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Getting started – Feedly One of the most important things we strive for at feedly is to enable you to make your feedly as personal as possible. Content-wise, you can do this by finding the best content based on your needs, interests, Must Read sources, and by connecting feedly to your favorite saving and sharing channels. Beyond that, you can customize your feedly even more by changing the look to what best suits your reading style. We have seven suggestions for you to customize your feedly and make it your very own. Explore even more possibilities in the Preferences section of your feedly, at the bottom of the left-hand navigation panel, or if you’re on mobile, looking for the settings button.

Visa Inc. - V - Stock Price Today - Zacks This is our short term rating system that serves as a timeliness indicator for stocks over the next 1 to 3 months. How good is it? See rankings and related performance below. Zacks Rank Education - Learn more about the Zacks Rank Zacks Rank Home - All Zacks Rank resources in one place Zacks Premium - The only way to get access to the Zacks Rank Best Practices Teaching with Twitter Twitter has become a common tool for communicating and collaborating that is part blog, part social networking site, and part mobile phone/IM tool. During this session at the 2012 SLATE Conference, October 12, 2012, Jason Rhode shared his experiences of incorporating online resource sharing chat activities, via Twitter, for mobile learning in an online course, as well as practical recommendations for those considering utilizing Twitter in teaching and learning. Participants were encouraged to bring their Twitter account to participate and use hashtag #twitterinedu Also, this HootCourse was setup and used as an example of creating a restricted Twitter group for a course.

Vine (app) Vine is a mobile app that enables its users to create and post video clips . Video clips created with Vine have a maximum length of 6 seconds and can be shared or embedded on social networking services such as Twitter—which acquired the app in October 2012—and Facebook. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] Though Vine was initially available only for iOS devices, Twitter is working on bringing the app to other platforms. Vine for Android was released on June 3, 2013 for devices with Android version 4.0 or higher. [ 3 ] [ 4 ] History [ edit ] Vine app's signup option page.

V Letter of Latin-based alphabets History[edit] In Greek, the letter upsilon "Υ" was adapted from waw to represent, at first, the vowel [u] as in "moon". Resource Center - Insights and case studies on Content Curation and Lean Content Marketing Actionable, data-driven and practical resources. Inspiring case studies. Welcome to the resource center. Case Studies How the University of San Francisco cracked user-generated content for Content Marketing Getting people to contribute to your content strategy is the holy graal of many marketers. V LIVE - Star Live App​​ - Apps on Google Play "V" is an app that lets you watch the personal broadcasting videos of celebs on your phone. You can follow your favorite celebs, watch their videos, and use comments and ‘hearts’ to share your thoughts and feelings with others. Your activity such as watching videos will affect your "Chemi-beat" for the celeb; we plan to provide benefits to active users who enthusiastically participate in the activity. Scheduled shows will be listed on V before they start; however, shows that a celeb personally broadcasts can be on air without any advance notice. Enjoy watching live broadcasts of your favorite celebs on V! * Follow CelebsPick your favorite celebs and follow them.

How to Use Twitter with an ESL group In a previous post I briefly talked about Twitter and how teachers could use it as a resource for lesson ideas and material. However, after having used it with a group here at my school, I think I have some suggestions as to how it could be used with students to help them learn English more effectively. Here are some initial ideas: 1. Create a private Twitter group. Unruly Unveils Top Vine Metrics And 100 Most Tweeted Vines To Celebrate App’s 100-Day Birthday Five Vine videos are shared on Twitter every second. That’s according to new research released today by video technology company Unruly into the sharing patterns surrounding Twitter’s popular new mobile video app, which this week celebrated its 100-day birthday. Using data collected from Unruly’s new Vine app, the study also found that branded Vines are four times more likely to be shared than branded online videos and that, generally, more Vine tweets occur during the weekend than all of the weekdays combined. Collecting data from over 10 million Vines during a one-month period, it found that: On average, 5 tweets per second contained a Vine link;Weekends are the most popular time to share Vines. “This data can really help brands determine a strategy for using Vine in their marketing efforts.

V. 1963 novel by Thomas Pynchon V. is the debut novel of Thomas Pynchon, published in 1963. It describes the exploits of a discharged U.S. Content curation on Wordpress: how to do it right. One of the main ways to to leverage content curation for business is to add curated content to your website or blog. By selecting the most interesting content for your target audience and adding some context to it, you will naturally show your expertise to your visitors – a good objective in itself. But, if you do it right, you should also enjoy the following benefits: Audience engagement as readers can now discover more interesting content than just your own stories or product news: loyal visitors will stay longer, hopping between related curated pieces, and have reasons for coming back or even subscribe to receive your email newsletters.SEO as your Website now contains more quality content on your niche topic which can be indexed by Google.

v Translingual[edit] Etymology 1[edit] Minuscule variation of Latin V, from seventh century Old Latin adoption of Old Italic letter 𐌖 (V), from Ancient Greek letter Υ (Y, “Upsilon”). Letter[edit] v (upper case V)

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