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Baisse des prix de 139 médicaments au Maroc. Casablanca : Le Roi lance de nouveaux projets socio-médicaux. Morocco: HM the King Inaugurates, Launches Medical Projects in Casablanca. Casablanca — HM King Mohammed VI on Sunday inaugurated and launched several projects, which are meant to promote the medical services at the Ibn Rochd University hospital in Casablanca.

Morocco: HM the King Inaugurates, Launches Medical Projects in Casablanca

The Sovereign inaugurated a new maternity ward at the Abderrahim Harouchi Children Hospital and the new emergency ward at the 20 août 1953 Hopsital, and launched the construction works of an emergency ward (Trauma center) and a psychiatric center at the Ibn Rochd University hospital. With a total budget of 250 million dirhams, these projects are consistent with the goals of the program aimed at upgrading the Greater Casablanca by equipping the economic metropolis with modern infrastructure and facilities to meet the expectations of local populations.

These projects will contribute to improve the health services in Casablanca and consolidate the capacities of the Ibn Rochd University hospital, a breeding ground for talent, training and research. Belgium: Immigrants Retiring in Morocco to Benefit From Health Insurance. Rabat- Moroccans who lived and worked in Belgium and are now considering retiring in Morocco can still receive health benefits from the Belgian state, Telquel reported.

Belgium: Immigrants Retiring in Morocco to Benefit From Health Insurance

Thanks to a Belgian-Moroccan agreement that was signed last year, Moroccans and Belgians of Moroccan origins can still enjoy their health benefits from the Belgian social security upon arrival in Morocco either for retirement or to start a new career. Moroccans who had initially feared retiring in Morocco because of the lack of social protection and health coverage can now change their opinion.

The agreement will encourage more Moroccans living in Belgium to return home and invest in the country. The agreement will also see the Belgian state reimbursing Moroccans with less expensive health benefits in comparison to what it would normally pay if they still live in Belgium. Join the Conversation. Morocco to Offer 288,000 Students Healthcare Benefits. Rabat – Morocco officially launched a new system called L’Assurance Maladie Obligatoire (AMO-E) for 288,000 students starting school year 2015-2016.

Morocco to Offer 288,000 Students Healthcare Benefits

The new healthcare system was announced yesterday by El Hossein El Ouardi, the Minister of Health, during a meeting held at the headquarters of the National Commission for Doctors in Rabat with the presence of Abdelilah Benkirane, Head of Government, and other Ministers. The Health Minister introduced measures to engage higher education and vocational training institutions and eligible students, as well as other procedures regarding compensation and costs of healthcare services under the law (12-116) specialized for health insurance for students. Minister El Ouardi said that the Moroccan government would annually contribute for students in higher education and vocational training, while students at private institutions will pay an annual contribution of MAD 400. Both Moroccan and foreign students will receive the same coverage and treatment. 5 centres hospitaliers marocains parmi les meilleurs d’Afrique.

Cette étude est le fruit d’une année de travail, débutée en janvier 2015 et qui vient d’être publiée par le web site espagnol, Webometrics.

5 centres hospitaliers marocains parmi les meilleurs d’Afrique

L’étude Webometrics a été réalisée par un groupe de recherche appartenant au Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), le principal organisme public de recherche en Espagne. Webometrics mesure la qualité, la présence et l’impact de nombreuses institutions dans le monde : universités, écoles de commerce, centres hospitaliers ou encore centres de recherche scientifiques.

Le médicament anti-hépatite C "100% Marocain" est enfin en vente. Morocco expands universal health insurance coverageMorocco. Photo Credit:Reuters/Stephen Lam A new health insurance law is set to take effect at the start of the upcoming school year, extending medical coverage to students at universities and vocational training centres in Morocco's latest step towards universal coverage.

