfil an stimulating function.