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Chansons pour étudier le français (vidéos & paroles)

Chansons pour étudier le français (vidéos & paroles)

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LE PRESENT: -er verbs Conjuguemos French French verbs French vocab (book) French vocab (theme) Using Music to Teach Social Studies: American History and Government These Social Studies lyrics are available from a variety of albums. Use songs to teach American geography, government, history, patriotism, and culture. American Geography Songs The 50 States and Capitals Song – Tim Pacific Directions to Nowhere (How to Read a Map)

Free Language-Learning Resources Online Community-generated language lists Access thousands of community-generated vocabulary lists on List Central. You can download and use all lists with the free "Express" version of our Byki vocabulary builder, or upgrade to Byki Deluxe and start creating lists of your own. Available for over 70 languages. Choose your language: French Phrases - Most Common French Phrases Take a look at this list to learn some of the most useful and common French phrases. Only the most common translation(s) are provided here, so please click the links for more detailed information about each phrase. à cause de because of, due toah bon (?) oh really? I seeà la fois at the same timeà la française in the French style or mannerà la limite at most, in a pinchà la rigueur or even, if need beà la une front page newsà la vôtre !

Peaceful Cruises on French Waterways Hidden from most roads, deep in the lovely French countryside, are a multitude of waterways. These ancient forms of navigation are still used to transport goods on barges across regions of France. But they are also enjoyed by plaisanciers (boaters), and several companies rent boats where a family or a group of friends can spend several days exploring the French back country. Nivernais Canal

Education resources & downloads Our website uses cookies to improve your user experience. Find out more. Accept Cookies / Close Cornerhouse Education resources & downloads Types: Teach History Through Song Teaching to State Standards Hello, Please read through the following sections and decide what to use with your students. Please click through each page and use your back button to come back here and select the next chapter. You are in the Cul De Sac Area of Interdisciplinary Resources on Music and History.

Learn Russian the Fun Way Just when you thought you knew how to greet someone in Russian… As it appears, there is more than just “Здравствуйте” to Russian greetings. This is why I thought I would share the most common Russian greetings with you today. The Most Common Greetings in Russian Здравствуй [ZDRAST-vooy] – helloЗдравствуйте [ZDRAST-vooy-tye] – hello “Здравствуйте” is a formal greeting and you would use it when speaking to someone you don’t know very well, or someone whom you would usually address in “вы” in Russian. You can also use “здравствуйте” when addressing multiple people. Top 10 Passages of Paris Based on the idea of a souk, a covered area in which to meet, shop and browse, it is believed that in Paris it was the Galeries du Bois du Palais Royal built in 1786, that became the model for the passages of Paris that appeared in the coming years. This arcade, which used to house 120 luxury boutiques, was one of the most popular spots in Paris before 1830 and surrounds the central gardens of Palais Royal which is open to the public. Imitation of the elegant and highly favoured Galeries du Bois du Palais Royal, saw the construction of galleries such as Galerie Feydeau (1791 – no longer exists), Passage Caire (1798 – present day) and Passage Panoramas (1799 – present day). Following on from this trend, some 30 more passages were built during the Bourbon Restoration (1815-1830) and diffused to other major cities of France and by 1850, Paris boasted almost 150 passages. when today there remain under 30.

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