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Posterous - The place to post everything. Just email us. Dead si

Posterous - The place to post everything. Just email us. Dead si

Create a free website and a free blog Weebly is perfect for creating classroom websites, student e-portfolios, and websites for assigned projects. Our drag & drop website editor is stunningly simple to use, and appropriate for use with students of all ages. Weebly enables your students to express themselves creatively using a variety of multimedia features, all within a protected environment that you control. Weebly was named one of TIME's 50 Best Websites of the year, and here's why: Start creating your site in seconds!

bigbluebutton - Project Hosting on Google Code Welcome! BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for on-line learning. Our vision is that every student with a web browser should have access to a high-quality on-line learning experience. We intend to make that possible using BigBlueButton. This site is for administrators and developers wanting to install, customize, and develop BigBlueButton. 25 Mind Blowing Social Media Infographics Posted by Michael Duvall in Social Media on Jan 7th, 2010 | 93 responses Inforgraphics, “extensively [used] as tools by computer scientists, mathematicians, and statisticians” , have exploded onto the internet in the last few years. What’s so great about these aesthetic pieces of ‘data reinforced gems’, is their ability to paint a larger picture of what it is the creator is trying to express. With the complexity and explosive growth of social media over the last few years, it’s not hard to see why so many have looked to express this information in a visually appealing manner – not to mention the benefits they provide when putting on a group presentation. The following 25 social media infographics have been reduced in size to allow you to quickly scroll down the page. Each one has been linked to the original and it is highly encouraged that you visit the links to see them in their full size.

TiddlyWiki A standard edit dialog on a tiddler TiddlyWiki is an open-source single page application wiki. A single HTML file contains CSS, JavaScript, and the content. The content is divided into a series of components, or Tiddlers. The 10 Stages of Social Media Business Integration Brian Solis is a principal at new media agency FutureWorks. You can connect with him on Twitter or Facebook. An overnight success ten years in the making, social media is as transformative as it is evolutionary. At last, 2010 is expected to be the year that social media goes mainstream for business. In speaking with many executives and entrepreneurs, I've noticed that the path towards new media enlightenment often hinges on corporate culture and specific marketplace conditions. Full social media integration often happens in stages — it's an evolutionary process for companies and consumers alike.

How It Works Get inspired. Get organized. Get more done. Get Started Get Started Get the App Get the App 10 Gorgeous Social Media Infographics Infographics make information easy to consume. Mundane Charts vs Info graphics: Although they are essentially driven by the same set of information, our eyes are more attached to the ones that give aesthetic pleasure. Below are 10 that might suit your social media taste buds. 1. Cinch - Create and share micro podcasts, images and text updates Since merging with fellow virtual communications leader Cinchcast, Inc., BeaconLive now offers services and technology to support every type of distributed event – ranging from fully managed, moderator-assisted webcasting productions to do-it-yourself webinar hosting, and everything in between. Looking for a DIY virtual communications and content hub you can tailor to your organization’s specific needs? Then look no further.

Eight cool social media infographics Yesterday I noticed quite cool infographic being passed around online. Made by the guys at Trendstream, it maps social media access and involvement around the world. I love infographics. I think they’re a smart, creative way of displaying data in a way that’s easy to understand and is engaging.

Posterous vs. Tumblr: A Head to Head In the space between a long-form blog and a short-form Twitter account, there are mini-blog services like Posterous and Tumblr that seek to make blogging much more immediate, support all types of rich media, allow for longer entries if needed, and support short spurts that auto-post to Twitter as well. Once the niche powerhouse dominating this middle space, Tumblr has since seen Posterous, the somewhat unremarkable email-to-blog platform, rise from obscurity, iterate at lightning pace, and start to build up well-deserved web buzz and high profile users. This tumbling and posturing web-aholic has been using both sites for quite some time, so the head-to-head you're about to read is filled with intimate knowledge of both applications. Posting Options

Twitter awareness/engagement ratio: a pillory or a pedestal for I was riffing with Mike Baldwin yesterday about how social media is impacting upon the dynamics of the relationship between awareness and engagement. Mike has said he will blog about this topic at some point, and I look forward to reading it. Our conversation reminded me of a post by David Bradley on SciScoop last November shortly after the launch of Twitter lists wherein David divided the number of lists leading science tweeters were featured in by their follower count in order to derive a ‘Twitter respect ratio for science’. I thought it would be fun to do something similar for pharma. Firstly, the caveats. Media and Political Marketing- There Is No A presumption common to much of the political news coming out the U.S. these days is that voters have rejected party politics to be "independents," and that these voters represent a vast "middle" from which candidates must draw. Good luck with that. I'd argue that these voters have instead migrated to various extremes, and that the only thing they may share in common is an unredeemable distrust and impatience with government. To characterize the political expectations of these extremists as a "middle" of anything other than chaos is a fantasy invention and easy excuse for cable talk show hosts; I think there's something far deeper going on, and it involves the changing way people (voters or consumers) relate to institutions, whether government or business: We seem to be far more interested in what they do wrong than what they do right, and our doubts on their capacity for the latter are matched only by our suspicions of the former.

90-9-1 close Sean founded Ant’s Eye View's Austin practice, where he launched special practices, developed business and oversaw project delivery. He has worked extensively in marketing operations, brand management, customer service, product development, strategy, process design and measurement projects. Before Ant's Eye View, Sean worked with Dell and pioneered a Social Media Model to improve global brand health, customer service models, and Dell's overall culture. The Model has been cited by books, periodicals and university research for its innovation. Sean led strategy and execution of channel mix (online, phone, retail), pricing/promotion, and marketing communications.

[via Brainsfeed] : Sans doute l'un des outils les plus simples pour poster et stocker des idées. Le principe est très simple: 1. envoyer un email à avec, dans le corps du message ce que vous souhaitez sauver en ligne. 2. vous recevez immédiatement une réponse avec l'adresse Web d'une page où vous retrouvez votre texte. Cet email vous indique également comment rendre votre page privée. 3. si vous souhaitez ajouter d'autres idées à votre page, il suffit de répondre à chaque email que vous adresse en veillant simplement à écrire au-dessus de la ligne qu'il vous indique.C'est tout simple, bien présenté et gratuit. by castorp Nov 16

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