Morocco expands universal health insurance coverageMorocco

The inclusion of the hundreds of thousands of students enrolled in higher education represents a significant step towards achieving nationwide access to health care - a basic right enshrined in a 2011 constitutional reform - as around 38% of the kingdom's 33m-person population is currently without medical coverage, according to the Ministry of Health. As a growing share of the population becomes eligible for state-sponsored health care, authorities will have to contend with greater pressure on the supply of medical services and facilities. The government plans to shoulder the full cost of coverage for public university students, with Dh110m (€10.1m) earmarked for an estimated 260,000 students in the first year alone.

Morocco Second Largest Exporter of Medicine in Africa: ReportMorocco World News. Rabat – A new report by PharmaBoardroom revealed that Morocco’s exports of medicines have increased by 21.7% in the last three years, becoming Africa’s second largest exporter of drugs.

Morocco Second Largest Exporter of Medicine in Africa: ReportMorocco World News

On Tuesday, the UK-based website Pharma Boardroom which provides free pharmaceutical industry trends, news, and reports all over the globe, released a new reference entitled Morocco Pharmaceuticals Report. The report found the national pharmaceutical industry to be strong, with a well-developed base of local producers that “today manufacture products to the highest international standards.” It also noted that “Morocco has quietly become the second largest African exporter of drugs right below South Africa.” Statistics say Morocco exports between 7-8%of its national pharma production; an increase of 21.7% in turnover since 2012-2013.

Along with their continuous expansion southwards, the Moroccan companies are now eyeing more developed markets in Europe and the U.S. Merzouga: a Destination of Health and Sights. Ouarzazate – Merzouga, a small village in the south east of Morocco, located about 35 km from Rissani and 55 km from Erfoud, is the largest oasis in Morocco.

Merzouga: a Destination of Health and Sights

It has become a favorite destination for enthusiasts and lovers of golden sand as well as for those who seek therapy for certain illnesses. While some seek the oasis’ therapeutic sand, others seek to discover lifestyle of the remaining nomadic tribes in the region. Before becoming a tourist destination, the inhabitants relied on traveling and trade as their main sources of livelihood, thus the famous trade road to Mali which takes traders about 52 days to reach Timbuktu. However, since the past few decades, the region has invested in agriculture and tourism. Merzouga’s natives are specialized in healing several diseases such rheumatism, bone pain as well as some skin diseases, using the temperature of the hot desert sand. Comment! Join the Conversation. La première parapharmacie mobile en Afrique lancée au Maroc - L'observateur du Maroc - L'observateur.

Les cliniques au Maroc : cible de plusieurs investisseurs étrangers. Jeudi, 15 Mai 2014 19:00 Lahcen El Ouardi, ministre de la Santé a révélé, ce jeudi matin, à la presse, qu'il a "des dossiers d'investisseurs étrangers sur son bureau".

Les cliniques au Maroc : cible de plusieurs investisseurs étrangers

"J'ai sur mon bureau des dossiers d'investisseurs étrangers qui veulent investir dans ce domaine au Maroc. Je ne sais pas pourquoi les opérateurs marocains ne l'ont pas encore fait pour le moment", s'est interrogé le ministre de la Santé. Ce texte, adopté la semaine dernière en conseil de gouvernement, permettera aux opérateurs privés d'investir dans les cliniques. Moroccan Pharmaceutical industry: Future Driver of Growth. Signature d'une convention cadre de partenariat entre les pharmaciens africains et l'AMIP. Les médecins spécialistes privés rendent public leur projet de "Plan Maroc Blanc" Entretien avec le Professeur Salaheddine Slaoui : «La première clinique au monde spécialisée en chirurgie esthétique a vu le jour au Maroc» Le tourisme médical en expansion régulière. Une clinique de chirurgie dentaire, basée à Casablanca, assure que : «Tout est mis en place pour faciliter la préparation de votre séjour, qu’il s’agisse de transfert ou d’hébergement.

Le tourisme médical en expansion régulière

Notre direction est à votre service pour vous aider dans l’organisation de votre voyage sans omettre de vous faire partager tous les plaisirs de la culture culinaire festive du Maroc, sous une température clémente et un ciel bleu et ensoleillé !