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Stribe - Bienvenue - créez instantanément un réseau social sur v

LeWeb: Stribe’s plug and play social networks – with a differenc [FRANCE/US] Stribe is a plug and play service to instantly create a social network on any website — not unlike competitors Ning, socialthing and meebo. It was founded in March 2008 by Kamel Zeroual, Gaël Delalleau and Demba Diallo, who launched Stribe at TechCrunch50 in September this year. Watch Stribe’s pitch at 00:17:40 Mobile payments ? buy digital goods online in two steps Looking to upgrade your farm? Power up your virtual pet? Get access to premium content? Zong works with hundreds and hundreds of online merchants and social networks to make your online shopping experience as fast and frictionless as it can be.

Twitter Analytics is Available for All, Starting Today Twitter Analytics is ahead of schedule and is available for all advertisers starting today. The new analytics offers in-depth analysis on both paid and unpaid activity on Twitter in two layers – (1) Promoted Twitter Products and (2) Timeline Activity. In other words, Twitter Analytics is deeply integrated with its ad products such as Product Tweets and Trends. HTML5 watch Keeping up with HTML5 can seem like a full-time job if you’re subscribed to both the W3C public-html list and the WHATWG mailing list. If you have to choose just one, the WHATWG list is definitely the red pill. The W3C list has a very high volume of traffic, mostly about politics and procedure. Sam Ruby deserves a medal for keeping the whole thing on an even keel.

6 Essential Steps for Executing Your Social Media Strategy The Social Media Marketing Series is supported by Webtrends Facebook Analytics, which provides comprehensive tracking and measurement solutions to help you maximize your ROI. To keep up with Webtrends Social products, follow its blog. It's easy to plan a squeaky clean social media strategy for your business when it's on paper. But executing all of the day-to-day tasks involved in that strategy can be a different story — and a giant, tangled mess — without implementing processes to manage it. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools and strategies that can help community management teams communicate with each other, stay on the same page, schedule posts and cooperate with other departments.

LeWeb: Storific riffs on hyperlocal, real-time conversation thro [FRANCE] Another startup pitching on their home turf is Storific, which is all about getting companies and customers talking to each other using the de facto social media avenues we know as Twitter and Facebook. Watch the Storific pitch at 00:22:30 It’s your classic ‘opt-in for great rewards’ model that drives the plethora of email newsletter services which most companies still rely on as their mainstay of direct communication with consumers. In the social media space, this communication loop is scattered and disorganized, which is the problem the company is trying to fix. Co-Tweet provides a similar service which focuses only on Twitter.

CakePHP 1.2 i18n/l10n A few month ago I started working with the CakePHP framework. I needed the i18n functionality that was in version 1.2 (late alpha). After a lot of research I was able to get what I needed. I wrote up my findings and submitted this to the CakePHP developers. How To » New Media Research Studio FA01 The Basics Writing and publishing a post: Embedding images in your post: Embedding Media in Your Post: There are tons of web services that allow you to embed rich content on the page – video, audio, presentations, maps, whatever… Here is what you need to do to make them appear as a part of your post (it’s not bulletproof, but will work in most cases): Find the media you want to embedCopy the embed tag from the video/audio/map (it’s usually a line or several lines of code)Go to the editing window of your postSwitch the view from ‘Visual’ to ‘HTML’ by clicking the ‘HTML’ tab on the top right side of the post authoring area.You will see your post text with some html tags (don’t panic)Paste the embed tag in your chosen location on the postGo back to ‘Visual’ mode and continue editing your postSave, check your post, hope for the best.

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